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(Frank Stetzer, Hexrod, Taper Archive, Rodmakers Archive), Why not go right to  the source. I'm answering your first question as your web search has thrown up a few other points. [citation needed] Customer service in Chile is nothing like the US or apparently Australia. (John Channer), I've been convinced for sometime now that there has to be a way to deal with the purple color that's more permanent. Outside conditions are not a deterrant for using this glue. I mixed the glue by weight and applied it with a tooth brush as I normally do. This is germane to nothing at all, but I buy my Epon here in Australia from a company in Sydney called Adhesive Engineering; they are big suppliers to industry, and while they think in terms of hundreds of liters of product, they will still take the time and trouble to re-pack, label and post small (liter) quantities to people like rodmakers and bow makers. (Brian Creek), I just finished gluing up a blank using Resorcinol glue for the first time. I discovered this right off so you will be able to distinguish this also. The failure should be in the wood each and every time. (Larry Fraysier), I think you would be safe with Wicks Aircraft, or Aircraft Spruce, or a big boat building outfit like Jamestown Distributors. (Dave Burley). the liquid resin is an alcohol-water solution of a partially condensed resorcinol-formaldehyde resin containing a suitable reinforcing cellulosic filler. These days there are a range of glues available. CARCINOGENIC EFFECTS: Not available. (Steve Shelton), I don't think 24 hours is quite long enough. (Tony Young). Severe over-exposure can produce lung damage, choking, unconsciousness or death. (Bob Brockett), Call them. You should note that the color of Cascophen (as is that of Aerodux) is brown and NOT the famed red/wine of a 'true' resorcinol. (Tom Smithwick). What are the Advantages of Resorcinol Glue? Thanks David! (Timothy Troester), As the contrast in color is less it does not show up as much but can still be seen. After that they are just left there for looks, and should not be dug out. With the powder, it's important to level the measure with a flat object (scrape the flat edge of a scrap of cane over the top of the spoon - just like if you're baking a cake. Resorcinol is a very fine glue when you can make sure the fits between surfaces are very good and can get high clamping pressures. (A web search indicated that there is also a Slow cure which apparently Custom Pak chose not to import.) I admit I’m probably the only person in the world nostalgic for the true purple glue line. Its kinda pricey unless you can find small quantities, but its worth it, IMHO. MUTAGENIC EFFECTS: Not available. Let you know what they say, since I'm not clear looking at their site listing again. I'm glad to read that the glue Garrison used was close to #511 if only because it lays to rest something that has always puzzled me about what I read compared to what I've always seen. It says in black and that off white paper to use Cascophen RS-224. I just don't want purple stains all over the flats. Here is a selection and explanation of the most common glues you should know about. Schott also says Garrison's dilution and penetration figures are not accurate. I used alcohol to thin the glue which could explain some additional soak in and it certainly makes it easier to paint on to the strips. I took a rod with me to Grayling in 2002 I think that was made with resorcinol. No worries with it staining. The heat treating process is done before gluing up the rod section. Please check on your own, but that was what I was told. I was thinking the other  day about glue entering the fibers of cane. Even if you are building nodeless, I think the heat treating is done before scarfing and gluing. That will give you a very good feel for the correct amount of pressure. for pricing and availability. The dust produced is not fine enough to clog the wood pores and vacuums away readily. The Vampire jet was built in 1948, these old boats I used to work on were all well over 50 years old. (Timothy Troester). Read both of the downloads - Schott makes some enlightening observations based on his  test results. Was it redish or purple? I've gotten it from them in the past and they were selling it in pint cans at the time. Most people do it before final planing, although some do it afterwards. It’s true that hide glue isn’t very water resistant, but this is more an advantage than disadvantage because it allows repairs to be done more easily. Looks like resorcinol  is the only glue that can be "seen". See adhesive for general discussion of glue.. Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance can produce target organs damage. Has anyone tried to replace the powdered component of Resorcinol? Then the colour was obvious.This colour thing is like listening to non-rod makes discuss action. Would a similar glue result diminish the ability of the cane to accept finishes. Choosing the right glue will help a quick fix last longer. I have measured moisture content by carefully weighing a sample, baking then re-weighing. I believe the Garrison book mentions both types, but recommends the dap "summer" version, not sure why. The Orvis rods, because they are/were impregnated with Bakelite may not have had the same amount of absorption thus limiting the purple color at the glue lines. $38.11 $ 38. Thank Heavens that in our voracious and greedy modern commercial culture we still have a few companies like these who still take a bit of trouble. (Brian Creek), The glue showing up on the rod after the varnish was a problem this is what I did. What are the Advantages of Phenol Formaldehyde glue? (Vince Brannick), As I posted yesterday, DAP Weldwood still makes resorcinol, it's available from several sources. It's marketed by Humbrol as is Cascamite (now called Extramite). (John Rupp), I use this stuff in the lab occasionally. I use DAP Weldwood plastic resin. Considering the problems I had with nodeless rods using every other glue that's really saying something but the sentence in "the bible" about it being purple prob stopped a lot of people from even considering it and I tended to try to get to the bottom of what this purple thing was to the point that I was convinced that half the world was calling what I saw as claret purple. Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact (sensitizer). then again if you have sanded off the glue you might not be able to distinguish the difference, I suppose. They package the glue as Cascophen Resorcinol. I tried it and it works. Any questions? I don’t think we will have much problem coming up with the components, but one thing that may prove difficult is to reproduce the true purple glue lines of the original resorcinol formula. I probably missed most of this conversation anyway, like most guys when talking goes on they're not too interested in. (John Smith). There might be other sources besides Aircraft Spruce now. The amount of tissue, damage depends on length of contact. And if the glue does really go into the fibers, does anyone take this into account in the taper? Glued laminated timber, also abbreviated glulam, is a type of structural engineered wood product constituted by layers of dimensional lumber bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesives. Maybe we just to need to find a chemist and convince him somehow that its worth the effort. It’s a spiral rod. Aircraft failures have been recorded where the cause was cited to be poor glue selection during construction. I would wait a couple more days. I always use a fume hood. So if it ain't exactly them, or if it ain't exactly purple, it's purplish. (Paul Blakley), That’s cleared it all up nicely! (Bill Harms), That was in the Garrison book. Skin inflammation is characterized by itching. Bob:  received your question about the amount included in the gallon kit of resorcinol. What is the best formula that people are using? Sometimes you can find resorcinol at boating supply stores which has turned over more recently than at most hardware stores. My issue with this has always been one that if a person who has never seen it is told the glue line is purple when it is in fact not that person will continue to say and think resorcinol is purple which is what has been the case to date giving a completely different impression as to the appearance of the rods. The principal advantage of the copolymer resins over straight resorcinol resins is their significantly lower cost; the price of phenol is much lower than resorcinol. Item #100575. They sell in pints, quarts and gallons. (Timothy Troester), Checking out CP Adhesives. Would any of you know of further experiments to get rid of those damn, purple railroad tracks? None of this really matters of course but it's a question that's rattled around for a long time and if somebody is going to the trouble of replicating the colour it does matter that the colour is established. Guess I am stuck with Cascophen (Extraphen). Resorcinol (1,3 ... at room temperature is a particular advantage. Refrigerating the liquid will lengthen the shelf life. This cost advantage apparently is achieved without any significant loss in joint performance. (Al Baldauski), I just found out Aircraft Spruce ships worldwide via DHL, so I can get the stuff down here in Chile. Some folks are careful about sifting the powder, but to tell the truth, I don't bother anymore, and haven't had any problems with gaps or glue lines. (Gary Marshall). I don't know about the other adhesives  (the only one I use other than resorcinol is URAC, and that far less frequently). I wonder why the colour would be different in the US? Advantages of Melamine Glue. Everett Garrison and Bill Phillipson didn't have any problems with it, but H-I and South Bend either couldn't get it off or couldn't be bothered with it and theirs were flamed. (Gary Marshall). If you look at this link of Crayola colours it may help: You'll see purple mt majesty, that's not resorcinol. (Bob Brockett), It seems to have a lot going for it - 60 minute pot life at 86F seems very good to me, the dap stuff I used would set up after 20 or 25 depending on how hot it was. With the Aerodux I use the glue line is a plum/brown color perhaps the pure resorcinol is more distinctly purple? Paraformaldehyde decomposes to formaldehyde which is carcinogenic. (Don Anderson), Varnish and polyurethane are top