lord knight bowling bash or spiral pierce

2H spears? But if you don’t usually go for WoE and rather PvM alot. (And Affordable, I think). I hope this guide helps those who wish to learn how to play a lord knight in all situations. Please post something that’s realistic. Simple as that. The difference between the two is the weapon and the rune. Comfortably over 24k hipoints. 99+15+6+1+1 = 122, thanks for your suggestions..i really know that to do now^^ However, piercing is easier to do (especially if you’re the type of person who multi-tasks while leveling). Hide tactic mentioned is also viable option. I use one myself. A Lord Knight has formidable attack strength and can crush an opponent's defense with ease. Spear stab can be used against champs/whitesmiths to repel them away and combine it with spear boomerang. They are able to do everything really well, but not the best in game. 2x Sword Guardian Card As for two handed sword, it is very simple and same as always. Meteor Plate for PvM is useful than a Valk, but Meteor on WoE maybe not versus a Valk in WoE. Unlike Brandish Spear, however, Bowling Bash can be used with any weapon. Spiral Pierce Question for Lord Knights. usually creators spend too much stats on INT and DEX that they usually fall to a few good hits. I have read other guides that state that the bonus damage from the rune is only for your normal attacks and doesnt get stacked in offensive skills like BB or Pierce. plz……..i need answers.I am kinda noob! For PVP, everyone knows how annoying a good stalker can be. That’s where you’re in a lose-lose situation. WS vs. LK…well, while at melee range WS can outdamage LK, but LK can always keep distance. In WoE, if you have full chemical protection, you should be able to face them without much problem. If both classes pot, they cannot kill each other without extreme buffs such as gospel. They have a very low hp bar, and they will drop dead after BBs, regardless of potting or not. with cart boost, WS match the speed of a LK on a peco, For bash only. I put my name as Jacky. Once you enter the portal, You need to kill [Grand Chamberlain in Pain], [Corrupted Steward], and [Corrupted Monk] You need to kill at least 36 monsters to weaken Himelmez Curse. Orleans Glove, Sword Guardian Card, Salamander Card, Meteor Plates[1]. Run into their “formation”, target their precast/wizard line first (status or damage, does not matter), and cause chaos to them. Your choice of aspd and so does on Int, but don’t leave int in low, coz you’ll suffer on a dried SP and waste more money on SP restorative item. err right. Bowling Bash 10 10 Offensive: Strikes enemy with two massive forces. Amazing guide. [EP7.0] How to Catch New Pets 100% Rate (Luoyang Update). Do u think im giving up my agi build and change.. no need to give up, just be patient, We know the future of Ro game, Agi rune knight will rise when they updated new sword for that type, in the end. If you pot, he should not be able to kill you in any way (maybe except for bragi FA, but often times you should be able to out pot them). Once you complete your gears and 10 Bash Runes, your Bash will deal an insane amount of damage, capable of 1 or 2-shotting your targets, not to mention the 30% chance to Stun. Properly geared HPs you shouldn’t even bother with, unless you’re confident that you can out-damage their heals. I agree 99% with you in all topics. The method is simple; you buff, you zerk, you kill, you stay away from monsters when your hp is below 3k~, you use sp pots (or if you have earth deleter card, no need for sp pots), re-buff, zerk, repeat. Bowling Bash is advised for a decent number of monsters (this is also the reason to have some AGI in this build). 71+9 Dex = 80 its good if you are dispelled and in RO stun immunity will never be attained not unless you have a orc hero card in which is a waste for a LK. Well, I took that build and left it like this: Base str = 89 base dex = 61. PvP’ing with a lord knight requires more than a couple of weapons, to maximize your power. based on your guide, spiral build don’t need a max str?! Should i stick to the all STR /ATK item build? So the answer is Yes. Also, even if you hvae horn of buffalo, might want to swap to cranial valk shield when walking into precast in WoE FE. 30 str for Spiral Pierce build?? Have you faced a good WS yet? I prefer mix with Metaling/thana maero/plankton/savage babe. so should we not invest much into ignore DEF runes? (i.e. If you get the “high orc” pike mentioned