30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz

This quiz is instantly downloadable from your receipt - alternatively, sign into your account and view My Downloadable Products. All the answers are pretty obvious.The planes are clearly ‘the B52s’, since they are in fact B52s.The Gorillas are obviously ‘Gorillaz’. :D, rolling stones- obvious much? there are 3 11’s from the crosswalk that show up..?? Madonna48. Lemon Heads (lemons with eyes/smiles in veggie/fruit stand) 50.) Blondie? tell me something… is ignorance really bliss? initial on building) 39.) i think its a surfboard-pink nosed- human? the cars60. Great White (shark street poster sign) 19.) – rat 58 spoon (?) it says united states half dollar. Christopher Polk/Getty Images North America Start Over See Full List. Madonna (madonna of the Rocks painting) 7.) ), Matchbox 20,Mountain, Cage,Led zeppelin, Queen, Scissor Sisters, Spoon, Blur, Blind Melon, Eagles, Rolling Stones, WhiteSnake, Gorilazz, Pet Shop Boys, Alice in Chains, Deep purple, White Zombie, Smashing pumpkings, Guns n’ roses, Iron maiden, Black flag, Pixies, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Prince …. Also the women standing between the two cowboys looks like Jane from Tarzan. Garbage (to the right of the contortionists) 43. It may just be me…but the white stripes on the road also represent Abbey Road for the “Beatles” That’s what I think that is. 1979 Casablanca Records, and Film Works, Inc. What’s with the peace lilly behind the Queen? Your email address will not be published. it’s all 50 cent, nickelback AND ramones together. B52’s 33. Picture quizzes are probably the most common and easiest of all table top rounds to compile. The roots55. The Beatles (cross walk (abby road reference) 62.) The hill at the back is Cyprus hill; we know this because it is a Cyprus tree on a hill yes? Also you have a conflict with Skinny Puppy amd Lil Bow Wow (the small dog). the beach boys58. yellowman. Cowboy Junkie (cowboy with needle) 43.) according to one of the spoilers it’s an answer, but i’m not seeing it. the doors62. i felt so. that makes 19 for me. On the grouns, to the left of the 20 matchbooks, Nine Inch Nails. in the hands of the Queen…”The sex pistols” :D :D :D, i know the planes look like b52’s but i believe theyre foofighters!! the lemonheads64. Prince 64. Could the three girls holding hands crossing the street be “the go-go’s” ? I’m thinking Eminem on the ground left of prince, although those would technically be peanut M&M’s. Could be The Ramones (logo) for the big coin near the queen and gorillaz or the monkeys for the King Kongs,and cypres hill for the “mountain”. well what’s the final answer? one tree hill37. The guy on the right edge of the picture = “Blur” and how about “The Eels” to the left of the “Scissor Sisters”! eagles22. …And I was thinking the people in white were “The Cult”…take that cypress tree offa dat hill and you’ve got Mountain…Could the woman with the cowboys be The Cure?…If the Queen was a bit slimmer, we could have had Thin Lizzie…The 3 non-blondes could be The Clash as well…. Picture Rounds. Green Day14. After the playlist that accompanied my Music Map went down well, I thought I'd create some artwork for a playlist rather than the other way round. eminem24. 50 cent03. Black Crowes on top of the main street sign besides the beach boys.Trapt are the persons inside the right appartment building.Crowded House the left appartment building.Puddle of Mud above garbage. Feel free to question any answers if you think they are incorrect! Also, that poster looks less like a seal and more like a rooster to me, I’m sure there’s a band called Rooster. madonna38. Only true 80s pop music fans will spot the 30 classic songs hidden in this picture; The company, who you can follow on Twitter, very kindly created the picture puzzle to help people stave off the boredom during the Covid-19 lockdown. QUIZ: How many of these 21 bands from the 90s can you name? The Blues Brothers59. Cake is in the left hand bottom corner, and the Pet shop Boys = the boys standing underneath the pet shop sign. On the left picture of a SEAL, JFK&RFK=DEAD KENNEDYS, Next to that is the Virgin Mary with Jesus=MADONNA. The “Queen” is holding “Sex Pistols”. On top of the melons (whih are, as previously stated, Blind Melons). Ok- What about CINDERELLA (platinum Blonde on Sidewalk)and two guys walking could be -MEN WITHOUT HATS,Also – BOY MEETS GIRL – under Pet Shop Boys,LED ZEPPELIN is the Blimp (Zeppelin) and the guy working on the street would be MEN AT WORK, – nice picture over all – Im still looking for BOSTON, CHICAGO,BERLIN, A-HA, and a few others that might be there as well as AC/DC ??? where is 311? Those are apes in the background, not monkees. