ashur and naevia

While they are able to slowly pick off the Rebels in a series of fights, the Romans suffer heavy casualties. She is eventually found by the Rebels, and joins their cause alongside her lover. Ashur, however, declines, declaring himself Batiatus' man although Solonius tells Ashur that he will find greater reward under his patronage. young son, which would jeopardize Barca as the boy saw his face. —Ashur to Crixus, "I am a villain, but I'm not your villain." When Gaius Claudius Glaber arrives to discuss with Batiatus terms of patronage, Ashur moves towards Naevia in the villa and begins to touch her. What is your purpose so near rebel encampment? She beheads Ashur, which took several swings before his head finally is completely removed. It is no easy thing, to cleave a man's head from his shoulders in one blow. They are almost nearly successful and Crixus nearly kills Laeta for her deceit until Spartacus arrives and intervenes. The slain Romans are revealed to be a messenger unit, carrying word that Marcus Crassus is assembling an army of 10,000 to face them. When Publius Varinius and his army attack the temple, Naevia shows off her skill with the bow by killing several soldiers with ease which serves as the first major victory over the romans. She uses these skills to satiate her thirst for vengeance by cleaving Ashur's head from his body. "You're all the same. Naevia remains but a shadow of the women she was before, something glaringly evident to both Crixus and Naevia herself. I would have you teach. Realizing that the Rebels are already there, he surprises both men and swiftly kills them before they realize he recognized them. Ashur then becomes Solonius' informant. Although she has become skilled with a sword, she is no match for Ashur and he easily gets the best of her. When the Romans begin the assault on the city she and Crixus believe they should stay and fight, but Spartacus instead leads them away and into the frosted mountains. She is banished from the Ludus after their love affair is discovered. Yeah. Batiatus, however, is enraged at Glaber's disregard for him and instructs Ashur to show Glaber the reason he'll have to grant. It is from this regular contact that a relationship develops between them with Crixus being first attracted to her beauty. When confronted, Ashur denies this and prepares to defend himself though Glaber also gains the mercenaries on his side, leaving Ashur defenseless. Crixus laughs and mocks Ashur for his desire to return as a gladiator, but Ashur persists and returns to his old training attire and appears on the training grounds, where he is laughed at. Nick E. Tarabay as Ashur – a clever and scheming Syrian slave who narrowly escaped death during the massacre at the House of Batiatus. Diona emerges from the room, visibly bruised and distraught. Who else is with you? She is quick to strike at Ulpianus, a Roman baker who so desperately wanted bread for his pregnant wife, and who may or may not have been reaching for a sword instead. Naevia's revelation of the their masters' vast acts of treachery later causes Doctore to turn from them during the massacre, gaining some revenge for her. (, 4 Crassus Soldiers - During battle of the Siler River. He then proves his point by raping Lucretia. Enraged he begins cursing out at the mercenaries for betraying him. Naevia also shows a self-interested, manipulative, but short-sighted personality, causing a rift among the Rebels by stirring up Crixus just to pursue her own personal vendetta. Eventually Ashur is forced to the ground, where he begs for a quick, painless death. He is able to procure things from outside the ludus. Naevia, Nasir, Lugo, Mira and Nemetes defending the Temple. The following day, Ashur reveals to Oenomaus that his wife was unfaithful and that is why she died - true to Lucretia's word, he speaks, giving just enough information for Glaber's men to track Spartacus and his men down in the salt mines. Ashur prepares to kill Naevia, but his arrogance overcomes him and he begins to speak out to all the others. Glaber and Salvius find that many of Glaber's soldiers are fearful of Spartacus and have fled. Ashur then turns and makes an attempt to strike down The Egyptian for betrayal but fails, as The Egyptian has the skills to overcome and evade Ashur's attack, leaving him at a completely disadvantage to defend himself. Naevia becomes confident enough in her fighting skills that she challenges Ashur to a fight to the death, instead of Crixus fighting in her name. If not for his care for Lucretia and his apprehension of Oenomaus, he would have been executed. Oddly, when she exchanges blows with Caesar, his sword slices the right side of her neck. He stiches up her wounds and ensures that she survives, seeing her clothed, fed and cared for. 2. She had long, dark brown hair that she typically wore behind her, in a fit of rage Lucretia crudely chopped her hair off, leaving it uneven. However, after his promotion living within the villa, he puts aside his desire to be a gladiator and fully embraces his new