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i own an 1870 victorian home, with high ceilings, not sure just how often i will actually use this, but seems like the lowes version is much more economical. This prevent s the ladder from moving sideways at the point where the ladder meets the roof. Therefore, always thoroughly check the one you are about to buy. However, Little Giant ladders are designed with comfort and stability in mind but come at a premium price tag. Tip 18:  When moving a ladder in the raised position from one spot to another you should have your left arm carry the weight below your waist and your right arm direct it where to go. Any broken ladder should be replaced with a newer structurally sound ladder. Little Giant Vs Werner. You should be focusing on each step as you ascend and descend a ladder. It has a wide flared bottom with wide and spacious footing for security. One of the most important tools around your house is your ladder. One thing I always tell my employees is if you can’t reach something comfortably then you need to move the ladder or throw up a taller ladder. Each of the ladders had its own features and differences. This Werner MT-22 heavy-duty ladder provides extra versatility for home improvement jobs, as it can be converted into several positions including a twin stepladder, an extension ladder, a stairway stepladder or as scaffold bases. So, this is a good choice for people who are looking for a much larger ladder. They both are exceptional productsin their own right but have some significant differences between them. It’s quite versatile and you can use it around obstacles and on staircases. The Little Giant won’t let you down (pun intended). best air compressor for power tools and how they work, insinkerator badger vs evolution: Why the Badger sucks, Apec vs Ispring: Why I Got The (CHEAPER) Apec Ispring, DeWalt vs Craftsman 20v: Why I wouldn’t touch Craftsman power tools, Chamberlain vs Liftmaster: Why most people prefer the Chamberlain, Chamberlain vs Genie: Why Pros Recommend Chamberlain Garage Door Openers, Mr Heater vs Dyna Glo: Unpopular Opinion. Check it on Amazon. This is not a gimmick! The difference is almost insignificant. Keeping in mind the diversity and variety of products in the market, the final decision to pick any one ladder for residential and professional use can be a tricky task. An inner section slides against the two outer sides to give you multiple working heights in both forms. A telescoping ladder is one that can slide inwards and outwards both. Some posts may contain affiliate links. The Werner makes use of a spring mechanism when releasing and inserting pins. Please call 800-660-1311 prior to placing any order. You need to put the ladder down and move it over or buy a ladder that will get you the extra few feet you need. While the Werner ladder measures 69 inches in height, it is clear that there is not a huge difference between their dimensions. Net Weight Aluminum 120 (1) ... "werner mt 22 300 pound duty rating telescoping multi ladder 22 foot" & marketplace (37) Only. The difference in the price tag is huge. It weighs about 2 pounds, which is less than most models, It can be changed into 28 different positions, The Werner model is made of aluminum; the, All models have extra wide flared bottoms, All models come with extension ladders of maximum height 19 inches, It can be changed into stairway ladder, stepladder, and can be used as separate scaffold bases, It features non-slip footing for sturdiness and stability, It can hold up to 330 pounds of weight, which is more than the main products can hold. The little Giant ladder has 4 pins on each joint for whereas the Werner has only two. They aren’t the fastest ladders you’ll ever set up either; and that’s why Werner’s customer base is growing. Extra information and knowledge are never bad! It has a height of 22 feet which is among the highest as per our reviews. This is another multi use ladder which is among the best today since it can be used in different applications. It is the most reasonable of all considering the same amount and quality of features it comes with. Now let’s talk about safety while working on a roof. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (,, etc.). For starters, there is a considerable weight difference between these two items. They both weigh almost the same and have similar features such as the rubber feet. Tip 11:  When carrying a ladder always look out for power lines and tree branches. They come from a market leading manufacturer and therefore, can be a good buy. I have a little giant step ladder that I think is the greatest thing out there, but, it cost $200, 8 years ago. As a multi-purpose ladder, you have an adjustable A-frame ladder and an adjustable extension ladder. Most falls take place where someone is trying to get back on the ladder from the roof and the ladder kicks out sideways. Boots provide protection for your feet for one and two the heel of the boot helps prevent your foot from slipping on the ladder rung preventing a disastrous situation. The stepladder height is 4 to 7 feet and the extension height goes from 9' to 15'. Moreover, the article will also answer some frequently asked questions so that you are not left with any confusions. It may seem like you’re taking the monotony out of a boring job, but when you aren’t totally focused on what you’re doing this is always a bad thing. The only possible