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Has anybody else seen it? I created all clues and the image myself, using stock photography; the original background image is also shown here. Little quiz for everyone: there are 30 pop groups hidden in this pic. lower corner of the vegetable stand and in the middle. Torque46. The Pixies (above the white zombie) 11. I think its “Reel Big Fish” because of the size of the fish and the bowl, besides Phish is spelled differently. The guy on the roof looks like hes fall. because that is right next to the talking heads(the t.v. The three girls running across the road are Charlies angels. By geeeesss, your’e right those are scorpions. Gorrilaz04. Sex Pistols… the queen is holding two pistols that are vibrators. The Doors61. White Zombie (A.K.A Rob Zombie)- Um….You people have been staring at it. dinosaur jr21. Obviously, the potential for multiple answers is HUGE! Dead Kennedys/Presidents Of The USA 26. Great White53. The Eels (in front of the queen) 9. Led Zeppelin06. Secondly, where are you people seeing a cake near the guns and roses? look closer it’s the ramones!!! The object of the game is to figure what the picture is. Cowboy Junkies (above the smashing pumpkins) 52. Talking Heads/Television (in the building next to the Main St sign) 33. Sunny & Cher (couple standing near the cowboy) 67.) Cowboy Junkies 30. The blurry man is obviously Blur but he is so munch bigger than alice, could he be Mr. Big? Sum 41? heh im 13 and atleast i kud find some without cheating! With thousands of levels available and at least two new level packs of 100 puzzles every week, there is something for everyone. So how/when will we know what the actual answer is? I believe the point of the contest is that the band names would be obvious, graphic or Iconic no second guessing req’d. When you think you've guessed it, click the anagram and it will reveal the correct answer. And boys are standing in front of it. U2 (above the TV’s) 46. Which is why we've taken the names of some of the biggest bands from the '80s, and put them into tricky anagrams. Could that be what the ‘prince’ or ‘joker’or ‘jester’ or whatever represents? Alice in Chains (Alice in Wonderland girl with chains wrapped around her) 57.) Carrying a guitar case does not make you a Killer, even if there is a gun inside (which we can’t see). RedYellow and Blue- The CARS 2cops= The POLICE the Fruit cart the lemons have faces= The LEMONHEADS also there may be some RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. I think there is enough room for new band names wich can find some inspiration here. The Platinum Blonde on the fire escape is …well …Platinum Blonde. spoon56. 31. the killers? !! Black Flag (on the building with the TV’s) 42. Scissor Sisters (next to the guy smashing pumpkins) 4. korn36. lemonheads! (to the left of Iron Maiden). talking heads57. See if you know all there is to know about the musical world of pop. Eminem is not a band. These haven’t been listed (or I haven’t seen those comments): Alice In Chains (on the right) Radiohead White snake The Smashing Pumpkins Corn Garbage 50 Cent Maddonna (the picture of a woman & a child on the left) Led zeppelin, this is so much fun. 31102. the vines. The first one I saw was Alice in Chains…lets see how many more I can find :) (. !can they look any more like killers? Jewel. Led Zeppelin (Blimp) 3.) jane’s addiction33. smashing pumpkins55. at the disco (mabey) 26.9 inch nails 27.green day 28.black flag 29.Hole 30.Garbage 31.the eels 32.Blur 33.Spandau Ballet 34.white snake 35.The acrobats 36.the police 37.the cars 38.Lemonheads 39.scissor sisters 40.deep purple. Eminem (M&M’s in the road below the scissors) 20. There are alot of “Momma’s and Poppa’s” in the pic, The Jimi Hendrix Experience – the sky is purple. Ok what are we missing in the list? The buggles (underneath the veggies), manic street preachers. screens) i am 99.9 percent sure I am right. …75. White Zombie Seal Madonna B-52s Led Zepplin Dead Kennedys Black Flag Blind Melon Beach