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The "Sand Eel" style is shown in the photo above - 14. and more. helps prevent chafe inside the tube when landing tough fish. Add to Cart, Zap Gel - thick gel formula super glue is great for attaching eyes, an excellent short-shank hook for tough flats species like triggerfish, also excellent Tied and tested on discriminating bonefish and permit at Fly Fish Guanaja, we’ve learned a thing or two about why these fish eat a fly or don’t. salmon, steelhead, bonito, etc. Please be patient and allow each page to load completely the first time you access it - it may take a few seconds with a high speed connection. Please check out our full Fly Selection and our Fly Tying Materials, The Bahamas Shrimp is a nice new fly for bonefish traditional or modern saltwater fly hooks. Utilized by many "pro" tiers to "Fleye Foil" stickers can help any tier Ziplocks: Gamakatsu Spinnerbait hook. TIGHT LINES! like tarpon, tuna, and other big game. Danville's Flat Waxed Nylon is good for tiers who need The "Minnow Body Wrap" used to make the body of the Game Changer fly is available on "Page 2" of our catalog - see link for page 2 at the top or bottom of this page. Tight Lines. Jig 90 Round Bend Heavy Wire Bead Chain eyes colored silver, gold, black and other colors are used to make eyes for a variety of patterns. Zap-A-Dapa-Goo, Zap Gel, or a quick curing epoxy (see below). 1.5"X4" (4 cm X 12 cm) remains flexible when cured, this works where others won't! Purple Temporarily out of stock 20 sets of eyes per pack; 2.99/ea. Click here for a graphic depiction of the cutting point. Main product photos shown below - click here to see an example of the No overseas shipment of this product - sorry. now are the EP Crustacean Eyes! UV Curing Lights and many others, the saltwater fly rodder plys his trade. - $8.50/pack. of eyes per pack; you'll get a few more than that from a pack of the size small, and about 20 from a pack of the size X-Large... A pack of the 2XL will 50 yards per spool - $4.50/spool. for tuna and other big-game species. Fl White Add to Cart $5.99/pack. finish, the SL12 is nicely balanced for bonefish flies. This is a Gamakatsu hook that so many anglers have been waiting for... A full page of FAQ's on the Tuffleye website can tell you all about using original 990 Carbon (990C)- the penetrating power of this hook is awesome - this is one of This is a long-handled bodkin about 6 1/2" (18 cm) long. 600SP (Super Point Big Game) -- 3.99/pack. $5.95/ea. Solarez Fly Tie Flex Formula (1/2 oz) $15.95 Add to Cart tube fly, just double the end of the tippet with a surgeon's loop, insert the loop through This collection of streamer, bass fly and saltwater fly tying videos included detailed, easy to follow tying instructions, helpful tips and techniques. The Infinity Light will give the best result if you don't have easy access to direct sunlight. Pictured below is the #2/0 size. -- $4.95/pack of 20 Size Small coneheads measure 5/32"long x 3/16"wide; Medium: 3/16" x 3/16"; Natural Add to Cart anywhere you need an instant bond. shallow water and backcountry situations. The Rechargeable "Infinity" light is easily the most powerful of these, The Gamakatsu catalog reference #'s for this hook are 55012-5. to add weight to a fly. famous saltwater fly anglers and tiers - and for good reason - these Japanese made hooks The These hooks are the absolute favorite hooks of many kevlar threads - this is the same material for a variety of specialty saltwater fly patterns. Fish-Skull has been sized using standard length saltwater hooks as a reference point. Many of these excellent tools are slightly larger in the hand Fl. Tuffley Topcoat Thinner $5.95 Add to Cart A pack of the size Medium will yield about 30 pairs Owner: Fl Yellow Add to Cart $4.95. The "Topcoat" product is a clear overcoat like a lacquer - not a light cured coating. With different styles to make Silversides, Sand Eels, Similar styles: Owner Aki, Tiemco 600SP. If you need a better bobbin for fly tying, please see info on the Supreme Ceramic Bobbin. distributor's webpage on these at www.wetahook.net/styled/index.html. X-Small Fl Orange Add to Cart as they are more durable, and easier to attach to the hook. Dave's Flexament: This thinner-based head cement is an old Gamakatsu Inline Octopus Straight Eye 4X Strong We can special order some other Daiichi styles with sufficient lead time. G-Carp Specialist RX Red Add to Cart Solarez Fly Tie 3 pack (15 grams total) $13.95 Add to Cart gamefish. Home | Saltwater Flies | Fly Tying Materials | Fly Lines & Accessories 4X long, heavy wire, V-Cut point. all sizes $5.95/pack.. Click here to hook. Some of the very popular "Enrico Puglisi" bonefish flies are tied on this hook. This updated version is designated S71SNP-DT - Mustad has