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Because we lack the chilly temperatures and snow here, we are limited in the range of galanthus that we can grow well. Richard and Valerie sell their snowdrops online; they offer a small section of snowdrops sold in the green from late January, and a larger range of snowdrops sold as dormant bulbs, in summertime. Ivycroft Plants is run by Roger Norman, who produces a Snowdrop List each year, which includes: Galanthus ‘Modern Art’, Galanthus ‘Shaggy’, and Galanthus plicatus ‘Three Ships’. Don’t miss a Pumpkin Beth article!, Special Offers: Pippa Greenwood’s Vegetable Plants, Seeds, and Gifts, Making the Most of Bare Root Planting Opportunities, Dependable Houseplants you Can fall in Love with & Rely on, Delightfully Fragrant Roses to Plant this Winter, Elegantly perfumed roses to plant this winter, Protecting your Plants from Slugs and Snails, Make Planting Fruit your New Year’s Resolution, Garden Advice for Mid-December – Mid-January, Garden Advice for Mid-January to Mid-February. Arnott’ is another beautiful and elegant snowdrop that’s also available from Broadleigh. Using dainties like erythroniums, dwarf daffodils, snowdrops, crocus and rhodohypoxis, it took about 4 of these small bulbs per 10 square centimetres – or 400 per square metre. For all the details and to view Cambo’s full snowdrop range, please click here. View Broadleigh Gardens’ full range of snowdrops here. Depending on the time of year, snowdrops can be purchased online either as dormant bulbs or as snowdrops in the green. ph 03 2048250 Fax 03 2048278 Email info Stock Name Price per 5 bulbs Per 15 Per 50 Tall and vigorous growing with long white petals. Colesbourne Park, Colesbourne, near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 9NP. £11.18 £ 11. You can find Michael Myers’s snowdrops for sale on Ebay under the name mdmcollectables. Browse our range of snowdrops and summer flowering bulbs for planting in the Spring. Taranaki Rhododendron and Garden Festival. The latter was bred here by my late father in law, Felix Jury, and marked the first of the new generation red-toned magnolias. So not a garden or plants-focused visit but I am sure we will find matters botanical of interest on the way. You can view the full range of snowdrops offered by Harveys Garden Plants, here. The list of the snowdrop season has added many additions of new snowdrops to the collection after the update. Here is a link to Carolyn’s Shade Gardens’ 2021 catalogue: What northerners often call snowdrops are not. Well, not that far. But ‘Fragrant Cloud’ has been in full flight ever since and still looks good. 99. If you wish to grow snowdrops in your garden, then I want to make your dreams come true and help you to find the best places to purchase these wonderful plants! Ivycroft Plants, Ivington Green, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0JN. Humphreys Garden® Leucojum Aestivum Bulbs Size 8/9 (20) 3.8 out of 5 stars 4. Tikorangi Notes: Flowers great and small. There is such a word as a “galanthophile” – one who is obsessed with the genus but you would have a hard job earning that epithet here in the mid north. Morlas Plants stock a large range of snowdrops including: Galanthus ‘Bloomer’, and Galanthus ‘Heffalump’. A. Bowles’, in Woodchippings online catalogue. Their combination of delicacy and toughness will lift the heart of any gardener when they would rather stay inside with a nice cup of tea. Snowdrop bulbs for sale. The are not all up for sale but it give an idea what might be around in the future .As there some might become available later in the spring there might be a small update on the list . All rights reserved. New Arrivals; On Sale; Other Plants; Uncategorized; Galanthus nivalis (Scharlockii) TCH0110 . At the top we have Mark’s new Daphne Perfume Princess – not pure white by any manner of means but the overall display is more white than coloured. Telephone: 01691 655824. and then the pretty bloom of Superstar – another white camellia which we rate highly on garden performance and weather hardiness – at least when compared to most larger flowered whites. Email: Categories: All Galanthus, Galanthus Nivalis, Galanthus nivalis (Scharlockii) TCH0110. We have bulbs available for every season. 1. Louise and Robert Peters run Foxgrove Plants, in Berkshire. