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Mint Beautiful Luxman R-1120 Tuner Receiver Amp Accutouch CLL!!! !167/27/2012$299.99McIntoshMcintosh 1700 Hybrid Receiver w/original box owners manual, parts or repair111/17/2013$299.99PioneerPioneer SX-980 Stereo Receiver211/25/2013$299.99PioneerPIONEER QX949 QUAD RECEIVER MONSTER POWERHOUSE EXCELLENT CONDITION SERVICED111/18/2013$299.99PioneerPIONEER SX-880 RECEIVER -EXC COND W/ ORIGINAL BOX,MANUAL 60 W/CH19/7/2012$299.99YamahaYAMAHA CR-1020 AM/FM RECEIVER AMPLIFIER SOUND19/9/2012$299.99FisherThe Fisher 600-T Stereo Receiver Works212/24/2013$300.00Marantzmarantz receiver 424011/31/2013$300.00MarantzMarantz 2230- Re-lamped and Serviced101/14/2013$300.00MarantzMarantz 2275 2 Channel 75 Watt Receiver11/09/2013$300.00MarantzMARANTZ 4300 RECEIVER STEREO 2 + QUADRADIAL 4 for Restoring112/03/2013$300.00MarantzMARANTZ 2252 STEREO RECEIVER, NICE!!!! thanks. NEEDS HELP. For the front panel, modern cool running long life LED lamps or replacement incandescent bulbs and lighting circuitry is installed. Marantz Stereophonic Receiver - Model 2265B - works!! !209/12/2012$305.00MarantzMARANTZ 2245 STEREO RECEIVER SYSTEM W/ ORIGINAL WOOD CASE WORKS NR252/02/2013$305.00MarantzMARANTZ 4230 STEREO QUADRAPHONIC RECEIVER SERVICED321/06/2013$305.00MarantzSuper Clean Marantz 4230 Stereo 2+ Quadradial 4 Receiver3212/07/2013$305.00MarantzMARANTZ 2245 STEREO RECEIVER, DECENT1412/07/2013$305.00MarantzRESTORED MARANTZ 2250B RECEIVER212/04/2013$305.00MarantzMarantz 2270 Stereo Receiver1911/30/2013$305.00MarantzMarantz 2270 flagship stereo receiver29/16/2012$305.00MarantzRestored Marantz 2238B Receiver57/25/2012$305.00MarantzMARANTZ 2270 L@@K VGC WORKING CONDITION (NO-STATIC)78/2/2012$305.00PioneerPIONEER SX-1010 RECEIVER IN OUTSTANDING CONDITION. We have a large selection of clean, tested and working receivers, amps, turntables, cassette decks, reel-to-reels, speakers and almost any type of vintage gear that you may be looking for. MUSIC CENTER MINT USED17/28/2012$695.00MarantzMarantz 2325 Stereophonic Receiver and Wood Case2512/23/2013$695.00SansuiSansui G-9000DB161/29/2013$698.00Pioneerbeautiful PIONEER SX-1250 monster receiver near mint must see no reserv29/15/2012$699.99MarantzMARANTZ 2325 WITH ORIGINAL BOX and OWNERS MANUAL211/05/2013$700.00PioneerPioneer SX-1250111/29/2013$700.00MarantzMARANTZ MODEL 18 TUBE OSCILLOSCOPE STEREO RECEIVER 1 OWNER241/13/2013$707.77McIntoshMcIntosh Mac 4100 Receiver612/10/2013$708.00MarantzMarantz 4400 Receiver221/11/2013$709.00MarantzMARANTZ 2385 STEREO RECEIVER, POWERFUL91/27/2013$710.00MarantzMarantz 2275 fully restored, re-capped, beautiful1711/20/2013$710.00MarantzStunning Marantz 2270- LED Upgrade- Professionally Serviced-1970's Flagship401/18/2013$710.01MarantzMARANTZ 2285B STEREO RECEIVER EXCELLENT CONDITION2712/16/2013$710.10McIntoshMcIntosh MAC 4100 Stereo Receiver401/20/2013$715.00MarantzMarantz Model 19 w/ Original Manual131/06/2013$720.00MarantzSTUNNING MARANTZ 2270 RECEIVER291/06/2013$721.00PioneerPioneer SX-1280 AM/FM Stereo Receiver221/27/2013$721.01MarantzMarantz 2275 Stereo Receiver - Original Box - MINT11/26/2013$725.00MarantzStunning Marantz 2270- LED Upgrade- Professionally Serviced- 1970's Flagship21/04/2013$725.00SansuiMonster Sansui G-9000 Pure Power DC Stereo Receiver-Not Reserve812/16/2013$725.15MarantzMarantz 4400 Receiver311/22/2013$725.51McIntoshMcIntosh MAC 4100 75 WPC Recever412/18/2013$730.00PioneerPIONEER SX-1250 RECEVER " MINTY "3212/15/2013$730.00MarantzStunning Marantz 2270- LED Upgrade- Professionally Serviced-1970's Flagship211/03/2013$731.99McIntoshMcIntosh Mac 4100 Receiver312/03/2013$735.00MarantzMarantz 2270 Stereo Receiver211/13/2013$736.26Bang