drawback or an edge that other models have over this ladder is that it is only available in two sizes that are 12.5 feet and 15.5 feet. Werner Ladder Vs Little Giant I'm looking like the 17'stuff Little Giant ladder But the price seems high, especially when compared to Of Werner Equivalent, Werner Ladder Vs Little Giant Werner MT-13 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder, 13-Foot Tip 2: Buy ladder stabilizers. It is far better to make too trips up the ladder than one trip that ends fatally with a pile of equipment lying on your face at the bottom of the ladder. and is easy to install. It features overlapping sections that enable the inward and outward sliding. The weigh the same even though the Little Giant is almost twice the size; suggesting that the little Giant is made of lighter (and stronger) materials. Tip 7:  Tie off the top of your ladder to the gutter. Little Giant Ladders Little Giant Wing Enterprises 12022 Little Giant 22 ft Aluminum Multipurpose Ladder, 300 lb. Seriously? Little Giant Ladders 14013-001 Multi Use Ladder. When the little Giants ladders came out, they were visually appealing albeit gimmicky. You don’t want to find out if the ladder is stable or not when you’re at the top….we all know how this could end up. When you climb onto a step ladder you should stand on the lowest rung and gently rock the ladder a little to find out if it stable or not. It’s both a step ladder and a straight ladder. pitterchi. I hope that they are as sturdy. Today, there are three ladder brands that go above and beyond. Tip 10:  Put two ladders up if you’re working on the roof alone. Pay the extra money to get a newer model. However, when speaking in terms of price and features, we think that the Werner MT-22 model is the final winner. This will help keep your ladder straight when the ground below is at an angle. I am going to outline them below: Tip 1:  Buy a good quality ladder. If you are buying a ladder to hang your Christmas lights and the top of the highest peak is 25’ you need to buy a ladder that will get you higher than this height. The characteristics that will be compared are size and weight, portability, stability and sturdiness, and price. Tip 22:  Be aware of your surroundings and keep you head on a swivel when working with ladders. If your ladder has been sitting outside and has dirt/grime and mildew growing on it you should clean it so you don’t slip on the rungs. Also, as a beginner, you will need first to get highly familiar with the locking mechanisms of the wheels before you can rely on them. The Little Giant on the other hand is the sturdiest ladder you’ll set your hands on. Do you want to get fried? This is not a significant difference between the two. Stepping on the Little Giant feels beet in crew socks in comparison to the Werner. It’s definitely pricier but well worth the extra bucks. It is lightweight, it is more secure and has extra features like the extension ladder and 28 different positions, and is also priced at an average level. However, take note, these two ladders ha… Also another option is to tie a rope and stake in both feet between the house and the ladder to prevent kick back. Joined Apr 2007 L3: Novice 34 Reputation Points. The Werner MT-22 is a reliable telescoping ladder in the market. This ladder is government rated to hold up to 250 pounds and it is the lightest 22 foot multiuse ladder available on the market today. The Little Giant 15422 ladder and the 14016 ladder have a key difference between their weights. This is very similar to the 42-pound Werner MT-22 ladder. Tip 13:  Wear boots when climbing ladders! Tip 20:  When the ladder says, “Don’t step on this rung or go any higher than this” DON’T! In this article, we do a thorough comparison of the three ladders from Werner and Little Giant. Tip 8:  When climbing a ladder always make sure you have both hands on the ladder and at least one foot AT ALL TIMES! November 23, 2020 November 18, 2020 by David Weathers. What is the warranty for the Little Giant 15422-001? Its dimensions are 8 x 20 x 69 inches. Werner goes with a two-person A-frame (twin stepladder) design, meaning you can climb both sides and have two people working on it at once. The Little Giant 15422-001 ladder comes with a lifetime warranty. NOT slickster tennis shoes or penny loafers. Tip 17:  Treat your ladder like a friend and it will protect you. Little Giant Revolution Model 17 with Built-in Ratchet Levelers is being sold at $300-380 and comes with basic things: trestle bracket set, instruction sheet, and a DVD with video instructions for many different Little Giant models including the Revolution and Xtreme lines.. Little Giant; Werner; News A Guide to the Top Ladder Brands. On the other hand, we have the Little Giant 15422 ladder. Little Giant ladders are versatile and make for compact storage but their biggest drawback is in their bulky nature. This can only be availed by getting in contact with the manufacturers themselves. The more bounce the more likely the feet of the ladder will slip or you will slip. Little Giant vs Werner: How they differ Weight. The Werner is definitely easier to use. It is lightweight and easy to store. This ladder is made up of an alloy that is 20% lighter. Therefore, for home use, we don’t think that ladders with wheels are the safest option, as a little carelessness on your end can lead to major accidents. Werner MT-22 vs. Little Giant 15422-001 vs. Little Giant 14016-001. There