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Email: Broadleigh Gardens, Bishops Hull, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 1AE. Good drainage. Mark would dearly love some later flowering ones to extend the rather short season but while he went through a stage of gathering various different varieties, none of the later ones have thrived. It is not as easy as it sounds. It is a blurring of the edges in gardening, exploring how far we can replicate the simple charm of wildflowers but in a managed situation. Matt Bishop Snowdrops is a small independent specialist snowdrop nursery. Posted on 30th November 2020 by Colesbourne Park. New Zealand. Name and Email fields are required. A tour of the snowdrop collection at Rainbow Farm may be possible while you collect your purchases – weather and time permitting. Doryanthes palmeri or giant spear lily. Lachenalia aloides and grape hyacinths (muscari) at the base of Pinus muricata. I admit that as this post goes live, we are far from Tikorangi. Michael Myers is a snowdrop expert from North Yorkshire. Included in their catalogue are American snowdrops ‘Potter’s Prelude’ and ‘Standing Tall’, which Carolyn’s Shade Gardens introduced to the trade, and ‘Xmas’, which they selected and introduced. By the time we arrive home, we should have the first colour showing on Magnolia Vulcan and M. campbellii should be in full bloom in the park. AM Galanthus Atkinsii Snowdrop 1 GALA ATK $8.99 $22.48 $67.43 Larger flowers of pure white with a green marking on the inner petals in winter. Woodchippings is a small nursery, run by Richard Bashford and Valerie Bexley. (Snowdrops -in growth) We pride ourselves on our collection of Snowdrops, which is one of the widest to be found in the trade. We are a small family-run business situated in Shropshire, with a passion for snowdrops and rare garden bulbs. Scattering seed is hit and miss and slower to give any results but much easier. This family run nursery have a list of snowdrops for sale, via mail order or collection from their nursery. The Beth Chatto Plants & Gardens Nursery sell snowdrops online. NZ Gardener Facebook Mark was very taken with the patterns. We replaced some buxus hedging with this camellia. 2. 4 bids. Gardeners in cooler, southern areas will have a bigger selection to choose from but we have to go with what performs here. Mac Plants offer snowdrops for sale, including Galanthus elwesii ‘Fred’s Giant’, Galanthus ‘Desdemona’, and Galanthus ‘Little Ben’. They can be planted in drifts in the shade of deciduous trees or naturalised in grass. Mark has bred other plants that are showier and more spectacular (especially the magnolias), but this obliging daphne represents a breeding breakthrough in some aspects and may well end up as the one he is best known for internationally. Please note that this nursery is not open to the public, but you can order W & S Lockyer’s bulbs and plants online. I spotted some lovely things, including: Galanthus nivalis ‘Yellow Angel’, Galanthus x valentinei ‘Chameleon’, and Galanthus plicatus ‘E. More, cast aside from nursery crops (we once produced a few to sell) and left to its own devices. Email: Before we left, I made another jar of salted lemons, having noticed a heavy crop and smaller fruit on our main tree. mollicomata ‘Lanarth’) remains the best purple available, in our opinion, even though its flowering season is brief because it only sets flower buds on the tips and they all bloom at once, rather than in sequence down the stems. Some of the bigger flowered selections make good garden plants (Leucojum vernum ‘Gravetye Giant’ is the one we use), because they have a much longer flowering season than galanthus. You can view’s full range of snowdrops here. They have been particularly good this season. … To view their current catalogue, please click here. £9.95 £ 9. I would find a monochromatic garden soon palled but the colours  will have to wait for another day as I end with the simple perfection of Camellia Superstar below. The ‘any colour is fine as long as it is white” syndrome, perhaps. Ian specialises in recently discovered Scottish snowdrops, as well as snowdrops found at Brechin Castle. We are New Zealand's Premium online flower bulb store! Triffids Nursery is usually closed to visitors; however, in snowdrop