OlufsenBang & Olufsen BeoCenter 9500 Stereo Reciever w/ Beolink 1000 Remote etc. Home Audio Equipment For Sale on Reverb. I have a Sansui QRX-7500 receiver that a friend would like to sell. MARANTZ 2245 STEREO RECEIVER SYSTEM W/ ORIGINAL WOOD CASE WORKS NR, MARANTZ 4230 STEREO QUADRAPHONIC RECEIVER SERVICED, Super Clean Marantz 4230 Stereo 2+ Quadradial 4 Receiver, MARANTZ 2270 L@@K VGC WORKING CONDITION (NO-STATIC), PIONEER SX-1010 RECEIVER IN OUTSTANDING CONDITION. Paragon is pleased to offer special pricing on open-box, demo, new-in-box discontinued, used and refurbished high end audio equipment. Find great deals on used vintage hifi for Sale in Gauteng. No matter what you buy or have repaired, who it’s bought from or repaired by good honest open communication needs to be practiced for the best possible outcome. Buy, sell, and trade high end audio and Home Theater equipment. Not sure what a fair price is as I have seen many different amounts?????? It is a fact. Did you know Skylabs is now selling new vinyl? Condition. cond. great sound41/13/2013$173.50SansuiSansui Stereo Receiver Model 60601411/28/2013$173.50FisherFisher 504 Quadraphonic 2/4 Channel Stereo Receiver1212/30/2013$174.05PioneerPioneer SX-850 Stereo Receiver111/03/2013$174.27KenwoodKenwood KW-60 Tube Stereo Receiver1911/17/2013$174.50TandbergTandberg TR 2045 Stereo Receiver, underrated 45 watts a channel78/3/2012$174.50MarantzMARANTZ 2238B 2-CH 38 WPC AM/FM STEREOPHONIC HIFI STEREO RECEIVER TUNER112/03/2013$174.98Bang Olufsenbang and olufsen beomaster 4500 receiver18/4/2012$175.00Bang Olufsenbang and olufsen beomaster 4500 receiver18/6/2012$175.00MarantzMarantz 2270 stereo receiver amp amplifier tuner classic 4 parts repair11/08/2013$175.00MarantzQuadradial Marantz 4240 Receiver Amplifier11/06/2013$175.00MarantzMarantz 2238B AM/FM Stereo Receiver4112/02/2013$175.00MarantzMarantz 2285B Stereo Receiver17/30/2012$175.00MarantzMARANTZ 2250B RECEIVER17/30/2012$175.00MarantzMarantz 2216B in VG to EX condition with user manual18/5/2012$175.00MarantzMarantz AM/FM Stereo 2230 Stereophonic Receiver107/28/2012$175.00PioneerPIONEER SX-950 TECH SPECIAL NOT WORKING11/31/2013$175.00PioneerPioneer Stereo Receiver Model SX-880112/11/2013$175.00PioneerPIONEER SX-D5000111/09/2013$175.00SansuiSansui 2000X Stereo AM/FM Receiver, , with original packaging112/10/2013$175.00SansuiSansui 881 Stereo Receiver/Amplifier112/01/2013$175.00SansuiSANSUI QR - 4500 Quadraphonic 4 Channel Stereo Receiver111/09/2013$175.00SansuiSANSUI STEREO STSTEM - POWER AMPLIFIER - PRE AMPLIFIER - TUNER311/07/2013$175.00SansuiSANSUI QUAD RECIEVER -- QRX-5500 -- WORKS GREAT18/6/2012$175.00SonySONY STR-6800SD AUDIOPHILE STEREO RECEIVER111/18/2013$175.00TandbergTANDBERG TR 2080 AM/FM Stereo Receiver112/13/2013$175.00TechnicsTechnics Stereo Receiver SA-700212/16/2013$175.00PioneerPioneer SX-950 Stereo Receiver312/18/2013$175.02SansuiSansui 771 Receiver/Amp EXCELLENT1111/14/2013$175.75SansuiSANSUI INTEGRATED TUNER AMPLIFIER MODEL NO. KENWOOD AM FM Stereo Tuner Ampifier Receiver KR-9600, Classic 60s The Fisher 600-T Professional FM Stereo Receiver Made in USA, KENWOOD MODEL ELEVEN II STEREO MONSTER RECEIVER, Marantz 2235 Stereo Receiver w/ Original Wood Case, BEAUTIFUL MARANTZ 4230 STEREO 2 QUAD 4 RECEIVER WORKING CLEANED SERVICED, NAD 7100 MONITOR SERIES STEREO RECEIVER WORKING + REMOTE, WORKING Pioneer SX-40 Tube Style Amp/ AM-FM receiver circa 1960s. GOLD1512/12/2013$225.00YamahaYamaha Natural Sound CR-1020112/22/2013$225.00MarantzMarantz Model 4240 Stereo 2 Quadradial 4 Receiver141/21/2013$225.05LuxmanLuxman LV-105u - Hybrid Tube Integrated Amplifier - Excellent201/13/2013$225.48TandbergTandberg TR 2030 receiver (tuner + amp) - quality item, condition262/03/2013$226.05MarantzMARANTZ Model 2270 AM/FM Stereo Receiver Silver Japan Holy Grail EX COND289/11/2012$226.39MarantzAmazingly Excellent Condition - Marantz Model 2230b Stereo Receiver611/29/2013$226.48MitsubishiMitsubishi FM Stereo Tuner DA-F201712/19/2013$227.14MarantzMarantz 4270 Nice unit Serviced last year198/2/2012$227.23PioneerPIONEER SX 1010 HOME STEREO RECEIVER AM/FM147/25/2012$227.25KenwoodKENWOOD HIGH SPEED DC STEREO RECEIVER SUPER ELEVEN181/28/2013$227.50MarantzMarantz 2270221/29/2013$227.50MarantzMarantz 2230B AM/FM Stereo Receiver211/27/2013$227.50MarantzMARANTZ 2252B Stereo Receiver in Wood Cabinet CAN YOU SAY ROCK THE HOUSE61/13/2013$227.50MarantzMARANTZ STEREOPHONIC RECEIVER MODEL 2265B181/09/2013$227.50MarantzMarantz 2238 Receiver W/Wood Case VG-Xlint Condition101/01/2013$227.50MarantzMarantz 2270 Stereo Receiver Parts/Repair2112/28/2013$227.50MarantzMARANTZ 2238B AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER IN EXCELLENT CONDITION1711/18/2013$227.50MarantzMARANTZ MODEL NO.2245 RECEIVER2211/18/2013$227.50OnkyoOnkyo TX-4500MKII AM/FM Stereo Receiver221/13/2013$227.50PioneerRECAPPED Pioneer SMQ300 Tube Stereo Amp Receiver AM/FM/SW w/Box & Manual201/28/2013$227.50PioneerPioneer SX-240 AM/FM Receiver (Plus) PD F407 25 disc CD Player/Changer1612/07/2013$227.50SansuiSANSUI 8080DB RECEIVER "GOOD WORKING CONDITION"212/20/2013$227.50YamahaYamaha Natural Sound CA-810 & CT-810 Amp and Tuner512/17/2013$227.50PioneerPioneer SX-1050 AM FM Stereo Receiver337/26/2012$227.58KenwoodKENWOOD MODEL ELEVEN RECEIVER "MINTY" 105 WATTS PER CHANNEL312/02/2013$228.05MarantzMARANTZ STEREO STEREOPHONIC RECEIVER MODEL 2265121/27/2013$228.50MarantzMarantz 4270 Receiver Stereo 2 + Quadradial 4 AM FM Dolby Sounds Great259/17/2012$228.50PioneerPioneer SX-880 Stereo Receiver -MINT 100% working and complete912/30/2013$228.50LuxmanLUXMAN R-361 ORIGINAL OWNER AND BOXES - NO RESERVE18/4/2012$229.00MarantzMARANTZ 2275 STEREOPHONIC RECEIVER WORKING149/11/2012$229.00PioneerPioneer SG 9800112/14/2013$229.00PioneerPIONEER SX-850 RECEIVER! stan.cloyd at MARANTZ 2265B, Sansui 1000A Tube Stereo Receiver for parts or restore, Bang & Olufsen B&O Beocenter 9000 Hi-Fi Stereo Receiver/CD/Cassette System 2501, MARANTZ 4400 QUADRADIAL RECEIVER Quad Complete Working Parts Unit, Sansui Eight Deluxe Receiver In Great Condition, PIONEER QX-949 STEREO/QUADRAPHONIC RECEIVER RECENTLY SERVICED IN FINE CONDITION, Marantz 2270 Stereophonic Audiophile Receiver 1970's Flagship, The Fisher 250 TX Stereo Receiver with Tune-O-Matic, Marantz 2275 AM-FM Stereo Receiver, New Lamps, Filter Caps, Great Condition, Yamaha 2020 in Great Cosmetic and Operational Condition, Fisher 500-B Stereophonic Tube Amp Receiver 500b, Onkyo Integra Model T-9090II Quartz Synthesized Stereo FM Tuner. I have a Pioneer sx 1010 that I bought new in 1974. Call us at 816-622-8277 and one of our Vintage Turntable & Stereo technicians will be glad to speak with you about all of your vintage stereo, audio and electronic repair needs. RARE MARANTZ MODEL 19 , SCOPE FM RECEIVER - AUDIOPHILE ALERT !! Next, the unit is slowly brought up to line voltage using an isolated AC power supply. 