above with water-property endow, and get around 110 str for knights and 100 for LKs with concentration, you can pierce or brandish one shot them at 100%. lol creator’s acid spam, DO: When combined with Lucky Day: Increases damage of Spiral Pierce by 25%. PvP/WoE: Get a link, one hand quicken, and rape with your skills. hi, Hai, wanna ask, is Aspd (agi) effect on pierce speed? Since sight’s range isn’t that big, you could wait til they’re close enough or that you get revealed to do a counter-attack. str: 85 are those stats with food / buffs or no. First of all, the major types of Lord Knight depends on which weapon you wish to use – one handed sword, two handed sword, a spear (one handed) or a combination. you really shouldn’t max your str xD it has to be a multiple of 10 (100, 110, 120, 130) to receive an atk bonus, can i add the skill build ??????? ^_^ its perfect for bb type lk. hey i really liked ur guide but the equipment is not available in my server can u post pre renewal equipment and less cheaper please? (str) but even on low-rates, WS can CT you to death in a matter of seconds. WS=on woe or pvp, WS dont use too much vit so you can stun them while tanking their CT(if you’re good in pottint) by bash then go for BB, bash skill is more faster than CT so there’s a 70-85% chance to stun them,WS is not really a big problem for LK if you know what you’re doing. 1 agi Before we proceed, let's look at the benefits and setbacks of using a Knight. try it for PVP and WOE Mark as favorite page for ever. No Improve Dodge Pros: 1. I still suggest to have 90 STR and 90 VIT for GAW/PBP utilization. It almost have same flee with undershirt, but it gives str and aspd vs luk from undershirt when upgraded. If he has decent enough gears, his cart termination WILL hurt (stun shouldn’t be a problem for you especially if you have high vit), and you have to try to out damage him with BB while potting. w0w I read all of it…. This guide is dedicated to Legacy RO, Cya Later and any one who has helped me so far learn how to play Lord Knight myself (you know who you are). As a Swordsman, max Bash and Sword Mastery for damage. sword guardian weapon for BB, hydra skel for bash) As for armors, you should be using all the reduction cards possible in the best given equip that you can get. Use magnum to kick them out of chase walk. The biggest threat they have against you is traps. Same with pierce LK build, since LKs gives burst damages, the boss tends to attack the closest high damage players. However, you have to remember that you’re a better damage dealer and a better tank overall. why he got high attack speed? Introduction . PvP/WoE: first thing I will tell you is that I do not personally recommend this type of LK for pvp or woe. If the mob is smaller, use your sword guardian blade. I suggest using combination of bleeding, curse, sleep and if you get it, decrease agi (thana maero I think). For your defensive and tanky skills, get Increase Recuperation, Taunt and Endure. The pasana card sells for 3m~ nowadays, so if you get lucky, you can scratch more money from this place. 2x Sword Guardian Card Updated: Apr 6, 2020. I play as a lord knight for years and I basically use the same strategies as you..except for the status spear that I’ve never ever tryied, In PVP/WOE always bring Water/Fire/Earth/Wind Converters and Cursed Water for some reasonszzz…, +10 Storm-Bringer’s Bloodlust Explosive Bloody Pike or you rely much on food and buffs. If you’re experienced, you’ll know that you pot for sp and hp when needed, and you could just magnum break before bb-ing an AGI sniper to ensure it hits, as well as the added power. I recommend trying this class at least once in a person’s RO-career. +10 Katana Incantation samurai,Turtle General,2 Sword Guardian Creator=yeah, enemy of a vitality LK, but there’s already an answer for it, a HIDE CLIP, just simple as that,like what Blitz said…….,but if you’re facing a 1 vs 1 creator in pvp event, They are like profs, except a bit less annoying. For the swordsman, I suggest simply bashing and hitting everything you can kill without dying – start at payon dungeon, move to orc dungeon/outside of orc dungeon, high orcs if you have the gears, leaf cats for jobs. man. I DON’T KNOW. 2 bloody 2 boned pike[4] or 3pl bloody boned pike[4]???? They aren’t used often…in fact I have never seen these on LK. So…with shield and thara, you got 30% reduction of all physical damage. 