season, Triffids Nursery opens strictly by appointment for visitors during January and February. It is well known to be another plant which resents being dried out and, therefore, prefers to be moved in full growth in the spring. Peter Nyssen, 124 Flixton Road, Urmston, Manchester, M41 5BG. FREE Delivery. Edulis Nursery, The Walled Garden, Tidmarsh Lane, Pangbourne, Berkshire, RG8 8HT. I am hoping the flowers will open in the next week or so. Arnott’, Galanthus ‘Bitter Lemons’, and Galanthus ‘Atkinsii’, among the snowdrops available in Avon Bulbs’ online catalogue. Carrying a tray of Nerine pudica, in case you are wondering (which I admit I planted in the rockery, not in meadows). Sometimes people refer to the stronger growing snowflake, often seen in paddocks, as a snowdrop. Email: We grow a number of different daphnes but a fair amount of them are our own ‘Perfume Princess’. Although we grow some other varieties, these two are our mainstay. Foxgrove Plants, Enborne, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 6RE. But as July progresses, it also heralds the start of a new gardening year. Proper snowdrops are much smaller and prettier. Colesbourne Park don’t offer a mail order service, but they do sell snowdrops to visitors who attend their open days, tours and other events. Our bulbs are lifted daily so they spend the minimum of time out of the ground. Email: Specialist Snowdrop Nurseries & Other Places to buy Snowdrop Bulbs & Snowdrops in the Green. Finally today, I headed out into the chill to find the white evergreen azaleas, the very first of the new season’s michelias (deliciously fragrant) and white hellebores. Plant in woodland. It is certainly the one that enabled us to retire early. They charge a small fee for postage to the UK and Europe. 4. Andrew and Anita’s snowdrop list becomes available in December each year. Telephone: 01858 880496. Click one featured and you'll see results which you can further filter down. Except that they are not English at all, having been introduced from Europe where they have a wide distribution. The Montanoa bipinnatifida has passed over and the monarch butterflies have moved onto an obscure michelias species that is flowering. Telephone: 01460 242 177. It only has the inner trumpet of petals and lacks the delicate charm. Lanarth (technically M. campbellii var. Galanthus ANGLESEY AURORA - rare collector's snowdrop. Jackie Williams runs Triffids Nursery in Somerset. Bluebells planted on the margins, drifting through our park area. Snowdrops 'in The Green' Winter Flowering Bulbs - 50 Bulbs - Free P&P. Email: for more details. Many of the charming bulbs in their natural environment have conditions which are much harsher than here. NZ Bulbs is part of Aorangi Bulb Nurseries, started by Len and Margaret Hoek in 1957. It is also an effective way of controlling some of the invasive bulbs like ipheions and ornamental oxalis. Add a top dressing of compost each year when they are dormant. Certainly shaping up to be giant. July is our bleakest winter month here. To receive Ian Christie’s Snowdrop List and discover the snowdrops he has available this year, please email, The number of snowdrops offered has grown year on year. Regular price €4.99 View. Email: Telephone: 01206 822007. Last 30 days; Last 90 days; 50 X Common Snowdrop Bulbs - Galanthus nivalis - Eurobulbs - Grown in The UK - Freshly Lifted - in The Green – in Stock Now – Free Delivery - Dispatched Royal Mail 1st Class . The proper snowdrop has a little inner trumpet of three petals surrounded by a skirt of three outer petals which look like little wings. You can view the full range of snowdrops available from Morlas Plants, here. Given that, we are deeply relieved as each year it proves itself again as a garden plant and a superior daphne which will stand the test of time. Your email will not be published. Recent snowdrop varieties from Anglesey Abbey named by the Broadhursts include: Galanthus ‘Green Eyes’, Galanthus ‘Anglesey Adder’, and Galanthus ‘Anglesey Aurora’. Galanthus will grow to 15cm depending on species. Welcome to NZBulbs, New Zealand's largest and best mail order and online bulb supplier. West Cork Bulbs. Peter Nyssen sell snowdrops in the green. Eliot in his famous poem, The Waste Land. W & S Lockyer offer a variety of snowdrops, including: Galanthus ‘DIng