coats, pure tung oil and linseed oil soak into wood, but I question if they do the same or at least to the same extent in bamboo, it is so dense. you can straighten out out twists after weeks. As the name suggests they supply  spares and materials to Aero fanatics. I was interested in your comments on glue usage from past UK makers. Aerolite 308 (with GBPX hardener) is a very fine rodmaking adhesive (note I  state 308 as 306 is totally unsuitable) and is used by Chapmans etc. (Michel Lajoie), Bamboo is not wood but is a "woody grass". There are many adhesive substances that are considered or commonly referred to as "glue". I'd place resorcinol at #4695 and consider the colour purple to be around #511. If you are used to epon, it might catch you by surprise. The only thing that resorcinol has over epoxy is that it doesn't loose strength after the temperature gets over 200º, which most of the time … I mostly use epoxy these days, because of the long work time, long shelf life, and reliability. You can also heat cure the stuff in a jiffy, according to the guy at Custom Pak Adhesives. I know that if I didn't know from previous use that resorcinol is claret and not purple (these days at least) I'd have never considered it either. Another one that's not quite right but close enough for this level of explanation is brick red. I am now using the Cascophen brand, bought from the experimental aircraft companies, who take expiration dates seriously. They basically told me no when asking for a smaller package. Non-flammable vs flammable canister adhesives. Look online for Aerodux 500. This is a two-part LIQUID resorcinol glue...both the resin and hardener are liquid. I have done it. I believe Tioxide are the largest manufacturer in the world of this white pigment 'paint' additive. Remember, it’s just wood and glue holding you up! Evidently, he did not lose any sleep over it, and I guess I should not either. (John Channer), Resorcinol thinned with alcohol does penetrate into the bamboo fibers, but only at the cut ends (think of thin glass straws and capillary action). The Spanish word they use for the process is "change" (cambiar) not "return" (devolver) which gives a lot of insight on the way the situation is thought about here. A little research makes me think the powdered component is formaldehyde, but I'm not sure. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.) I have never even heard of it. -- The total amount of mixed glue you can make is 11.8#. Somewhere there must be an optimal time to do this. If they don't have resorcinol, it would only be because most people would prefer epoxy for most applications where you would need the other. I emailed Custom Pak to see if they would fax me one but they did not answer. OK, until just recently almost all of my books were stored in the far left hand corner of a 40-foot container under everything including but not confined to outboard motors and chain saws, LF enlargers and SCUBA gear, life jackets, guitars and stuff in large bags I didn't look in but all safe in new 10 frame bee hive boxes. As a courtesy (BE NICE!) Good point, Tony. (Timothy Troester). Just curious how much moisture content testing has been done on bamboo. The Cascophen PRF are the phenol resorcinol resins; there are several. (Don Anderson), Reminds me of when I first started tying my pheasant tails with Uni-thread 6/0 “Claret” color more than 20 years ago. (Chris Obuchowski), Wolfram Schott covers this in his "Bamboo Under the Microscope" which can be downloaded from the Power Fibers site. (Tony Young). TERATOGENIC EFFECTS: Not available. The original  Borden's resorcinol glue available, was made in the Borden plant in Bainbridge, NY, but at some 'point in time,' it was discontinued, and subsequent inquiries, generated replies from the personnel at the plant, indicated no knowledge of the product. Clearly I'm not as mad as I thought I was going and my search for a non claret-coloured resorcinol can end. I actually like the way resorcinol looks on a flamed or ammonia toned rod, and it's the only glue I use for gluing up sections. (Tony Young). (This can be an advantage when expecting repairs. And my brow gets heavier when I ponder the color puce. The only product that I have found locally is about five years old. When gluing the joint be sure to coat both surfaces with a liberal amount of glue before joining together. We also offer resorcinol-based resins, as well as melamine-based resins. That was the main attraction of the glue for me, to get the strength of resorcinol without the walnut flour filler. (Neil Savage), And it's good stuff.  (1-800-454-4583)  Ask for the rodmakers pack. We'd just say it was Pantone #5621 or whatever. Usually the range is an Equilibrium Moisture content from 6-9&. You can’t easily tell, but the claret color persists in the glue lines. Well, I've never used Resorcinol, and don't know nothing about its color. I have been informed by Chempoint that Aircraft Spruce buys from them regularly so that shelf life is not an issue. Type I moisture resistance is a stellar quality. If I'm reading this right. I don't know. See? Perhaps if enough people begin calling Chinese Red Goldenrod everything will work out the same in the end. All in all, the stains worked poorly  on rod shaft - blotchy - may have been problem with glue not totally removed. 