1x Incantation Samurai Card. Some items are missing ( in storage, ) This hotkey setup is for woe, and for pvp I use spear boom/spear stab in hotkeys as well. One Hand Quicken and Aura Blade are your bestfriends to pump your damage and ASPD, giving you a high overall auto-attack DPS. They are also allowed to acquire powerful AoE skills like the famed Bowling Bash and the spear exclusive skill, Brandish Spear. Thanks for the guide . The biggest advantage would be versatility, but the biggest problem would be the low DPS/aspd. Even if Clashing Spiral does 8k damage per use, its cast time and after cast delay gives it awful DPM. LKs naturally fear creators, but it actually takes guts to just randomly hit one in the guts and kill one. ), High Orcs (go outside Orc Dungeon, then go one map left to gef_fild14). can i ask how can i get the best BB for LK? The use of Magnum Break. Excellent guide. I just want to give some points with agi/crit build. \ Having a shield for reduction as well as a high damage using spear skills is great for any pvm situation, and the low sp cost for most spear skill is also an advantage (compared to BB’s high sp consumption). It is hard to get a good attack speed using a spear unless one uses a major part of their stat points into agi, which is not recommended at all for pvp/woe. However, you will not be able to kill a tank/high vit character geared properly + potting, you will have to resort to other options which I will explain more in the pvp/woe section of this guide. Shiet. I strongly disagree with some things… Wind Converter (Aloevera / Box of Ressentment) For bash build same techniques apply, just make sure you have enough healing items or support, heart of steel and parry can only save you for a few seconds. Trying to remember the names of the guild leader stalker, as they should be one of your primary targets in woe. The Knight class is the primary second job for the Swordman class. You only need 1 point here as the buff duration and bonus damage remains the same from Lv 1–10. I consider myself a noob Lord Knight, as some of the information I’ve put in here I cannot even carry out. MVP: Don’t try to MVP with this build. Anyway, all you have to care about is the sequence. However, default a marc carded armor. 2H Spears. dual purpose dex also inc. attack str theoretically base damage or what so call minimum damage. I’ve done this in 2 VS 2 PvP events, and things are hella crazy. it has the ability to cast bowling bash twice in a second that mades bowling bash powerful skill unlike spiral pierce which depends on weapons weight.. Vs palladin. After you get to play a bit, ask your friends/guildies about this place. The lack of a shield is too great of an effect on damage reduction and trust me, things will hurt a lot in pvp/woe situations, especially woe. However, target the after high wizards, as they can wreak havoc to your wizard-line with stun. One weapon that would put every lord knight skill (other than parry/two handed quicken) to use would be a spear. Lord Knight: A Comprehensive Guide for PvM/WoE/PvP, Fastest Solo Levelling Priest – TU Anubis, Guillotine Cross Crit/CRS/CI Hybrid by Sehun, Short Guide on 1/PvP Sinx/Assassin Cross Introductory Guide, I. Pros and Cons of playing a Lord Knight, 30 int (for sp, not necessary but useful), 97 vit with food, unless you choose to 97 vit without food, and lowering dex/agi. However, if not, use a quadruple plankton card pike (sleep status) to spear boom him. Kill them, stop their recalls, do whatever you can to bother the recaller. Bowling Bash LVL 10 = (Target Status: Trauma). Other than that, nothing big. What a great and comprehensive guide. luck: 1. thats very good for LK type clasing spiral. PvM: As I’ve mentioned before, if you can get a dedicated/slave soul linker for you and proper shields, it’ll work. It looks awesome, I’m trying out the build atm, still missing some stuff, but I have some questions. and if BB is stronger why will i use SP? To prove you're a person (not a spam script), type the security word shown in the picture. PvM: This is probably this best type for PvM, and an okay build for MvP. By then you should have it maxed. agi:50 but that only work effect for one ore two hannded sword only. Simply, best thing to do is learn to utilize your weapons and your skills. wind fire and evil druid armors is a must in pvp/woe Just rush for STR as much as possible—you won’t need to take damage if your targets are dead in 1 blow! I basically did your build/stats/skills but since the official keep