120 watts per channel. Fisher 800C AM/ FM stereo Receiver tube type 12AX7 , 7591, The Fisher 500B 500 B Stereo Tube Receiver 7591 Clean and Working, Silver Faced Marantz 2285B 85 Watts Per Channel, 2 owner, 8 out of 10, Marantz 2325 Stereo Receiver ~ dial light not working, Marantz 2285B Receiver, Exceptionally clean, serviced, works perfectly, SANSUI 9090DB AM / FM STEREO RECEIVER - WORKS AND S NEW LOTS OF PHOTOS, SANSUI QRX-9001 QUAD RECIEVER IN GREAT COSMETIC CONDITION. Free vintage audio info database. YAMAHA CR-1020 NATURAL SOUND STEREO RECIEVER, Marantz 2245 Stereophonic Receiver With Wood Cabinet, Works Great, Heathkit Model AA-21 Transister Stereo Amplifier. manual, McIntosh Labs MAC4200 MAC 4200 Stereo Amp Preamp Receiver Audio USA, PIONEER SX1980 MONSTER RECEIVER NOT WORKING, Sansui G-9000 Stereo Receiver Mint newly serviced, MARANTZ 4400 RECEIVER STEREO 2+QUADRADIAL 4 WORKING, Custom Sansui G - 9000DB Receiver - Professionally Tested & Serviced, MARANTZ 2252B Stereo Receiver MINT ... MINT ... MINT, The Fisher 800-T with Woodcase, Remote, All Docs, orig. Once at line voltage, the unit is warmed up for over a 1/2 hour, voltage and amperage monitored. Fisher 800B 800 B Tube AM/FM Receiver Complete Excellent Working But.... BEAUTIFUL SANSUI G-6000 DC PURE POWER STEREO RECEIVER XCLNT MONSTER AMP. Vintage Stereos / Classic Audio, Used / Preowned / second-hand home Audio Components / equipment / gear. Stunning One Owner Pioneer SX- 1050 Stereo Receiver with Original Manual, Marantz 2330B Fully Restored And Modified. Marantz 2275 receiver great condition with wooden case, KENWOOD MODEL ELEVEN GX - Excellent working condition HQ VIDEO DEMO, Stereo RECEIVER Fabulous Condition!! RARE SANSUI 9090DB AM/FM Stereo Receiver Tested Working Loud! Fisher 500T Stereophonic Receiver : Good Condition, PIONEER STEREO RECIEVER SX-780 SUPER CLEAN & NEAR MINT, PIONEER SX-850 RECEIVER WORKS ONE OF THE BEST FROM PIONEER, MACHO SANSUI 5500 AM FM STEREO RECEIVER 2 / 4 CHANNEL MONSTER SERVICED, Sansui QRX-7500A Biq Monster Quad Good Shape Read for Details, Sansui Model 1000A Clean All parts present. Sales and Repair of Vintage Stereo equipment. I’m familiar with the SA-8000 but not an SX-8000. From there it is returning to its owner or off to a new life with a new owner. I will cover shipping costs. 2245-VERY GOOD CONDITION3611/18/2013$321.52KenwoodKenwood Kr 9gx receiver 110 wpc at 4 ohms392/02/2013$323.00MarantzMARANTZ 2230 STEREO RECEIVER432/03/2013$323.00SansuiSansui 5000X Stereo Receiver needs to be repaired31/21/2013$323.00SansuiSANSUI 9090 70'S POWERHOUSE STEREO RECEIVER177/30/2012$323.00McIntoshMcIntosh MX112 Stereo Preamplifier / AM FM Tuner41/17/2013$324.00KenwoodKENWOOD KR 8050 ((STEREO RECEIVER)) SHAPE112/04/2013$325.00MarantzMARANTZ 4230 STEREO RECEIVER W WOOD CASE WORKING337/31/2012$325.00PioneerPioneer SX-950 Stereo Receiver311/28/2013$325.00PioneerPioneer SX-9000 Reverberation Stereo Receiver1911/14/2013$325.00PioneerPioneer SX 950 Receiver - "A MUST SEE"18/2/2012$325.00SansuiSansui 5000X receiver11/16/2013$325.00SansuiSANSUI 9090 DB HOME RECIVER112/26/2013$325.00McIntoshBROKEN McIntosh MAC 1900 Stereo AM/FM Tuner/Receiver161/13/2013$325.99MarantzMarantz SR 9000 Stereo Receiver148/6/2012$326.00ScottScott 380 Tube Receiver191/06/2013$326.00ScottScott 340 FM Stereo Tube Receiver #24511/18/2013$326.11PioneerMonster Pioneer 4 Channel Quadraphonic AM/FM Stereo Receiver, QX-949A411/24/2013$326.99Harman KardonHarmon Kardon Festival TA230 tube receiver fully functional 20 tubes171/20/2013$327.22PioneerSilver Face Pioneer QX-949 Stereo Receiver. !49/8/2012$417.78MarantzMarantz 2270 AM/FM Stereo Receiver SUPER231/13/2013$420.00SansuiSansui 9090DB Receiver 125WPC, Japan.11/27/2013$420.00SansuiSansui 9090DB Stereo Receiver612/16/2013$420.00SansuiAWESOME SANSUI 9090 DB RECEIVER FOR PARTS OR REPAIR/FIX POWERS ON NR312/13/2013$420.00SansuiSANSUI 9090DB STEREO RECEIVER MODEL 9090 DB159/16/2012$420.00MarantzMarantz Stereo Receiver Model 2285B2111/10/2013$422.00SansuiSansui G-871DB Pure Power DC AM FM Stereo Receiver411/26/2013$422.00MarantzMARANTZ 4300 Receiver + Wood Cabinnet+original instructions1511/11/2013$422.51FisherFisher model 800162/03/2013$422.65SansuiSansui 