dream of a dark house

To dream of a haunted house signifies unfinished emotional business related to your childhood family, dead relatives, or repressed memories and feelings. To see houses under water implies that you are very comfortable with your own emotions. Example: A woman dreamed of leaving a rooming house. Dreaming of a boarding house, foretells that you will suffer entanglement and disorder in your enterprises, and you are likely to change your residence. Negatively, a dark room may represent a fear of embarrassing yourself not keeping up an impression you've made on someone. Demolishing one’s house in a dream means a fight within that family. You need a wider perspective on things. Negatively, buying a new house may mean that you'd made a mistake that you're stuck with. It may also reflect you feel that someone else is weird or troubled. Negatively, an address may reflect an unpleasant situation, negative belief system, or recurring problem you want to avoid. It may also reflect your attempt to make big changes to yourself to feel better about yourself. For example a blue house symbolizes a positive mindset, and a red house symbolizes a negative mindset. Alternatively, the dream denotes regal power and authority. A dream of the dark is never a good aspected omen as after such a dream you are in danger of losing control of your temper and causing yourself a lot of hardships and losses. Positively, always moving around may reflect progress or momentum. Pitfalls may reveal themselves on every hand. If you live with others in your waking life, but dream that you are living alone suggests that you need to take new steps toward independence. It may also reflect a heightened sense of anxiety about being attacked, singled out, or embarrassed. Renovating a bathroom may represent new ways of fixing problems you are considering. To dream of a haunted house signifies unfinished emotional business, related to your childhood family, dead relatives, or repressed memories and feelings. This may occur when you return to old habits, jobs, relationships, or even go back to school. See the themes section for more on colors. You are neglecting aspects of your own self. The rooms of the house are indicative of how an issue is being approached or dealt with. To dream of people moving into your home and claim that it belongs to them represents feelings of being displaced or the "owner" of your own life in some area. What Dreams Mean. Alternatively, buying property in your dream signifies intellect, stability and status. You are expressing a desire to start new some place else. To dream of cleaning your house represents self-improvement. To see a dog house in your dream suggests that you are in big trouble. You need to release these feelings in order to regain control. You are also lacking focus in your life. Feeling stupid that you can't do anything about stopping damage to some area of your life. Alternatively, consider how the reputation the old home has and how it may symbolize your current mindset. Example: A young man dreamed of being inside a beautiful mansion and being surprised to find out that he owned it. Maybe something or someone scared you and you never had a chance to work through your fear or find comfort. You may have experienced a significant change in your life. The house in your dream could be your childhood home and have feelings connected to it that you need to revisit. To dream of a rooming house represents a perspective on a situation that requires you to put up with other people's ideas or needs all the time. You might also be curious about the past or why other people stopped doing something interesting. Fears of the past, present, or future can all be represented. Consider the type of improvement made in the dream for additional analysis. If you dream that dark is falling while you are traveling it is an ill omen for any business you try to conduct unless the journey is finished before it gets dark. A large hall in a dream means comfort, overcoming financial difficulties, a helping wife, a good mistress of the house, a high ranking position that involves little danger, a highway sign, a praiseworthy son, a hard working employee, or a good investment. Dream Dictionary Dark House, The Dream Meaning of a Dark House. It may also reflect abandoned ideas or a future you planned for yourself and gave up on. You might also be curious about the past or why other people stopped doing something interesting. Perhaps you are "underwater" in your mortgage. You may feel that your current situation or relationship is in a rut. You may have some psychological or emotional problems that are making you feel depressed or angry. Dreaming that evening is about you, denotes unrealized hopes, and you will make unfortunate ventures. Unneccessary beliefs or habits are being removed or changed. Feeling that you are being constantly reminded of bad things that happened in your past. The condition of the house reflecting your mental state as you experience something. Your view of an experience that is familiar to you. You are ready to move forward toward the future. To dream that a house has legs and is walking or chasing you points to dissatisfaction with your current waking life. For lovers to walk in the evening, denotes separation by the death of one. If you saw a wrecked house in your dream, then this dream represents that your life is in real chaos. Old and dilapidated houses, denote failure in business or any effort, and declining health. To see an abandoned house in your dream implies that you have left behind your past. Experienced darkness in a cave. If you are locked out of the house, then it represents rejection and insecurity. To dream that you are addressing an envelope represents your need to explore more possibilities. To dream of a former residence symbolizes your state of mind based on your memories of that house. Trying something new, changing yourself, or acquiring a new way to look at life. You may feel overwhelmed by feelings about your past. The type of house is symbolic for how you are thinking about a particular issue. Stability and status. To dream of going home in a dream represents a return to familiarity or comfort. Awareness of some area of your life changing of transforming. If one sees a big house within his own house in a dream, it means that a righteous woman will live their or move into that family to become a blessing for such a house. Example 2: An older woman dreamed of being locked out of a house. To dream of a former residence symbolizes your state of mind based on your memories of that house. Things are becoming normal again. To dream that you buy a house that is possessed or haunted suggests that you are trying to run away from the past. To dream that a house has disappeared indicates that you are not feeling grounded. In waking life he had discovered that he had natural talent for art that was better than average people. If one sees himself carrying a house over his shoulders in a dream, it means that he takes care of a needy woman or a wife. There are bad memories or negative aspects of your life that are still effecting you to this day based past events. One of them is the wife. If your dream house is unfurnished, this may suggest a bleak self, devoid of feeling; an empty house, however, may indicate new opportunities. Alternatively, the dream is also representative of your maturing mindset. It may mean that there are repressed memories, fears or emotions that you are not confronting. Darkness in your dreams refers to being in the dark about something: repressing or in denial or being unenlightened about some aspect of yourself. To dream of a house that looks beautiful from the outside and/or downstairs, but the upstairs is falling apart implies that you are too concerned with outward appearances that your mental and emotional health is being neglected. It may also reflect discomfort settling on a choice. A situation that you don't understand or are afraid of. Size of house: If the house in the dream was large and grand and you felt worried about how clean it was indicates that you may lack social interaction or miss someone (old friend, ex-partner or sibling) badly. To dream that you are building a house implies that you need to work on some aspect of yourself and better your mind or body. You literally can see the light. To dream that you or someone is moving in or out of a place signifies your desire or need for change. A better way of living or seeing life. People you don't like moving into your home may represent feelings of being stuck with a new problem or added burden. You may be expressing a desire to be more dominant in some situation or relationship. It may also reflect your concern about keeping a promise or making sure a situation is remembered positively. Dream of stealing from you in dark. Example 4: A woman dreamed of being in a house that was too small.

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