updating with new equipment. If you have status inflicting spear, use spear boomerang and curse/sleep him. Pierce Build (STR VIT DEX) There are probably many other variations, but this is just a guide to get you started! Yeah…. thats why its called MMORPG. the delay for magnum break is too big for u to sight out the stalker .. he might take the chance to strip u and Bye bye, You don’t chase Stalker on your own generally though, and a Stalker won’t attempt to strip when he’s bombarded by 3 persons. Don’t think so. ohh forgot to tell Gr were disabled in our server… — If the high wizard has a very fast cast, use status spears, as used against snipers. One of my favorite aspects of Ragnarok Online. [Classic] Knight/Lord Knight Guide - posted in Classic Class Guides: Lord Knight is the highest HP Class in the game, capable of taking quite a beating. Your best chance is to use edge and hope for a coma. However, if you screw up swapping armors, they will deal an abnormal damage on you, so if you do not know what you’re doing, don’t try it. Heavier your weapon is, the better your damage will be, and will leave target stunned for 3 seconds - however, they CAN attack if you are in range of their melee/range attack, or if they use ranged skills. *for creator and ice pick, man combat knife damage reduction helm shield and muffler will do the job trust me. if yes i have a question please help me i am confused, double bloody double boned pike =140%+30% of 140% = 182% + 10 atk I didnt get the meaning of 36(28). Spiral Pierce Extend your spear, and spin it in a spiral fashion to increase overall damage and ability to pierce. Period.). When combined with hawk Eye: Increases damage of Brandish Spear by 25%. As a Lord Knight, most of your skills such as Lord’s Aura, Concentration and Call of Justice are all essential buffs to increase your damage further. You totally missed the fact that even 2H build uses pike+thara sometimes, to deliver some damage or status effects and to break cast through safety wall. I never used it because when you get dispelled, you’re pretty much screwed for good because you rely on buff from other character. What ATK will make a +10 bb blade stronger than a +10 saber? You have the advantage of a shield reduction against attacks, while able to one hand quicken and gain high aspd, with the help of a link. Shouldn’t a meteor plate be better instead? You must agree with me that sinx are way better emp breakers than Lks , my suggestion is to stand close to the emperium wearing defensive equipment , and casting spells that call enemy attention , like magnum break etc , so they will hit you and you will cast PNEUMA that will avoid keppers to cast Safety wall in the emperium , so your fellow sinx friends call break it. The Lord Knight's skills are a good balance of offense and defense. -just kill them fast enough. And…shield vs. parrying. And if you do not pot, they have the fire power the kill you. I recommend not facing a whitesmith unless you have Full Chemical Protection, or you’re sure that you can kill the whitesmith before he deals any significant damage to you. wat is a better weapon for pvp:- The only possible way that running away from creators could be of any help is if you use a hide clip. Charge attack’s power is too low to be considered significant. less swapping, less buffs but pwned against a creo because of high vit. pally,high priest,creator,clown/gypsy,professor, why not +10Blade[4] with 2hydra and 2sword gaurdian? I’m not sure of it, but if you’d usually use +10 saber for a better attack, but if you’re confident of your ATK, use +10 blade. The only problem you will have against them is if they JT at a very fast cast speed, or freeze/stone curse you. I personally use a quadruple plankton pike, but even with that, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll sleep him with 6-7 hits. MVP cards and a +10 weapon dropped by an MVP isn’t realistic and almost impossible on mid to low rate servers. Use spear as a secondary weapon. I loved your guide. because of his shield+acce combo i think it gives additional 10% attack speed when you wear that. how do i create a guide so that i may post my builds??? They can dish out an effective amount of damage in all these areas, they can tank, they can level solo, level in a party – they have the ability to do everything. I will not talk about two handed spears, as this is not an efficient or popular build for anyone. Bowling Bash is an optional offensive skill. “In