9090 DB2012/05/2013$424.00Marantzmarantz 2325 stereo receiver wood cabinet fine condition 125 watt39/11/2012$424.01MarantzMARANTZ 2285B Receiver Stereo Stereophonic ~ 85 WPC Stereo261/23/2013$425.00MarantzMARANTZ - MODEL 5220 - CASSETTE DECK / RECORDER - PERFECT WORKING UNIT / CLEAN201/13/2013$425.00MarantzBeautiful Marantz 2325 Receiver- Parts or Repair179/7/2012$425.00McIntoshMAC 1700 McIntosh FM Tube Stereo Hybrid Receiver171/21/2013$425.00McIntoshMcIntosh FM Stereo Receiver Model MAC 1700 Hybird Late 60s41/03/2013$425.00McIntoshMcIntosh MAC 1700 Stereo Receiver19/9/2012$425.00PioneerPioneer SX 3900 Stereo receiver111/08/2013$425.00SansuiSansui G 80002011/07/2013$425.00TandbergTANDBERG TR-2080 HI-FI STEREO RECEIVER41/06/2013$425.00TechnicsTechnics SA-800 Receiver 125 Watts Per Channel in Beautiful Condition328/5/2012$425.00ToshibaToshiba SA-7150 1970's Quartz Synthesizer Receiver-EXCELLENT CONDITION112/10/2013$425.00MarantzMarantz 2275 Stereo Receiver272/02/2013$426.51KenwoodKENWOOD KR-10000 III Stereo RECEIVER Mint Working Poineer 19802812/12/2013$427.00Pioneer1976 Pioneer SX-1050 Hi~Fi STEREO Receiver 120wpc Silver ERA crisp GEM2311/22/2013$427.00SansuiSansui 9090db Stereo Receiver311/12/2013$427.00SansuiSansui AU-999 & TU-999 Amp & Tuner Matched Set512/24/2013$427.51MarantzMARANTZ 2330 STEREO RECEIVER,POWERFUL181/20/2013$430.00MarantzMarantz 2270 Stereo Receiver151/06/2013$430.00MarantzMarantz 2270 Receiver1212/27/2013$430.00PioneerPIONEER STEREO RECIEVER SX-950 WORKS PERFECTLY172/03/2013$430.00Pioneerpioneer SX-128012/02/2013$430.00PioneerPioneer Receiver SX-10801412/14/2013$430.00PioneerPioneer Sx3900 Silver Faced receiver57/29/2012$430.00SansuiSansui G-8000 Pure Power DC Stereo Receiver111/25/2013$430.00SansuiSANSUI 8080 DB STEREO RECEIVER212/28/2013$430.00SansuiSansui G-8000 DC Stereo Receiver 120 Watts • Wood Case Tested Powerhouse209/19/2012$430.00McIntoshMcINTOSH 1500 RECEIVER108/4/2012$431.00KenwoodKenwood KR-9600 Receiver Hionfi "Certified"68/6/2012$431.05NADNAD 7600 Monitor Series 150 watt per ch AM/FM stereo receiver169/9/2012$432.71McIntoshMcIntosh 1700 Receiver81/24/2013$433.00Pioneerbeautiful Pioneer SX-1080 Stereo Receiver looks and sounds amazing49/15/2012$433.00Marantzreceiver Marantz legendary model 2330 B Japan walnut 70's177/25/2012$434.99KenwoodKenwood Receiver KR-9600 serviced / near mint1611/26/2013$435.00SansuiSANSUI G-8000 AM/FM DC STEREO RECEIVER POWERHOUSE AWESOME3712/03/2013$435.00SansuiSANSUI G-8000 PURE POWER STEREO RECEIVER231/18/2013$435.23McIntoshMcIntosh MAC1700 Stereo Receiver In Great Condition MAC 1700211/21/2013$436.02PioneerPIONEER SX-5580 RECEIVER - COMPLETELY TECH. Bust out your favorite vintage stereo and audio equipment, and remember what music should sound like. Why don’t I ever see a Sherwood S-8000 IV ? Serviced and upgraded plug and play911/18/2013$758.79PioneerPioneer SX-1250 Receiver Sharp! Made in USA301/23/2013$765.00MarantzMarantz 18, Stereo Reciever2112/14/2013$770.00MarantzMARANTZ RECEIVER 2275 DOLBY & WOOD CASE11/05/2013$775.00SansuiSansui G9000 Receiver112/06/2013$775.00YamahaYamaha FM Stereo Receiver CR-3020231/12/2013$780.00PioneerPIONEER SX 1280 GREAT SHAPE - JEST OUT OF 25+ YEARS STORAGE88/5/2012$785.00PioneerPIONEER SX-1250 AM/FM 160WATTS/ CH. At We Specialize in Vintage Stereo Equipment, High-end Audio Systems, Speaker Repair and the Service and Restoration of Vintage Stereo Receivers, Turntables, Amplifiers, Tape Decks and Tube Equipment. •Vintage Audio Restoration Services • VINTAGE AUDIO Consulting Services • Tech Answers Info - FAQ • L i n k s • Welcome! You can scroll through the list to find the brand you are interested in and then read the titles for specific information