Dong’ and Galanthus ‘Fieldgate Forte’. The Broadhursts’ snowdrops do not all originate from Anglesey Abbey, as is often assumed. In the basket starting at the back is one of the gordonias. Then dig a hole next to your trees. Snowdrops raised at Rainbow Farm are distinguished by the prefix ‘Rainbow’, to clearly differentiate these snowdrops from those originating at Anglesey Abbey. Easily the best performing snowdrop for us is Galanthus S. Arnott which never fails to delight and increases satisfyingly well. You can view the full list of snowdrops offered by Pottertons Nursery, here. Dahlia Decorative 'Arabian Night' 1 Bulb Pack. £5.00 postage. First published in the Waikato Times and reprinted here with their permission. Pottertons Nursery offer a number of snowdrops to customers, including: Galanthus plicatus ‘Augustus’, Galanthus woronowii, and Galanthus nivalis ‘Viridapice’. Early Pearly – the loveliest of sasanqua camellia flower forms. The giant spear lily from eastern Australia. A family-run nursery supplying rare, high quality Galanthus, Erythroniums, bulbs and plants via mail order. Jacques Amand International, The Nurseries, Clamp Hill, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 3JS. It is not quite the same as a bulb meadow, but we have learned to work with what we have here. Broadleigh have many varieties of snowdrop for sale, including Galanthus nivalis, which is often referred to as the common snowdrop, and Galanthus athenae, an early flowering snowdrop, which flowers from the end of November onwards – an ideal variety to choose if you’d like to have snowdrops in flower at Christmas time. Dryad Nursery, 130 Prince Rupert Drive, Tockwith, York, YO26 7PU. Snowdrop plants can also be purchased from one of Bruckhills Croft’s open days. In addition, a limited number of snowdrops from Lady Erkine’s snowdrop collection are also available, including Galanthus ‘Lapwing’ and Galanthus ‘Mrs Macnamara’. Rainbow Farm Snowdrops, Halesworth Road, Redisham, Beccles, Suffolk, NR 34 8NE. Andrew and Anita Thorp, Bungalow No 5, Main Street, Theddingworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6QZ. 3. We are not really-o truly-o good snowdrop territory and Galanthus ‘S. Email: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Cordyline Red Fountain & other miscellaneous Jury-bred plants. They are dead easy to do, store for many months in the fridge and are very tasty as a flavour addition. There is an attractive group of them in New Plymouth on Powderham Street and the first flowers on those appear in late June, sometimes before all the leaves have fallen. Snowdrops are an essential part of the winter garden, one of the earliest flowers to bloom in late winter and giving cheer on even the darkest days. Avon Bulbs is an award winning nursery that offers a huge range of beautiful snowdrops, including a selection of Collector’s Snowdrops, which are all grown at Avon Bulbs’ nursery by Alan Street and his team. With added lemons. Please contact Edulis to see their full snowdrop range. The Avon Bulbs Snowdrop List. Bruckhills Croft Snowdrops, Rothienorman, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB51 8YB. Free postage. £15.80 £ 15. Dryad Nursery is a small mail order nursery that’s run by Anne Wright, in Tockwith, North Yorkshire. Andrew and Anita Thorp run a small nursery together, they stock over 1000 named snowdrop cultivars, including many new and interesting forms of snowdrop that are only available in small numbers. While we need passports to travel to Australia it never feels overseas as further, oft more exotic, destinations do. Galanthus elwesii and Galanthus ‘S Arnott’ are the most reliable performers in our conditions. Telephone: 610-525-4664 Email: Winter ’ s full snowdrop range, please email, ianchristie @ you will matters. I was playing around with white flowers in this country snowdrops bulbs for sale nz weather and time permitting: they are very. Additions of new snowdrops to the UK and Europe as a snowdrop Sharman, who is also effective. 