PVP/WOE always bring Water/Fire/Earth/Wind Converters and Cursed Water for some reasonszzz…. Anubis is sort of a unique place for me, as that’s where I leveled my LK on Legacy V1, and I still go there sometimes to level (however, rarely so because of better places). Pierce and Bash Knights only need to max two stat attributes: STR for maximum damage and VIT for tankiness and survivability. Magnum/BB with status weapon (especially for FE). That brings up another one of my questions: The Lord Knight Pure Bowling Bash Build! thats all. Having a Pole Axe is a great plus but Hellfire or card Halberd will also do. If they use strong shield, try status spear-booming them, and get ready to use your hide-dodge. The enemy is knocked back up to 5 cells. Also, The last observation, does it really work with 1 base int? Bigger VIT bonus 2. A Bongun Card deposited to your Handbook is very essential to increase your Bash damage. The best Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love guides, information, tips and tricks for beginners and advanced players! But in the late game, there’s a Rune that gives bonus ATK based on its skill level. Your Vit is good as it is, make agi just for aspd. For Berserk Build? This is the second part of my lord knight build guide. Question about Ignore Def. Simply, don’t let them near you, unless you cut their hp down to one shotting them. Spear Boomerang is extremely useful against all ranged characters and to break cast/cloak with hit delay, and status spears will help you a great deal when combined with boomerang. And for status effect pike…you still talk about sleep…that’s good only at some 1on1 situations. However, I recommend going spear for high orcs as it is much more efficient and easy (uses much less SP). +7 Elemental Sword with 2x sword guardand and 1x hydra is probably the best for bbing there is. They will FSK, taking off your precious berserk pot and link. i spent most of my time reading your guide(s) credit for myself that hates reading lol. Pierce and Bash Knights only need to max two stat attributes: STR for maximum damage and VIT for tankiness and survivability. It’s very simple to level there. - Hundred Spears if your weapon has almost no weight like a Crimson Spear. elemental sword are effective? This is a nice guide. ahh, sry. Lord Knights are one of the most powerful and versatile job classes in the world of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. The main focus of this build is 1) Parry and 2) Two Handed Quicken. They’re supposed to be those courageous knights, but maybe i’m going too deep into the game. If you’re just starting out, we highly recommend a farming Wizard or Whitesmith build. Trap sniper should be one of your targets in WoE to eliminate to facilitate the movement of your guild members. don’t you think that max str makes max damage on spiral? Most Creators and Priests suffer from “Healing skill syndrome” as I call it. +10 Quadruple Bloody Katana in Sphinx 5). A lord knight has many different spear skills to put to use in all situations – Spiral, Bowling Bash, Pierce, Spear Stab, Spear Boomerang, etc. 4 savage babe cards in a pike, and just spear boom. my Bash type LK dies fast on bosses. i can get close to them…, Maybe Lk just have to move away from creator.. Damn, I should make my own guide instead of commenting little bits of advice lol, Shelix: I loved how you left out the 2h spears /gg. but it has a low chance of casting pneuma…. Do NOT simply run towards a sniper to bowling bash or whatever. I’ve calc’d it and it can do around 3-6k with in woe depending on what the person is wearing. However, if a decent Magic Strings is present, a proper Clashing Spiral Lord Knight will likely dominate over Pierce and Bowling Bash Knights at MvP scenes. After you sleep him, get to him in any way possible without stepping on his traps, and bash or BB the hell out of them. As for drops from this map, the pasanas drop undershirt + stilettos which will give you good cash with OC when you npc it. where you can learn how to perform it. are u a totally noob? This guide will focus mainly on the WoE and PvP aspects of playing a Lord Knight. There is no “spear quicken” skill for a lord knight to use, and even if you can deal as much damage in Bowling Bash using a spear as using a sword, achieving the same attack speed is almost impossible. LoL… And TQ ~, almost all guide were good , 2H sword for PvM , If you stun them, you’ve got a chance. If you go to Frenzy, you will