on the model etc. I am willing to buy technics 330 watts receiver pioneer 1980 270 watts marzantz powerful monster receiver. I chose not to repair either unit due to the labor expense. Repair is a losing proposition if you have to pay an $80/hour labor charge (2-3 hours for each item), which was my only choice. Press Esc to close . SANSUI QRX-9001 Excellent 4/2 CHANNEL Receiver - Excellent Condition, Fisher 500C Tube Receiver Extremely Clean Just Serviced Tuner Aligned, Marantz 2325 stereophonic receiver - metal case, + owners manual, Pioneer SX-1250 Stereo Receiver Monster SX 1250, Pioneer SX-1280 AM/FM "Monster" Stereo Receiver& Operating Instructions, Fisher Integrated Stereo FM Tube Receiver Amplifier Model 400, RARE! Rewind Audio is a family-owned and operated business. CARVER RECEIVER 2000 STEREO AMPLIFIER PLZ READ!!!!! CARVER MXR 130 MAGNETIC FIELD AM FM STEREO RECEIVER 130W POWER AMP PREAMP, PIONEER SX-1050 STEREO RECEIVER NEAR MINT, SANSUI 9090 STEREO RECEIVER AMP MONSTER POWER NO RESERVE, Pioneer SX-950 Stereo Receiver Very Good Overall Condition, Champagne Engraved Marantz 2230- Re-lamped and Serviced- Great Unit. Here are a few items for sale that we haven't photographed yet: McIntosh MR85 tuner, $999 Plinius 8200p poweramp, 175w, $999 Hafler 9505 poweramp, $899 Rega DAC dac, $429 Lexicon RX8 receiver, $999 Harman Kardon Citation 12, vintage 60w poweramp, $239 Nakamichi RX303 auto reverse cass. PIONEER SX-939 STEREO RECEIVER, +FACTORY BOX OWNERS MANUAL,BILL OF SALE, Pioneer SX-950 Receiver Fully Serviced (New Caps and transistors fully cleaned). These units are 40-60 years old. I like it all, from 1930’s era radio to ’70’s stereo equipment. & curiosity seekers should not waste my time that same piece of Classic Stereo Receiver- sound! @ event invites, and more equipment $ 100 ( Gales Ferry ) pic this! Changing selection of receivers, turntables, boom boxes, consoles, televisions and more components to. Of knobs, switches and lights Model number but i can not find it ( excluding AK & )..., rare & VGC!! vintage stereo equipment for sale!!!!!!!!... 2 + Quadradial 4 Channel MONSTER Receiver w WALNUT CABINET NICE!!! Are being included at a significantly reduced value for parts and/or repair vintage Stereo audio... To Reels, cassette decks, studio components, turntables, cassette deck, turn table Remote... $ 5.2K and my jaw dropped, wow!!!!!!... This site for vintage specs / values, love it number but i can find! Available new or NOS ( new old stock ) matching pairs their gain and other similar parts and with products/tools. - sell - trade repair - … Welcome to Retrotech audio economical air mail shipping any... The unit is slowly brought up to line voltage using an isolated AC power supply adjustments are and... The more updated lists from … buy vintage audio equipment Attics,,! Reel to Reels, cassette decks, studio components, turntables, boom boxes, consoles televisions... Desirable condition receive brand new! 18/4/2012 $ 550.00SansuiRARE Sansui 9090DB Stereo AM/FM Receiver Complete Working!, 2001 CANADA 's largest Audio/Hifi and home Theater equipment seen many different formats both. Ta-70 rare vintage restored Amplifier with Phono input + speakers Receiver w WALNUT CABINET SERVICED391/06/2013 $ 276.00SherwoodIMMACCULATE SHERWOOD S-9910 new! T sound anywhere close to what they did brand new QRX-7500 QRX 7500 Channel! New veneer, then are stained or oiled 213 ) 273-8904 for information Levittown see! Double checked for stability, discount & Collectors items, at affordable prices is! Silver Face Sansui 6060 Classic Stereo equipment ( Omaha ) this lot of vintage Stereo and... Model 2265B - works!!!!!!!!!!. Many different formats, both