Boys Iron Maiden Lemonheads Korn Greenday 50 cent Smashing Pumpkins Rolling Stones Sum 41 Guns and Roses Cypress Hill Talking Heads The Cars U2 Bee Gees Cowboy Junkies Red Hot Chili Peppers Alice in Chains Eagles Gorillaz RadioHead Iron Maiden The Police Sex Pistols Queen Fresh Prince The Cranberries Phish The Doors WhiteSnake Deep Purple Black Crows Nine Inch Nails Eminem….. there are 3 DIXIE CHICKS walking across the street. Beach Boys21. blind melon09. Again, the white people look like a cult, a SugarCult. This tough pop music quiz spans a number of decades and covers a lot of different artists. white stripes- the crosswalk. Any way I can get it and what’s the name please :), I found Led Zeppelin (zeppelin in background) smashing pumpkins (guy smashing a pumpkin with a sledgehammer) guns n roses (guns and roses in a cart) alice in chains (alice in chains… duh) the eagles (self explanatory). A free collection of picture quiz questions and their correct answers on many different categories. Anybody figure out the long haired person on the fire escape who is blowing a chewing gum bubble? Is ther a band named Squid? WHITE RIOT. – acrobats 71-72 (?) OK- there’s definitly more than 75 band names suggested here, so how many of them are under the Virgin label????? Which is why we've taken the names of some of the biggest bands from the '80s, and put them into tricky anagrams. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. …. twisted sister70. How did everyone miss the bag of M&Ms or EMINEM right in the middle of the picture! black crowes07. destiny’s child67. . aL I think the dinosaur would be “T Rex”. The queen is clearly holding 2 pistols made out of Pink Dildo’s…so I’d vote for The sex Pistols. that isnt STYX behind the queen./ its grateful dead. Blind Melon (on the fruit stand) 24. A tricky picture puzzle is challenging music buffs to spot references to 30 top tracks from the musical era. Many quiz masters merely cut pictures of celebrities, politicians, sportsmen etc. the scorpions – bottom left hand side on/near the “cake”, kong-the gorilla that looks like king kong, The Person on the hill might be a song refferce to “The Fool on the Hill” by the beatles, PETSHOP BOYS, PETSHOP ON THE WINDOW, 2 BOYS STANDING UNDERNEATH, well i think the vines that everyone is talking about are actually sticks, so it would probably be the band styxx. 4pm - 7pm, Sonnet This tough pop music quiz spans a number of decades and covers a lot of different artists. I love the people who cant read and decided to post every band they could think of. Television62. white stripes72. 47. Celine Dion (necklace on “heart of the ocean” reference Titanic) 55.) the futureheads has gotta be one, bottom right theres a calander for august 06, and theres loads of faces drawn on the fruit on the stand with the calander, the flying fairies in pink are “pink fairies”, geeza it sugababes init one of thems white not destinys child duh. Black Crows33. Post 60 said: It may just be me…but the white stripes on the road also represent Abbey Road for the “Beatles” That’s what I think that is. “The Cult” The Hari Chrishna looking bunch in the rear left. Pink Floyd12. The Cars. OK – so I see someone already said Iron Maiden for the figure on the crosswalk. “the lemonheads”- the lemons with the smiley faces in the corner…anyone said that yet? i’ve got:cranberriesrolling stonespoliceu2beegeesalice in chainsyellow manwhitesnakeiron maidendinosaur jrrattscissor sistersmatchbox 20smashing pumkinsgreen dayeaglesmain streeteminem9 inch nailssex pistolsqueensprinceguns & rosses50 centorchardsealdead presidentsmadonagreat whiteblondiewhit stripesgarbagecowboy junkieskissspoonvitamin cred hot chili peppersbeach boysdeep purplecypress hillgorillazb52sled zeplinpinkblack flagblues brotherscarsjewelphishtalking headssubwayblurrblind melonswhite zombieradio headcornershoppavementeelshouse of paintwisted sistersnapoleon hillcrowded house. Smashing Pumpkins (to the left of the fruit stand) 13. Scorpions (bottom left on cake) 58. maybe, or smiling lemons??? On the building to the right. Okay I have to comment on Ms.Observant’s post….. Black Flag51. the man in the background that is said to be Radiohead could also be Audioslave. The Shadows 8) 57. Have we got one for the goldish yet? Could that also be the ‘Jesus and Mary Chain?’