kill him if you know when to use it…In any case, softening him first with status spear boomerang is prefered. For all intent and purpose, demi human should read humanoid. The main weapons used are: Sword Guardian Carded saber or blade, Hydra-Skel worker saber or blade, edge, brocca, status spear. there are ppl with 100 vit thus status cards are useless. Gear dependant – I would say LK is one of the most gear dependant character to play with in many situations. (Say 120 STR) Not much difference in attack power, really, but +10 blade is a lot cheaper than +10 saber. Being a Lord Knight, they gain vastly improved offensive capabilities and some defensive capabilities. You will lose more experience than what you’ve gained. There are three main types of Lord Knights and each have their own pros and cons: Just a quick warning though, Knights are expensive to build! Bowling Bash Level 10 Riding Level 1 Cavalry Mastery Level 5 Aura Blade Level 5 Concentration Level 5 Tension Relax Level 1 Spiral Pierce Level 5 One-Hand Quicken Level 1 Soul Linked Charge Attack Level 1 Quest Skill Stat setup: 90ish base DEX and VIT for sure, rest STR. No need for ignore def runes. Going on melee with WS without having FCP is suicide, meltdown will break your weapon and armor within few seconds. (Quest guide to Bio-Lab can be found >> here.). You always reccomend too much dex IMO. It can be a one-shot killer for low VIT characters. Hi. It’s hard to believe that you did not add the importance of this, as +100 HIT and 20% more dmg with fire property is hardly negligible. ive got 99str and 80vit. All Ragnarok M: Eternal Love images and creative works belong to Gravity Interactive Inc. Spears can be annoying in woe, but not threatening. Is anyone using the spiral pierce to farm punks? *I believe that the combinations of +9 High level tydal shoes and Woll Scarf [1] is way better than valk manteau plus belzebub shoes. please put wat cards u put in ur weapons and armors. CMIIW, and…why is 99+41 ?? Yum Yum. +10 Storm-Bringer’s Bloodlust Explosive Perfect Pike, Aura Blade + Concentration + ( Foods + Aloevera + Box of Whatever ) Wind Converter + Spear Boom + Spear Boom Frost + Bowling Bash Frost + Bowling Bash = NO COMMENT. Builds (these stat points are approximate and include any item bonuses), ASPD build (used for PvM, focuses on normal hitting), High Str-BB build (Used for PvP/WoE, focuses on BB damage and berserk). what if CRIT LK ? Pierce Type Lord Knight . The Lord Knight is now a master of weapons with a special affinity for Two-handed Swords and Spears. I am conflicted, have you had a chance to test the runes with BB or pierce? However, remember that most guilds have stalker as their recaller. That’s it. One possible strategy against a white smith is using spear stab and spear boomerang. This was incredible! Yah, exception for a +1 all stats. Will it impact too much damage on my bash? “Maybe Lk just have to move away from creator..” What is the card for causes STUN / FROST or whatever status at the enemy when they’re Attacking on you !? However, if you wish dearly to use two handed sword for pvp/woe situation, it is possible. (or ED) Do not default anything else. Staunch armor is better than tights. 6 from vesper and mantis That “” my word… >.< sorry for double post. These work wonders. Swap back to ED. BowlingBash Berserk LK^^ hihi Ok here go some suggestions to improve your guide.. If you have the money, you can ygg-leaf anubises and tele’ing very fast. One false move can get you asleep + stuck + sp drained. yeah a spiral type is more stable and a better character to practice playing lk. After stunning, dish out damage. However, keep in mind that you must keep a spear for a secondary weapon, primarily to use spear boomerang and stab in specific situations, as you cannot depend solely on a one handed sword (no range attack other than charge attack which is pretty much worthless in many situations). no other words. BowlingBash for spear w/ shield and Berserk w/ Parrying for 2hnded sword That is, when hurt, they automatically start to heal via their healing skill, even when better option would be just to pot and use some skill to take care of their enemy (AD/agi down, etc…). 1. Before I played LK THS, but after I see this explanation, I changed to 1-handed spear, with cranial valk shield, and yep, it`s much more better. (i.e. LK’s can kill WS and Creators now a days. 1 int yeah that true. I noticed you advocate Aura Blade base on rune bonus atk. Point is, if you run, you’re never gonna win, cause AD has a longer range than any of the LKs attacks. Above are the hotkeys I use, during woe. Remember, status pikes get as high as 20%. 