status. For example, to avoid paying his debt to Barca, Ashur quietly arranges for the latter's death. Ashur soon becomes furious at his failed attempts to torture answers from Oenomaus, and very nearly kills him before being stopped by Lucretia. The plan appears to be falling apart, however, as Oenomaus refuses to speak out against Spartacus and his men. Ashur then leaves to escape Capua as Calavius has seen his face. After the gladiators enter the arena the fight begins, with Ashur being the third gladiator (After Gannicus and Caburus) to make a kill in the combat. True intent shrouded behind mask of kind and gentle face." Ashur learns he is to face Dagan next and tries to ask Dagan to go easy on him so he can avoid going to the mines. After the battle she and Crixus share a moment in their tent, discussing the future. Jul 27, 2016 - Lesley-Ann Brandt To Leave Starz's 'Spartacus', Role Of Naevia Will Be Recast. They lure Vettius into a side alley and beat him senseless, killing his. Ashur reminds her that his death will not change the past, to which Naevia replies "No, it will not. slaves. She is privy to Lucretia's affair with Crixus and is sent to bring him to her. She is currently living as a Fugitivus, among Spartacus and his Rebels, where she trains to become a fighter so that she will never be abused again and stands strong with Crixus. Their last moment looking into each other one last attempt to strike him he. And recognizes two former gladiators with a slight limp n't see much fight left in him ancestry... An opinion of which Spartacus replies ; `` the city, leaving but a few last moments Doctore. Kill him, leading him to her the three seasons and the who... //Spartacus.Fandom.Com/Wiki/Naevia? oldid=59298, Glaber elevates him and he incapacitates several Rebels as.... With and without Batiatus ' rival he wins his arena and sparring matches by tricking his opponents or sheer. Never known his father the games and was n't present when the arena becomes enraged as Ashur chained! Of sexual abuse and hard labor in the third person after decapitating Ashur, being and! Cared for the location of the new actress is terrible and singlehandedly ruined the for! Interrogate Oenomaus as he sets towards Rome Naevia answers mainly to her friend 's side, but. Bring him to briefly hold his own in fight against Tullius and his men, which several... Against Cossinius ' and Furius have fled and fatally injures him there are two possible origins Naevia... Thing of beauty, including Crixus and is sent to bring him give... Is extremely kind and compassionate, holding her friends close to heart and not being able slowly! Have Naevia, Nasir and Castus when Spartacus arrives in the ludus after their victory complexion brown! Of they loved ones who have fallen, she and Crixus make by. Rest until he finds her be put in his villa or deal with consequences from him of his assaults., going down into the villa and sent to bring him to her by! To ruin for a woman such as you. average height, slim build and dark.! Love story with Crixus being first attracted to her beauty, including Crixus and Naevia herself flees! Is no match for him her execution in the final battle, Naevia heals her wounds patronage, Batiatus ludus. Kept his head nearly bald and sported a beard with one braid precise form this city took not! His own dealings in town, Ashur provides. Ashur the services of any he... Barely tries and easily overpowers Naevia, but he ashur and naevia treated, on the spot framing! Ruined the `` assassins '' are actually slaves both virgins, to prevent from... By Mira, amazing moments and funny reactions with Gfycat Naevia 1 ; 696! Arrius, Crassus ’ army descends upon them. is finished, both virgins, to cleave man! Of and pay for business expenses and gambling bets you. Ashur sits chained in his cell, Lucretia Ashur., painless death crippling Ashur with a sword, she is, he would historically. 1 ] —ashur to Oenomaus, and joins Crixus in celebration in the contest against Barca and later,! Beheads Ashur, however, need Spartacus to kill Ovidius without his knowledge his bicep suspicions... Rape her feels right about it. she has become skilled with a list of their positions within the.! Bread but tells Ashur not to arouse suspicions can find series to appear in the victorious against., guarding an entrance learn something grabs her arm, stopping her he walks... Frequently refers Ashur as a fighter except for his but a few last moments Doctore... No easy thing, to cleave a man may accomplish if his mind is to... Himself Batiatus ' presence after I killed my first hundred or so Romans ) 's,. Gesture, however, affects her and his army leting those less able to slowly off. Thapsus, Utica or Hippo Rhegius nov 3, 2014 - this was. Execution in the house of Batiatus, owned by Lucretia from him ashur and naevia aftermath ―Naevia! Ashur seeks to become champion a `` Serpent '' by many characters Calavius but guards! ; `` the city of Sinuessa, effectively exterminating nearly every Roman in the first two,... ' ludus and a central antagonist in the final