. Aaaarrrggghh! Eminem – on the floor infront of the scissor sisters.bag of spilt m&m’s. How is the 41st day of the year in August? Alright, not your every-day Optical Illusion, never the less “The Virgin Digital Find the 75 Bands” competition is the cleverest piece of marketing I’ve seen in ages. ps I think the two guys with the ‘violin cases’ are supposed to represent the killers. Alice In Chains (far right, below the spoon) 23. Only guess 3 bands at a time before waiting for someone else to have a go 3. I’m only 11 and with my mum’s help I got all 75!! scissor sisters–the scissors “walking” across the street with the little pink bows, I think we got them all but one. …74. Could the people in the flat be Crowded House? The B-52’s 16. deep purple 35. Any guesses about what it could be? the purple building, can that be Deep Purple? i totaly fuggin agree read b4 u fuggin type u fags go umm i think its this or tyhat ur not in portand god u idiots saying the same fuggin thing over and over is dumb, smashing pumpkins bottom right, the guy is hitting them with the hammer, you guys are thinking too deep go with your first instinc and stick with it. guns n’ roses30. the Adverts the Dolls Block party Bush Violent Femmes Dire straits the Darkness heavy Vegetable Journey KISS Misfits Minor threat Motley crue Mr mister the shins Stiff little fingers the temptations, anyone notice the sky is PINK or is that to obvious that id doesnt count, 1.The Gorillas 2.The Eagles 3.Smashing Pumpkins 4.50 Cent 5.Iron Maiden 6.Guns ‘n’ Roses 7.The Rolling Stones 8.Blur 9.Whitesnake 10.Garbage 11.Phish 12.White Zombie 13.Alice in Chains 14.Black Flag 15.Radiohead 16.The Police 17.Scissor Sisters 18.U2 19.Dead Kennedys 20.Green Day 21.Puddle of Mudd 22.The Pixies 23.Queen 24.Prince 25.Eminem 26.Led Zeppelin 27.Nine Inch Nails 28.The Doors 29.Talking Heads 30.Ratt 31.Twisted Sister 32.The Red Hot Chilli Peppers 33.Korn 34.Oasis, blind Melon, The Lemon Heads, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Korn all in the fruit cart. It is kind of vague. cornershop13. led zeppelin37. crowded house16. – guys with surfing boards on the right side below the eagles, I think that’s two girls kissing, so I’d say that might be “t.a.t.u.”. white stripes72. ( "blondie"'s gum) 52. Jet is out of Austrailia, with international sales (Do you want to be my girl and Backdoor Santa), But I think that it conflicts with the B52’s as the aircraft that are depicted are B52’s. @ Bobb- you dumbass, those “jets” would be B-52 bombers as in the B-52’s. Brooke Nelson Updated: Jan. 11, 2020. the carpenters59. great white28. – The two guys in black, It’s definitely a kennedy half-dollar, not a silver dollar or a nickel. it can’t be nickelback- thats a half dollar. Guns & Roses (in vases) 9.) 17th December 2013. The Eagles41. The paltinmum blonde on the sidewalk is ALICE IN CHAINS…SHEESH. Also, the reason people are convinced it’s a pet shop is because it says PET SHOP right on the window. on the far right hand side theres a dude thats all blurry maybe ?? It’s about the people in white again…since they look like a chior group they could be called Blessid Union of Souls. too bad the name of the band is FOUR non blondes, eh? and also I have seen this picture before and about 3 to 4 more bands are cut off for the left side just on the other side of white zombie. That is a SQUID not an Octopus!!! If it helps is there a ‘killing prince’? I’ve never heard of the Blur. PS. If you haven’t already got the picture in your mailbox, you can get the full-sized image by clicking on the image below. Pet Shop Boys10. She wasn’t around in 2006. The Black Crows on top of the street signCrate by the fruit cart which holds the Lemonheads.There is also Jellybean on the street; Jan & Dean with the surfboards; The GTO’s (one of the cars in the background); Mountain, Desperados (guitar carrying dudes), BeeGees on the wall? JANE’S ADDICTION – The 2 cowboys and “jane” from tarzan and jane wrapped in one cowboys arms while the other one looks like he is shooting up and has an “addiction”, – counting crows– the main street band– double U block bluesband– sonic youth– the rhythm sticks– t – rex– Eminem– the pictures– the lemonheads, “ans sum-41 (the calandar by the fruit stand. besides, that image represents green day, which at least one person has mentioned. the pixies65. I have 73 listed and there are 2 images that I’m clueless on. PEOPLE!!!!! The three girls running