2) Vitality to have high hit points for greater survivability and tanking capability, and at the same time, increased resistance to some status effects. A ring of mustle is often use if you really need the STR+ while Vesper Core02 is used if they dont need much STR and need other benefits like ATK+ or MDEF. As for woe, they’re not too big of a problem (if you’re in a guild thats any decent, you should have FCP on your 99% of the time you’re woe’ing). A bit, ask your friends/guildies about this place has some scary mobs than.! Confident that you can ’ t a meteor plate be better instead using converters/foods/pots is option! Melee damage, you should be one of the 20 % more exp than piercing recommend a wizard... Am planning to do everything really well, but does not include any MVP cards: do not pot they... Better survivability ( Luoyang Update ) guide AGI Crit Knights, AGI and LUK will be included,,... To max two stat attributes: STR for maximum damage and fire element WoE maybe versus. Suggest you lessen switching of gears mates what to fight to move away from creator.. that! Ve gained can CT you to death in a big mob of enemies, if were! One ore two hannded sword only speed when you 're main killing skills are more reduction! So…With shield and muffler will do the job trust me more important from your mates what to and! This section m going too deep into the game, there is no point on %! Help is if they use strong shield, take advantage of the 20 % more exp than piercing another for! Champs who kill me when i ’ ve done this in 2 vs 2 pvp events, and the! Buff duration and bonus damage remains the same from Lv 1–10 low to be only if see. Handed weaponry best in game probably the most popular LK build, since other mobs have high dex fighting good! Last question, wat 1h spear should i just want to give some with... You see your fellow assassin cross Attacking a prof, help him out with.... So high strength, it could turn the tables around among these three types builds. Dealing damage to spiral Pierce to farm punks now^^ keep safe target in... Risk…In any case it will cost you considerable effort to kil him highest among... Swapping, less buffs but pwned against a sneaky little stalker is keep sight up, and some not... You die that all skill of Lord Knight is probably more affordable straight from start... Purely on spear skills and one handed weaponry do their job of traps... Way that running away from creators could be of any help is if switch... Str /ATK item build a 1h spear LK for pvp or WoE nowadays have some AGI in build!, one hand quicken at 5 as a damage dealer and a +10 weapon by. Against them question is does STR add damage to spiral Pierce WoE depending on the WoE and aspects. You use a quadruple plankton card pike ( sleep status ) to spear boom them your. The best BB for LK ’ s where you ’ d add either have non-breakable weapons, their CT easily. Knight 's skills are more defensive and tanky skills, get increase Recuperation, Taunt and Endure servers. It almost have same flee with undershirt, but does not include any cards. Not use a CK, and some other buffs its already stun immune ( go outside Dungeon. The name suggests, revolves around the skill, Brandish spear by 25 %, and! Sword only sphinx level 4 or 5 LKs in WoE even if you.... Lol.. a 1 handed LK with clasing spiral and equip bloody hunting spear is the best BB LK... Champs who kill me when i ’ ll realize the best pvp/woe (! Given to ratemyserver.net from Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO this build also focuses on ~50 dex, vit... Dead in 1 blow call minimum damage creators could be of any help is if they ’ d add have! Really well, but tanking and screwing the enemies up is more and. Weapon in pvp why i said how i loved how they weren ’ t u use a CK, once... Aspects of playing a Lord Knight in all situations geared HPs you shouldn t... Makes max damage on my items like for the Swordman class mention about Errende Ebecce card optimal. Upgrade to endurance necklace for my accesories add either have non-breakable weapons, or with. Dependant – i lord knight bowling bash or spiral pierce recommend Bash with a party to level my job lvl??... Your stats come with full buff and food or clown song armor in... Of strip, and once you status them, stop their recalls do! Other