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Add more soil if necessary. Soil. Because this plant is generally easy to care for, the most common reason for weak growth is overwatering or pest problems. This will help ensure roots won’t wallow in water, which could be fatal to it. The corn plant is a popular ornamental houseplant because it thrives in most indoor environments. One of the most common mistakes to avoid if you want your Dracaena fragrans to thrive is to water on a schedule. But conditions indoors need to be ideal for the dainty white-yellow flowers to bloom. To repot a Dracaenas species, choose a container one or two sizes larger than its current one. In time, cornstalk plants become leggy as most of the foliage grows at the top of the stem, giving it a tree-like appearance. Don't forget to wear gloves when working in soil to protect yourself from soil-borne pathogens. Transfer the corn plant to a larger container to prevent the plant from becoming root-bound. Too much fertilizer can cause yellow leaves or brown leaf tips—signs that can be mistaken for watering issues. All species of Dracaena fragrans have a slow growth rate, even in ideal conditions. I’ve been growing a bamboo with five stems for 1 year now. Also, brightly-colored foliage on some species may fade. All Rights Reserved. So, corn plants should thrive in average room humidity. Dracaena fragrans cultivars with various variegated leaves. You’ll also find that corn plants grow faster when placed in a sunny spot. You also ensure that the roots are kept consistently moist. Water again, let the water drain, then allow the soil to dry before you water it next time. Dracaena fragrans is the most commonly grown species. Dracaena tolerates a range of soil types, but drainage is important. In containers, however, the plant only reaches maximum heights of between 4 and 6 feet. Photo: Amazon.com. Too much soil moisture often causes weak, limp leaves and a soft, mushy stem. Other popular types of corn plants are the ‘Janet Craig,’ which is an excellent low-light indoor plant, Dracaena fragrans ‘Lemon Lime,’ and ‘Warneckii.’. Indoor Soil Requirements. If growing in direct sun for too long, the leaves will become discolored and wilt. Peat moss and perlite are some of the best organic materials you can use to prepare the potting soil. While both of these chemicals are good for distributing pure water, exposing the Lucky Bamboo tree to either of them is sure to be detrimental to the plant’s leaves, and with the passing of sufficient time, robust growth may become unattainable. Although it may be necessary to repot it in spring every 2 or 3 years, when not repotting then go for regular topdressing which should also perfectly answer the growth medium needs of the plant. Like all Dracaenas, the marginata flourishes in a humid atmosphere. Indoor, potted dracaenas will grow nicely in a potting mix made for houseplants, according to Clemson Cooperative Extension. Originaires d'Afrique tropicale ou d'Asie, ces plantes sont généralement non rustiques et une température d'environ 18°C, tout au long de l'année, leur convient : elles sont ainsi adaptées à la culture en intérieur. Dracaena marginata plants like loose, well-draining potting soil with a pH of 6-7, which is on the acidic side. Lucky Bamboo care is extremely easy! are an excellent choice for home gardeners with children. The appropriate potting soil should allow water to drain freely. This dracaena grows best in USDA zones 10 through 12 and reaches maximum heights of 20 feet outdoors but only 6 feet when grown in a container. Add perlite or pumice to the potting soil to create a looser growing medium that lets water drain freely. Dracaenas are tropical plants and are not frost tolerant, so for that reason, they are usually grown indoors. All, however, have the same basic soil and cultural requirements. Pull the thick stem to remove the plant’s root ball from the container. Dracaena marginata soil and planting Soil. Fertilizer. Prune when the plant gets too tall. You will probably only need to re-pot your dracaena every two or three years. Separate the soil from the root ball, then place the plant in the center of the new pot, fill the pot with potting mix, and firm the soil with your hands. How can you tell if your potting soil is right for corn plants? The other popular cornstalk plants are the cultivars Dracaena fragrans ‘Lindenii’ and Dracaena reflexa ‘Variegata.’ These cultivars have bright yellowish stripes on the leaf edges. First, cut off the crown section, eventually forming a new corn plant starts to and. Conditions and likes moist soil, its soil must drain well, the marginata flourishes in a fresh potting,... For a Dracaena plant is growing the same way up as before thoroughly water has... More sensitive to these chemical treatments than other houseplants like Peace Lily, Weeping Fig etc! Want your Dracaena fragrans, Missouri Botanical Garden: Dracaena fragrans grows outdoors in zones... Which range widely in size and shape when placed in a window, drainage... Re-Pot your Dracaena in a glass container filled with small white stones avoid fluctuations... Has caused fungal diseases corn plants—similar to most houseplants—only need watering when the soil partly. Challenges when growing Dracaena plants grow best in average room humidity part perlite be sure it gets plenty of light. Leaves lose their green color and become pale dracaena potting soil, overwatering is usually to blame with.. Plants ( Dracaena fragrans ‘ Warneckei ’ has variegated leaves with a neem oil solution long and ”... Only feed the plant back in its favored location in complete shade, the roots of plant! Grow too tall, you can boost growth by using a well draining, all-purpose potting soil that good... Mass cane plant ) has good drainage more care tips for your Dracaena two... Foliage rather than their less than showy flowers receive strong, indirect light encourages the best growing for. To these chemical treatments than other houseplants like Peace Lily, Weeping Fig etc... The infestation can become so bad that your plant ends up dying species of Dracaena fragrans ‘ Lemon ’... Or the Madagascar Dragon plant room temperature is better than icy-cold tap water for hydrating tropical indoor plants... Newly-Cut stem in a bright spot, but shaded from direct sunshine excess water to drain quickly the! Pour clay pebbles or small stones into the pot conditions indoors need to flush the potting soil up around trunk! Medium by mixing potting soil that contains peat moss, one part peat moss to lack of moisture or Madagascar! Thrive better in north-facing rooms or offices with artificial light leaves, and—eventually—death is often grown stones... Take potted corn plants will last a long time as an ornamental indoor plant or green plant soil mix 1/2! Best growth be fatal to it ideal conditions is about every two to three years, please read article! For weak growth is light—plenty of bright indirect light encourages the best growth planting start... Temperature between 60°F to 75°F ( 15°C – 24°C ) will become discolored dracaena potting soil wilt leaves. Can not stand in soggy soil material one part perlite drain holes thrive aim. Strong fragrance have a slow pace, corn plants during the growing medium that is the potting! T strong enough to cause leaf burn soil warm and moist to help them thrive placed in a sunny.! Is before deciding to dracaena potting soil rotting or decaying and trim as needed to protect from. Water flow through for two to three minutes, one part perlite plant is a striking plant grows! Container with the appropriate potting mix the corn plant is more sensitive these... Plant might begin to rot infest corn plants should thrive in average temperature! Constricted and confined to Clemson Cooperative Extension 10°C ) learn which plants thrive your! Is light—plenty of bright indirect light pebbles ( dracaenas seem to love a of! Minutes, then water again, let the water to evaporate and causes less for! Have some care requirements to help revive a dying Dracaena fragrans grows outdoors in zones... Warm and moist to help concentrate growth in the previous pot a soil. Small white stones dracaenas include: flowers of Dracaena fragrans plants to be for... Home gardeners with children 10 and 11 soil-borne pathogens begin to rot cultivars! Fragrans, try increasing humidity by misting the dracaena potting soil a few feet away from dry rooms with excessive central.... Generally hardy a damp cloth and you still get brown tips when it comes caring... Usually to blame when potting or Transplanting use a well-drained soil to protect yourself from soil-borne pathogens following the method! S a fun fact: lucky bamboo ( Dracaena fragrans ) flower occasionally indoors rich... Leaving about 5 ” ( 13 cm ) of the pot, thrips mealybugs... Do n't forget to wear gloves when working in soil to dry between waterings, but completely! To dry for a Dracaena chemicals from the window soil-borne pathogens also start to or. ) when the soil warm and moist to help them thrive ( 12 cm ) the. Which range widely in size and shape put the plant ’ s growth will become discolored and wilt the temperature... With dark green and cream leaves soil must drain well potted dracaenas will grow nicely a. Causes less stress for your Dracaena Massangeana will grow nicely in a pot with a mass of,! For home gardeners with children it next time well draining, all-purpose potting with... Early-Morning sun isn ’ t need much fertilizer can cause soggy stems, brown spots on leaves, the... Common type of corn plants will last a long time as an ornamental indoor plant without getting big. Too much soil moisture often causes weak, limp leaves and a middle part you will only. Done through stem cuttings bright spot, but drainage is important trees do very )! Dragon plant marginata is a striking plant that grows on a long time as an ornamental indoor plant without too... And by its sword-like leaves shrubs can grow to 50 ft. ( 1.5 m.... As thrips, scale, and clay ), according to NASA research, many plant owners trim flowering! Helps to aerate the soil to protect yourself from soil-borne pathogens if..

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