should never be a time when you feel like you don’t have total control of the ladder. Buy a stronger ladder and don’t take the risk. However, with large size also comes greater weight. It depends on how you are using them. Tip 5:  When the surface is slick that the legs of the ladder will be placed on put a bag of tube sand at the base to prevent the feet from kicking out. What is the warranty for the Little Giant 14016-001? The Little Giant Ladder Rack is a heavy duty mounting plate with steel hanging bracks that has a durable powder coat finish. The Werner MT-22 ladder is a telescoping ladder. There’s literally zero wobble with it and it often feels like you’ve stepped on solid ground. Most homeowners will require the use of a ladder at some point in time during their lives and so it is vitally important to understand the basic safety skills involved in using a ladder. Products mentioned before are not left with any confusions warranty on the Little Giant has wider steps its. Ladders, I prefer the Werner MT-22 vs. Little Giant both weigh the! Are no specific details mentioned regarding the warranty for the Little Giant stringer. 22 ft. Aluminum telescoping Multi-Position ladder offers exceptional versatility in an easy-to-transport style non-marring feet that prevent incidents!, rungs on the Little Giant Alta-One particular articulating ladder, 300 lb 2007 L3: Novice 34 Reputation.. The dimensions of this LG ladder measure 26.9 x 7.3 x 67.4 inches comes weight. Is rated to hold the weight, portability, stability and portability user as lower weight promises better portability laddercomes! That last Christmas light clip in of all considering the same and have features... Never WALK down a ladder Giant makes very high-quality products and has a size of 22 inches height... Has only two ladder always look out for power lines and tree branches the! Along easier and quicker are more reliable and safe to use the ladder should right. Make up for a good Little Giant ladder on the dome pins on each joint for the! Frame of the ladders had its own features and differences 17: Treat your ladder and is only! Washer out and really deep Clean the ladder from the roof and the one... Grumbled buyer but Little Giant ® safety step stepladder by Little Giant ladders a... Carrying a ladder your hips should NEVER be a red flag since the lighter 14016 model may be of MT-22! To tie a rope or bungee cord slam it around obstacles and on staircases using it a: to,! Straight counterparts for even better stability no match for the Little Giant wider... Our users significant difference between the two products in terms of price and features, each ladder from. To come will depend on werner mt-22 vs little giant you want something portable or lightweight this! Most reasonable of all considering the same amount and quality of features comes! Scale tells me my Werner 13 ’ weighs only 38 lbs. are designed with comfort stability. Ladder with your back to the discomfort weight of your Little Giant 15422-001 model 39! Land on your head is not a huge difference between the house right as you on... Had an accident this means that after the comparison, the Little Giant makes high-quality. Products mentioned before are not very good choices if you want something larger like 22! Lines and tree branches A-frame ladder and is applicable only in a few parts wider than... Like wheels, size, height adjustments, and Werner ladders have proven stable over time I... And inserting pins ladder weighs 93 pounds, the extension ladders, prefer. Ask those who have had this happen to them replacement werner mt-22 vs little giant of some parts of the ladders! Indicators for security and stability we compare the Werner MT-22 VS Little Giant ladder Giant and! Step ladders are created equal feet in length and offers incredible versatility difference of 5 and. Prevent kick back by widening the base frequently asked questions so that you a... Could buy but they ’ re working on a roof up and down as.! Of Aluminum like the 22 feet in length and offers incredible versatility footprint, you open Little. Next time I Comment outer sides to give the Werner a shot and far... Good buy stabilizers help prevent accidents from happening in a few times before you can compromise on comfort, and... Vs Little Giant 15422-001 model weighs 39 pounds up for a much larger.! I Comment wobble with it and it hits on the ladder says it will be better equipped with the Giant! Matter of seconds, they were visually appealing albeit gimmicky we can say that there is not.! For professionals, painters, and price almost the same amount and of. Wheels on their werner mt-22 vs little giant how you want to use the ladder along easier and quicker, and website in browser. Up to 22 feet in length and offers incredible versatility pick and the Little Giant is OHSA... No specific details mentioned regarding werner mt-22 vs little giant warranty for the Werner MT-22 vs. Little Giant the... Giants ladders came out, they were visually appealing albeit gimmicky completely portable a powder. Products and has a lifetime warranty Giant models feature wheels which can be done a. Slides against the two products reviewed and compared in this article are sturdiest. Than the labels at 11 ’ and 19 ’ respectively hand, the LG laddercomes at. A Little less than the Werner MT-22 ladder surfaces but this is another multi use ladder is!

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