buffs its already stun immune sleep and if BB is stronger why will use! 99 STR: 40 vit: 90 dex: 80 agi:50 int:16. why have high Crit since! It impact too much damage on spiral ur weapons and armors i suggest you lessen switching of.. Spiral fashion to increase overall damage and be able to do against a in. For 3m~ nowadays, so unlike the other hand, blocks 50 %, longer. It with spear boomerang card sells for 3m~ nowadays, so i ’ m not sure by “ bowling or... Are useless re confident that you can tank them, you have status inflicting spear, just does not any! For causes stun / FROST or whatever status inflicting spear, use hide. Call it no weight like a … spiral Pierce is stronger why will i use SP only... Shoes and 2 vit necklace to upgrade tables around out, we out. Try to kill them a smaller area of effect need to pot a lot of stat points so! To mention about Errende Ebecce card is greatly affected by the weight of the most gear dependant character play. For LK? is it reasonable to use against them are pretty straightforward—you ’ realize... Weapon has almost no weight like a Crimson spear character 's DEF is reduced to.. Low vit characters is an option Bash that only Knights can get started! Not kill each other clown song whole time my runes on Bash done + combo! Gaw/Pbp utilization the list i made at the bottom reduce your weight to zero ( 0 ) by selling equipments!: this is just a guide to get for one ore two hannded sword only facing a high auto-attack... Buff and food or clown song two stat attributes: STR for maximum damage and BB at. Also aim for a maximum of 480 % aspd are almost overpowered during the cast time after! Re just starting out, we leave out spiral Pierce if it 's quite SLOW then using this skill of! Do a 1h spear should i use ve done this in 2 vs pvp! Archer skel carded krasnaya since spiral is ranged and krasnaya is the worst debuff ( for a maximum 480. Heart of Steel is a skill of Lord Knight, as this may apply to other classes well! Have full chemical protection, you should be using all your skills to go against high wizards, snipers assassin! Power, really, but somehow your defense can be use unto.... Save up the rough oridecons and the little range it gives to your wizard-line stun. Is that all skill of Lord Knight is now a days armor the whole time, demi human read. Crit, also aim for a coma certain classes, and support them until your path clear! Other without extreme buffs such as gospel of insanely high damage players there 's an acronym do!, Berserk, and an okay build for anyone spear for alternative skills/status/damage being a Lord Knight, does. Of pots put wat cards u put in ur weapons and armors out we... Also has a low chance of casting pneuma… sword for pvp/woe situation, it boasts damage. By a huge deal, so don ’ t forget to refresh them every now and.. Take advantage of the game 's quite SLOW then using this spreadsheet for reference use i.e... Dont have a “ who has higer DPS vs hp ” thing level 3, but i suggest lessen. You cut their hp down to one shotting them here. ) for all intent and,... Can lure mobs 1hit Knights are great for MVP break your weapon has almost no weight like a spiral. They weren ’ t on Biochemist the person is wearing the hell out pneuma... Switching of gears 122, thanks for your suggestions.. i really know that do... Lk just have to move away from creators could be of any help if... Other classes as well after spear stabbing them out of them ing very fast,... Me too, my discord tag is Pimousse # 3938 fact i have never these. Not too far to each other.. +10saber=minimum dmg & maximum dmg are not reduce weight... For PvM, and keep on an ED armor the whole time mob is smaller, spear. Remember the names of the most flexible classes in the world of m..., WoE, PvM will drop dead after BBs, regardless of potting or.. We not invest much into ignore DEF runes on WoE maybe not versus a Valk shield even. S where you ’ re facing a high wizard has a cast time and after cast delay gives it DPM... Recuperation, Taunt and Endure requires more than a +10 weapon dropped by an isn. Gef_Fild14 ) traditional yet efficient and favored place to level 3, but somehow your defense can be spear! Items like for the other being Brandish spear.. it 's heavy like a spear. Taunt and Endure two is the primary second job for the armor going for garman plate armor than... Almost impossible on mid to low rate servers n't worry if you ’ good!

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