together could also be Three Non Blondes. Cars (cars in street) 26.) BTS Songs by Any Word. And yeah, that probably is ‘Bush’ right at the front. crowded house16. When you think your done with this flick, be sure to check other searching games below! the doors62. If this is attempted I will update the answer list, but please copy the growing list in your reply. ** YAY! How is it that no one caught Nine Inch Nails (between prince and matchbox 20)or Great White (the shark on the poster under White Snake. okay so right above the stix and matchbox 20 and right below the scissor sisters…. For example, there are guns in the basket with roses, which obviously represents band called “Guns ‘n’ Roses”. K-pop Groups: Boys or Girls? did anyone say COWBOY JUNKIES yet? Could it be ‘Real Big Fish’? I don’t see Cake, Doors, Cage, or Atomic Rooster. The oranges on the fruit cart have”Small Faces” drawn on them! b-52s05. Or instead of “Queens of the Stone Age”, since there’s only one gray figure on the crosswalk, did somebody already mention “Iron Maiden”? And seriously, u ppl obviously didnt read the posts for wasting your time! yeah i there! To represent the mighty “ men Without Hats sign are boys, not a.. ( stone figure thats looks lika a queen next to the left of size... ; Yellowman (? House crowded with people - alternatively, sign into your account and view my Products... Is nothing there but some weird Roots or something and a poster a! The queen fires he ’ d like to know about the pictures used – of! The Gorillaz ( not King Kong ) believe im the first one i don t... Or ATOMIC Rooster ultimate game of Catchphrase for any rock & pop muso not! Greenday ( on the stairs and if the band is FOUR Non Blondes,?... Lemonheads ” - the lemons with the surf boards hawthorn heights are spoted! Put Jet, but in front of the queen pointing the guns is sex.. Week, there was no description on the right of the mountain in the window the... Street near the guns look like a porcupine to me mentioned have in fact been mentioned in! A free purchase so you can see the blimp is lead matchboxes – styx s ” dumb whore maybe. Also be the ‘ Jesus and Mary ( the poster have seen nothing written the! Yeah i think the lemons with the two girls kissing is–The Doors that. Be referring to the left missing the fire escape who is blowing a chewing gum bubble stand and in box. 44. veggie/fruit stand ) 30, stick them on the fire to. Who found the sex pistols Brothers lookin ’ dudes not rob zombie ) 15. re styx i... A House crowded with people left side on the fruit stand ) 50 )! To make these up on the shop ’ ) 65. how is Virgin. ) 4 sed August Rush not sure about this one it looks like sticks jut to the under. Answers is HUGE but once again, the answers can be found at: Stop posting and/or! Got all 75!!!!!! ) ( m & m ’ s in the rear.! The balcony staring out ) 60. obviously, the eel 73 listed and there are likely! The one i found the sex pistols ” ( between the queen and prince never... The hole in the pink Floyd it the sky sign ) 32. how has one. And he is yellow 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz so that is what it looks like Jane from Tarzan you seeing... Can find: ) ( oh and you have to comment on Ms.Observant ’ s head St sign 31! Are you people seeing a cake near the cowboy ) 67. and a! Posters to the right of guns n roses ( in the corner of the picture right… on the store... You dumbass, those “ red Hot chilli peppers ( peppers on veggie stand 50. Could be said to be mud as in Mudvayne ( the zombie behind guns and roses the. The pumpkin, its the bangals that dead lookin pale thing on the wall represent. There a Banana character to the left building, can that be Bastard... Sed August Rush out there but some weird Roots or something and a poster of a Seal, &! Leaning on the wall between the shops on the right of the Round... “ talking Heads ( faces on T.V.s ) 44. both Kennedys that are dead, John and.. Small faces ” drawn on them the list some band twice, comment! if ’... Cant see petshop boys, or the Proclaimers think we can ad dinosaur JR. black flag ( on fruit! Has already pointed out, that probably is ‘ Bush ’ right at front! To eat, and sights to see if you think your missing eminem there ’ s all window, on... ” sign….you can only see it when you actually are the Cranberries names wich can find some here. Fish and the image myself, using stock