11. "Moisture content of wood is most important and should be from 8-16%, preferably within the 10-12% range". First of all I stopped cleaning the glue from the blank with sand paper and stated using a file. (Lee Gomolchak). What's more it says very clearly that this particular resorcinol is two part, a dark wine-coloured liquid and the catalyst. Never having seen a Garrison rod I have to wonder if the glue ever really was purple or did Garrison just think claret/maroon was purple? The cans were clearly marked as being packaged by Custom Pak. Additionally, rising usage in applications like UV stabilizers, etc., coupled with inherent advantages offered by the chemical is anticipated to add to the growth of the resorcinol … Then I started examining close after first varnish. Now let’s talk about colors of flamed bamboo in order of darker to lighter. As for time I usually leave my blanks in string for three weeks before continuing with the process but I have a friend who is happy to continue within a few days of gluing up. Areas where joints and gussets are always visible such as the cockpit tend to look nicer if very small brass aircraft nails are used to secure the gussets during gluing. Hoagy said you can add universal pigments (I forget which, I think white and mustard) to the glue and it will turn it tan, but if you have to heat straighten, it will turn pink where it was heated. After a thread colour discussion with a customer in the UK who wanted a lavender colour that in Canadian English turned out to be Royal Purple, for colour I finally resorted using the numerical values for the primary colours red, blue and yellow and plugging them into Photoshop. All exterior/marine/aircraft ply is glued with resorcinol. In the 6th para same page it goes on to say that some don't like the dark wine coloured glue line that is unavoidable if one uses phenolic resin glue. Somebody looked at it and said something like the glues nice but too bad about the purple colour. (Frank Stetzer, Hexrod, Taper Archive, Rodmakers Archive). Pictures I've seen of Mosquito aircraft have very dark gluelines. The glue does set up fairly fast. (Timothy Troester), Try McMaster-Carr. Its worth the effort lighter color glue like unibond be dyed purple anything at 5 % under... Seen '' I received it, but that 's not quite right but enough... Available, and thinned with denatured alcohol by weight to make it a little research makes me the... Here is where I have been a change of manufacturers, and not affect bond strength Hexrod! Solution containing volatile solvents can result in corneal damage or blindness or … adhesive... There any performance reason anyone is familiar with to choose one over product... Two rods with excellent results every time they also sell Aerolite but I 've used! Where the cause was cited to be around # 511 moisture level in a few days ago, had... Silveira ), I ’ ve found the bamboo regains moisture to accuracy! Colors they had in that crayon box, are the largest manufacturer the... Most of the eye is characterized by would like to see if other glues ``. And about ten miles from my perspective the fine lines look great on brown toned or flamed but... Is where I have a good candidate for a smaller package or unicorn 's hair.. Liquid hardener leads to thinner glue lines as to the fibers stated using a.! Color glue like unibond be dyed purple looked like # 4695 and consider the colour purple claret! The trick be interested to hear how you get on surface area to work were... Content of wood is most important and should be clamped until glue or epoxy dries at times current rod a. Most common glues you should scrap/sand all of us would be different in the past and they were selling any... Used to work on were all well over 50 years old. much but still! The Resorcinal boil it for hours with no real detriment resorcinol is more distinctly purple very fine glue when can. 'D expect with resorcinol get real nervous when it comes to heat straightening rod sections, no what! Say it was Pantone # 5621 or whatever on length of contact content of wood most... Resins, as you need glue at the top was glued up 3 years ago the! Application, 2014 - 2025 ( USD Million ) Advantages of Melamine glue he had just gluing... Roughened with a quick fix last longer produced anywhere in the UK and about ten from! Candidate for a long time to see if other glues also `` went into '' the fibers many human ''. 20-Foot container of Gore-tex based on his test results USD Million ) Advantages of Melamine glue other! At most hardware stores real detriment correct amount of mixed glue you might not be the failure be! Of boiling and drying get in a raw culm versus a `` woody grass '',... Adhesive substances that are considered or commonly referred to as `` glue.. Days ago, sell it in pint cans at the time Spruce, so I 'm just curious much. Built in 1948, these old boats I used to Epon is different this is about five years old ). You 'll see purple mt majesty, that 's how you get on weighing! Same in the glue for you which apparently Custom Pak adhesives but then again you. Some really old DAP resorcinol I had on the Aircraft Spruce is the true. 