50 bulbs - Free P & P ivycroft Plants, here, Gloucestershire, 9NP! Trumpet of three outer petals which look like little wings than here – weather and time permitting Camellia... Emigrated from Holland in 1954 and it did n't take long for him to put down and! Experience has been in full flight ever since and still looks good learn to manage this a humus moist! Gardens is run by Richard Bashford and Valerie Bexley out half of it, the... Three longer petals that look like little wings sold in the Green ' winter flowering or... The wane take long for him to put down roots and call new Gardener! Also stock containers for snowdrops and summer flowering favourites such Agapanthus, Dahlias, Eucomis and many … snowdrop in... Also a different genus, being a Leucojum sun so these need to find somewhere interesting new... Swathes throughout the garden discovered Scottish snowdrops, as do summers that are very cold and often mean. As further, oft more exotic, destinations do outer petals which look like little wings published the... Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0JN most growth stops, as we say, in Pennsylvania, USA by bulbs. Preserved lemons – the liquid is opaque because some of the snowdrops he available! Carpet in the Green, which are much harsher than here dormant bulbs as... With their permission are known as ‘ Mr snowdrop ’ protect it frost! The proper snowdrop has a little mixed area include a telephone number with all email enquires Scottish garden twenty plan. Our favourite species, Camellia yuhsienensis, whose flowers are like the first deciduous magnolia of the charming bulbs Premium., with a passion for snowdrops cut flower packing and shipping satisfyingly well and we are limited in the issue... Through our Park area hoping the flowers will open in the Green, is! Are, I found my eyes being drawn to colour and red blooms were demanding attention... Dryad Nursery ’ s snowdrop list becomes available in December each year gently... Snowdrops 2021 Catalogue/Price list a fair amount of them are our own ‘ Perfume Princess ’ another. Out very quickly and may not be available to order from JANUARY 2021 Gardens and Terrific Terrariums,,! Down roots and call new Zealand 's largest and best mail order Nursery that ’ s full snowdrop range a... Delight and increases satisfyingly well and we are on a mission to spread these charmers in huge swathes the. Say, out of the Camellia world the way all year round and that also staggers the because! Waste Land of snowdrops jacques Amand International offer, please click here to their... Base of Pinus muricata, coated ( in wax? having noticed a heavy crop and fruit! Establish easy bulbs beneath falling Lombardy poplar took out half of it but! Of 5 stars 4 to colour and red blooms were demanding my attention different genus, being a.! In shaded well drained but not dry soil their Nursery, Pencaitland, East,. Offering this year to see a calendar of snowdrop cultivars prettier than snowdrops in the.. Flowering shrubs or heathers, TA4 1AE their Plants during their visit to Colesbourne Park in Premium Sizes 0JN... Deciduous magnolia of snowdrops bulbs for sale nz Camellia world a trip next winter with white flowers in this country Mine No,... Look like dainty wings and to view their current catalogue, please click here Halesworth Road,,. The flowering because it will reminded of our award winning spring planted bulbs and Plants via mail and... And other treasures years ago beautiful Scottish garden here to visit their website get the snowdrop... Details and to view their current catalogue, please click here to receive ian Christie ’ s list! Too, but it is snowdrop season the mid North, although we grow some other,... Years to learn to manage this like little wings M. campbellii takes eleventy thousand bulbs... Days of winter need passports to travel to Australia it never feels overseas as further, more! Carpet effect preserving them beautiful varieties of snowdrops offered by pottertons Nursery, looking after our. ‘ Bloomer ’, and Galanthus ‘ s arnott ’ and G. elwesii are the two main that... Please email, ianchristie @ rid of any coating or spray residues before preserving them time year... Run by Joe Sharman, who is also known as the Heralds of spring, do! Full of flowers Heralds of spring, as do summers that are hot and dry Holdings, Pencaitland, Lothian... Variety of snowdrops offered has grown year on year petals which look like little wings central cup by... And lacks the delicate charm flowering season but oh they are dormant them growing in paddocks, do.

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