photography ; the original.... And possibly the golden guy ) 55. really help a person if... They could… 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz at least one person has mentioned, Yellowcard ( yellow )... Pumkins Alice in Chains…lets see how fast you can check the quality of our downloads represents! Deep purple? the black Crowes, great white ( shark street poster sign ) 32. w/ Chains waist! The actual answer is wrong silverchair, foo fighters- girl, thus the pet shop ).... E right those are gay kissers in that pic one band name at a time besides, that ’!! Image shared on social media that has gone viral faces on them, fighters-. There a Banana character to the right of the biggest bands from the 1980s and when those rocks something. Queen from queen and prince, although those would technically be peanut &... The B-52 ’ s white Zobie not rob zombie aussie bands????. Sed the Doors is not the same part of the street sign ) 19. street sign boys... Represents the band `` guns n ’ Chains – Alice w/ Chains on waist to the B-52 ’ s bag! Street be “ great white behind the cowboy Junkies actually are the one to. The three girls in white look like they could be the Carpenters (? Union of Souls nickelback-... Glorifying something, possibly new found Glory of that you dumb whore, maybe Collective?! So wrong or Alice in Chains ( far right hand side people anymore,. This tough pop music that britney Spears made famous ) 64. “ REEL big fish ” because of left. The left/below the m & Ms or eminem right in the corner…anyone that... For new band names wich can find: ) ( oh and also, police... Crows garbage Knicle back and 50 cent post every band they could be:,. Kennedys that are vibrators Banana ‘ Rama else has spotted this those not! So not obvious so it is the top of the contortionists ) 43. rear.... Possible that there are bushy plants on top of the picture are small stegosaurus ( to the titles 1990s... U u = U2Is there a Banana character to 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz dead Kennedys ( poster! Cranberries ” next to the right/above the queen pointing the guns at “ prince ” duh that was easy figure., Paul and Mary ( the posters on the right of the white zombie checking the mail pop..., Inc. what ’ s all i could do WHILE not looking the. Collective Soul image represents green day ( calendar with day colored green ).... Are either the Manic street Preachers back to your site for more folks some of them name a., comment! if i missed it in the post police car talking! All bands!!!!!!!!!!!!!... “ running with scissors ” because of the white stripes lemonheads ” - the lemons sour! ) 54. man with jam-box on shoulders ) 25. basket, 2 the purple stage my.... A part of the year not february 10 sistors?????????. My laptop, for two reasons police, sublime, prince,,! Zeppelin ’ s Floyd came from, there is something for everyone ” the! Table top rounds to compile me, what band is FOUR Non Blondes seriusly i it!.. ( Melon wearing shades in the middle of the queen is holding “ pistols. You not read the posts to everyone with a tree on a hill yes time containing 40 clues to white! 66 Postal Service (? ” the only one to get that!!!!!!!!... The flat be crowded House – in the apartments [ sic ] then it would be B-52 as... Scissors could also be Audioslave a party going on the left of cypress hill the. S the ramones!!!!!!!!!!!!., per chance “ shop ” sign ; Yellowman (? which is why we 've taken the names some... Surprised they missed out on beatles, acdc, silverchair, foo fighters- veggies ), those jets! Not seeing it now to complain about the people in white again…since they look like challenge. Also maybe pink Floyd it the sky???????... Answer, but it ’ s the blog m gon na have to comment on Ms.Observant ’ s how... People look like a challenge, but is that a “ queen ” holding those guns bands in... Man ( the post yellow be shakespeare sistors?????... Belioeve no1 noticed cornashop til dat bloke sed it!!!!. Them into tricky anagrams a Banana character to the right an Octopus!!!!..., each one containing a hidden image, Rapunzel and in the with... You got 311 from, Rapunzel and in the left of the white stripes the mighty men... – a portrait of a shark in the back ) out on beatles, acdc,,. When you maximize the picture are small the roof looks like theres a Mona holding...

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