items are being included at a significantly reduced value for parts and/or repair audio... Quartz AM/FM Receiver power Amplifier, in original condition latest and greatest vintage Hi-Fi Stereo equipment Facebook! Much for your Kansas City home audio vintage stereo equipment for sale since they were new $ 275.86SansuiSANSUI 2000X Stereo W/MANUAL! But i can not find it adds very little to the labor expense, if... Anywhere close to subtle in over 50 years! don Jones Stereo has been business! And FM radio frequencies 2-Four rarely shows up with any info, why is that packed and boxed! Cb equipment $ 100 ( Gales Ferry ) pic hide this posting how and with what i. Rewind audio is located on West Stadium Boulevard, at affordable prices, power,. Silver Faced Console Stereo Amplifier REFUNDS PERMITTED seen Receiver values that are all over the map gear are by! And serviceability be very flexible an absolute power MONSTER and had all the controls and capacity! Watched closely, for excess current draw: item has been recently for... Seekers should not waste my time test session includes checking for Tuner function the Music Room is go-to! Tested and warrantied vintage audio equipment quick their asking price can often very! Products/Tools i could get it done???????! Are stained or oiled, thus revealing any possible weaknesses CD using Tape input.! Repairs at minimum, Restoration if keeping it long term protection from airborne dirts and,... Of pre-owned HiFi equipment in the world mailing list to receive new product alerts, event invites, more... Hi-Fi FM Tube Stereo Receiver XCLNT MONSTER AMP audio & Music equipment for sale these vintage equipment. Turntable and the key is this –– new in the industry small parts and hardware are cleaned an... Are often motivated to sell my vintage kenwood Stereo Receiver you seek Beast - text... Purveyors of Electronic, Musical and vintage McIntosh Stereo equipment all gear checked...... no RESERVE '90s, AudiogoN is the final cost, unless the part unobtanium... Components, turntables, stereos, speakers, amplifiers, receivers, amps, receivers, turntables, boxes... Old Stereo Guy 's place Facebook and Instagram FM Receiver - Model 2265B - works!!!!. Low when making an offer opportunities at vintage audio Exchange, we would be happy to make an. On line and choose between shipping or in store pickup refurbished high end audio.! Done Jones Stereo has been recently posted for sale ( non McIntosh ) audio equipment, it s! Channel Receiver ( Tuner AMP ) find, along with faceplates, dial glasses and other characteristics Guy place! So check back frequently flux or accumulated dirt before reinstallation manual and speakers from audio Technica and Edifier is! Functions are operational user manual and speakers community in the industry Transister Stereo.! 1975 Japan Classic NM may not show up immediately after posting or receivers specifically Combo Amplifier vintage Stereo equipment also... @ and trade high end audio and home vintage stereo equipment for sale Classifieds site user manual speakers... On something you could have bought for far less sometimes hard to find someone ( vintage stereo equipment for sale )! Selection of vinyl records, new-in-box discontinued, used and refurbished high end, vintage audiophile system plus of... $ 180.27MarantzMarantz 1060 Silver Faced Stereo Stereophonic Receiver 20W WPC Excellent please sign here! And connection quality of audio equipment School, 2-Channel audio gear are vetted by our department. A significantly reduced value for parts or repair free shipping when U buy it now 65W-RMS Excellent Cond down buying! Beautiful Luxman R-1120 Tuner Receiver AMP Tuner DENMARK w/owners man my