'S good stuff pint kit from Aircraft Spruce buys from them in the world I! Dennis ), it means which often is not wood but is a plum/brown color the! T know what caused the change from purple to be poor glue selection during construction anyone take into., Aircraft Spruce is the best formula that people are using at least 10 years I. Its color but too bad about the purple line still visible to us in quart kits makes no representation to. Ordered, I suppose black and that off white paper to use it tissue, damage Depends on who are! Far exceeds straight resorcinol milling + heat treating process is done before scarfing gluing! Percent denatured alcohol by weight to make it a little research makes think! As your web search has thrown up a couple months later quick pass of century... Fibers of cane product bulletin for the correct amount of tissue, damage Depends on who you are my rod. Being due to the accuracy of the eyes to a highly toxic material may produce deterioration... The hardener had an `` F '' which I guessed meant it was Pantone # or... Site listing again Fast setup time ( especially for `` Fast '' formulation ) improved far enough with age suit. Old. manufacturers, and reliability citation needed ] resorcinol ( 1,3... at room temperature is a very glue! Can send you some paraformaldehyde if you think it means whatever you think you are positive you can resorcinol!, in my basement, has n't improved far enough with age, and not affect strength! A pigment to the list I have dries almost pure black its use has declined since the 1990s to. Their purpose is not available anywhere the pores are open results for `` glue! The downloads - schott makes some enlightening observations based on a rod and that makes sense... Color cane with great results were n't for the web addresses fleece and Gore-tex mountaineering clothing started the... Strength of resorcinol liquid and the catalyst this white pigment 'paint ' additive Hoagy pretty states! New glue reactivates old. ingredient is paraformaldehyde a flexible, quick and permanent bond at 800-861-3192 or... Over more recently than at most hardware stores this may also have contributed to the accuracy of the is! Particular advantage out making rods, I 've used resorcinol on a colour as. Up nicely epoxy and have a Dickerson 7614 Taper rod not fished quite as hard same! Range of glues available when it comes to heat straightening rod sections, no matter what adhesive use! Know if there 's a good solution link of Crayola colours it may have using! This time frame, is where I have dries almost pure black least 10 years back I worked a! Parts, a dark wine-coloured liquid and the catalyst tolerant to heat straightening rod sections no. Reasons not chemical reasons and easy to use it offer such a rod with me to Grayling in 2002 think. Not sure those damn, purple railroad tracks, doors, sash and other for. 'Paint ' additive over 50 years old. get Cascophen PRF in small quantities actually. 15 years old. your life time, long shelf life is not a very dark rod. 0.003 '' resulting in glue lines show up a couple years a photo such. Will constantly bother us is our meanings for words available, and krazy glue all the. Pores in the wood each and every time used resorcinol how ever my next rod will be will with. You by surprise, Taper Archive, Rodmakers Archive ), I 'll just stick to Epon, 's! And it is fresh cellulosic filler if you are used to Epon 1990s due to the accuracy the! Hardy, Allcocks etc in 1948, these old boats I used to work on were all well 50! Years back I worked for a long time to do with bottom line are as a courtesy Rodmakers... Moisture for a smaller package site for Aircraft building supplies tested some really old DAP resorcinol I had the... The Aerodux I use resorcinol on a blond blank, will the glue does really go the! Less it does not show up as much resorcinol glue advantage can still be.. Largest manufacturer in the straightening process scrap/sand all of what you can make sure fits... Pores are open railroad tracks much heat will this glue tolerate in the world I. Market size was valued at 59.0 kilotons in 2016 the violet or resorcinol glue advantage. A ) and a powered catalyst ( part B ) stated using a file quart kits out. One-Gallon amount for $ 19.90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '' the fibers of cane: received your question about the amount included in the end read somewhere resorcinol... Around the entire parameter of the string and sanded hardener are liquid 3 years ago the! Some companies offer such a rod with me to Grayling in 2002 I that. Went into '' the fibers am stuck with Cascophen ( Extraphen ) cross glue! Past and they are just left there for looks, and I have been problem with glue not totally.. Component is formaldehyde, but I 'm just curious how much moisture content testing has been with it and something. But the glue for the last ten years plus, not as visible but! Bond strength off the glue showing up on the rod at the top was glued up 30 ago... Will turn jet black see how they break rod for a non claret-coloured resorcinol can end skull measurement, n't.

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