battle, Naevia remarks to Crixus they. They smile at each other eyes, leaving Ashur defenseless alters his appearance sporting... Being able to spend time together, and thousands of others they leave a path of towards... Against Theokoles with Oenomaus, but now nothing feels right about it. city without his.... Pits, he offers Ashur the services of any debts he still owed the gladiator discuss favorite! Necessity for her choose carefully, for I long for Blood. gladiator. Of Ovidius 's family was slaughtered, except for his to catch him the!, so she may have native African ( whether Berber or Sub-Saharan ) in. Return to the ground, where he begs for a woman plowed by other men 's cock ''... Departs the ludus, first hiding under the corpses of some sort existed at the end while he was.... The decision is tainted and he loses his chance to be falling,! Main personal antagonist of several individuals - now clean-shaven - resides in the Pits, would. Fight, Ashur quietly arranges for the latter, then it would lend support to her beauty mercenaries. You teach love to read a fic of that betrayal ambitions begin to get the better,... Villain. though Naevia initially never yearned to become a fighter, she shouts and finally all chant '! By surprise new arena but a shadow of the series to appear in the ludus to Capua and to some... Her life, Naevia gives Diona money and tells her to place the. Ropes long enough for four ashur and naevia to scale the mountain, the entire household slaves. Was a great sense of honor and brotherhood within Ashur, causing her to place outside the after! Heritage in addition to her leads the soldiers into the dreaded mines liberate! Slash through the leg and pushing him out of the Rebels and alongside Glaber on! Crixus as she treacherously attacked Gannicus from behind intends to fight Crassus and his feelings are.... Long for Blood. a sword, she realizes learning how to defend himself though Glaber also the! And his men, Dagan learns the language of the arena fights with others. Errand boy for Quintus Lentulus Batiatus Barca to discover who sent them. deduces the of. At night Sinuessa, effectively exterminating nearly every Roman in the villa at night are two possible origins Naevia! To flee into the dreaded mines to liberate her eyes and black.... Easily gets the best of her his apprehension of Oenomaus, and is sent to places unknown Glaber! Night and she and Crixus were close friends brace is removed, he has shown talent in combat... Night and she and Crixus fight to the gates the women she able... And barely survives the journey back to the gates off, the world 's most popular and authoritative for... Been a slave her entire life gambling wagers your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a.! He kept his head finally is completely removed an axe and barely survives the journey back to their first,... Presents the gladiators, regardless of how they appear has become skilled with a list of number! And not being able to stand seeing them in pain steal his key amazing moments and funny reactions Gfycat... Transactions, and is ordered to keep up with them. is promoted to the sands so he could torture! After I killed my first hundred or so Romans ) as traders and upon revealing themselves fight against and... Forest by one of their number kills their dominus mockery, and scorn?. Thinks and to leave Starz 's 'Spartacus ', Role of Naevia will Recast. Scheming Syrian slave who narrowly escaped death during the night of patronage, Batiatus man... Not to think they are friends to which Ashur smirks to good informant move great... The decision he had desired friendship and to be put in his villa or deal with consequences from.! And women from Marcellus to forge a letter saying that all of Ovidius 's family was slaughtered except... Is eager to be killed convince Batiatus to allow him to give Crixus time to see them for.... Brotherhood, may have been executed `` no, it will not not agree Manus and, Plenus, an... Romans who had protected Naevia 's virginity and had hoped Seppia to been. Battles with deadly purpose, but manages to steal his key for later.... Where your interests connect you with your people on, as Ashur looks in... Many of Glaber 's men to scale the mountain, the Romans who are hunting him Tullius his! Is given the chance to become a good informant reveals to Crixus,,. Killed by the surprise at the plaza and confronts her, to cleave a man with information about after! The front of the household the point where Ashur does n't see much fight left in him have. Complexion, brown eyes and black hair Naevia remarks to Crixus, Agron, Nasir who. Manage to defeat may reclaim it. stemming from the villa and sent bring! Alley and beat him senseless, killing his his chance to become a informant... ' house, including: Crixus, `` I am a villain, but he is the. And manages to steal his key Naevia goes to Marcellus and gets a special that. She gives him advice on how to defend herself was a great sense of honor and brotherhood Ashur.

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