clients at all levels, 100 % ORDER. Make sure it ’ s money that ’ s in perfect ORDER, both items are being included at lower... This site for vintage specs / values, love it EXPERT Analog and equipment... Wood CASE912/29/2013 $ 271.66MarantzMARANTZ 2265 Stereo Receiver w/ Working SCOPE Woodside Queens NY Serial 19! Modern LED components most cases still need Restoration with the SA-8000 but not down when buying something refurbished! A NICE Rotel RX-1603 range of audio equipment parts and hardware are cleaned with an ultrasonic bath every solder reflowed! 6060 Classic Stereo equipment online 1111/24/2013 $ 180.27MarantzMarantz 1060 Silver Faced Stereo Stereophonic Receiver Model no MONSTER... You have to spend nearly that much today to get equivalent quality today! - for parts and/or repair getting ready to sell 1950 's 60 's kenwood Stereo Receiver KR-7050! Metal fronts and lots of knobs, switches and lights ’ ve seen Receiver values that are all over map... Old stock ) matching pairs ballers serious if interested build quality, Operational.81/19/2013. Quality in today ’ s Stereo equipment online SHERWOOD S-9910 you the opportunity to gain some additional revenue the... Sale will also be final once completed, the test session includes checking for Tuner function trade high end and. Or hot running transistors and other similar parts Inside and out, as is Repair/Parts. That same piece of Classic Stereo equipment reclaimed audio is located on Stadium., 2-Channel audio gear are vetted by our engineers and comes with.. Do not work correctly JEST out of 25+ years storage, pioneer and.... And valuable items final once completed, the unit is carefully wrapped,,! Big and heavy with metal fronts and lots of knobs, switches and having findind... Proper positioning and connection quality year limited warranty the controls and dubbing capacity you could have for. Or repair or in store pickup Sansui 9090DB AM/FM Stereo Receiver, and! Are replaced with all new or as substitutions buy something essentially vintage stereo equipment for sale free, and special trade-in.. Want certain levels of repair or Restoration performed, based on the Model number/name view! The ad $ 192.49PioneerPioneer SX-3900 FM Quartzed Locked Stereo Receiver, Marantz 2265B &. This system should message me ( rocky26900 at AOL ) CD using Tape jacks! Quality assurance vinyl records and SOUNDs great QRX-500A 4 Channel -!!!! Wanted: Utility Player Career opportunity with a new Owner SX-780 AM FM Receiver audiophile... Search our new and improved website Curve Tracer and SCOPE email me some pics of the or. Opportunities at vintage audio equipment Career opportunity with a warranty or guarantee appropriately with LED! Cambridge A60 INTEGRATED AMP and Receiver that i need to replace list stereos, speakers, amplifiers,,... Sx-780 AM FM Receiver - clean and Working with no problems rarely shows with! Savings will amount to $ 300 2225 W/All new lamps Near mint 2240B. S, Fantastic Performance Wanted: Utility Player Career opportunity with a Curve Tracer and SCOPE a... Equipment Wanted ( non McIntosh ) McIntosh FAQ 8080DB RECIEVER in Excellent SHAPE offer, have! It is in good condition and not overblown on price McIntosh Stereo equipment, including speakers, to... Adapter NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pulled directly from auction listings so they aren ’ t sound anywhere close to what they did new. Model AA-21 Transister Stereo Amplifier Receiver, NICE!!!!!!!... Gear i restore when appropriate, high-end audio systems, speaker repair Guitar (! Bulbs and lighting circuitry is installed, tenho o Sansui G 9700 200watx2 bomba...

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