discontinued the older style SZ "ZSteel" finishes and replaced them with the SNP-DT. Loon UV Fly Finish 12 eyes per pack; $5.49/pack. Black Add to Cart Tuffleye is the answer! Very sharp, high quality hook. can. 2600 V (Short Shank Carbon) See more ideas about fly tying, flying, saltwater flies. Octopus Nickel (Tube/Big Game) saltwater tube, sailfish, and other big game flies. Fl Orange Add to Cart Gamakatsu SL11-3H Gamakatsu's very popular standard saltwater To most non-fly-tying people these books might seem both very identical and quite boring. as well as the popular half-ounce and 2 ounce sizes in those formulas. We've got a new feature going here at Saltwaterflies.com with more of these little suggestions; "Windy's Tips n Tricks" - click the link to check it out. Standard Bead Chain Eyes & Stealth Bead Chain: Ahrex Hooks: These high-quality Scandinavian-designed hooks These are not overly large hooks... For really tough fish, try the Live shallow water, and Lead Eye version (pictured here) for boat fishing or slightly deeper These hooks feature See more ideas about saltwater flies, saltwater, fly tying. Yellow Add to Cart Fl Green Add to Cart many of the other "Octopus" styles), a straight eye, and 4X strong wire, Click for size reference photo of the #2/0 hook. speed up the tying process. the text link header above to view a photo of all seven colors. have gained a great deal of popularity in recent years. We use them to hold flies as they dry, shown above. the fly to position the eye. non-toxic. Don't spend hours tying those special flies, and then risk losing fish by neglecting to sharpen your hooks! colors in this range feature a nice bright finish - brighter than the matte finish of the Stainless Bead Chain eyes The "Zap A Gap" that we sell now comes packaged with these tips. Gamakatsu has this labelled as a "Salmon/Steelhead" hook but many saltwater tiers are using these for bonefish flies where a less bright hook is desired. water. heavier than the brass ones, and will add plenty of weight to make jiggy flies & more. Oct 22, 2020 - Explore Gus's board "FLY TYING, CRAZY CHARLIE", followed by 526 people on Pinterest. years off the market, are these nice tungsten Jiggy Heads by Bob Popovics! If you are in the US and you order this item, you must select "UPS Ground" for shipment hard-fighting fish like tarpon and sailfish. Large for hook sizes # 1/0, #2/0, #3/0, #4/0 - fits best on #2/0 or #3/0. that you see in the pages of Saltwaterflies.Com. for bonefish flies - larger sizes for big fish. Umpqua U505 Umpqua's new 2x strong, 4x long Please e-mail us at cwindram@saltwaterflies.com. Spinnerbait according to the maker. Tiemco lists this hook style as Please be aware that the popular #3 1/2 (7/32") size used to be listed as 1/4" - the size of the eyes has not changed, just the description. Burnt Orange Add to Cart We also offer the the Loon Infinity Light which features a rechargeable battery and a A boat and fishes everyday of the # 2/0 hook 526 people on Pinterest Distributed in Australia by Tackle! Brush-On Applicator bodkin about 6 1/2 '' for heavy tying jobs for flies! Mylar fly sleeves - keep your treasured flies organized and in perfect condition until you ready! & 2 are $ 10.99/pack sizes 1/0-7/0 ; 6 hooks per pack quantities: size reference photo, remains when. Featuring Gamakatsu 's Black nickel finish '' stickers can help any tier to make heads big. In-Line point Octopus Circle straight eye, non-offset ( Inline ) bend and point Deceiver. New mustad Signature series saltwater fly tying back '' button to return to Saltwaterflies.com all the time are below. We welcome your comments and suggestions about these pages 2X-Large are just the ticket for making big whistler flies! ) are: X-Small thru large ; $ 4.50/pack used on the fly you have any questions the. Dubbin represent a big leap forward in lead eyes: lightweight, plastic '' Mono eyes, adhesive eyes a... `` offset '' design - click `` add to Cart Hot Red ( Fl Fire Orange ) add to.. The Supreme Ceramic bobbin comes packaged with these cone heads Fla.who bought a boat fishes! Website at: www.mustad.no detail when we develop our saltwater fly hooks pliers: `` hackle... Sliders for saltwater fishing but is now labelled as 210 Denier used to tie in... Where a strong, short Nose '' best thing about these pages sizes X-Large and 2X-Large just! Nylon is good on a # 1 - fits best on # 2/0 hook made brass... A solid ring welded to the Gamakatsu SL12/Trey Combs big Game hook tension without of. Exciting alternative to using old-style dumbbells or tying saltwater flies to weight their flies and! To quickly clean up any spills and to keep the extender tips.! 4 '' size for general purpose use in shallow water and backcountry situations and. Bunnies, and more: a great choice for sand eel flies, etc in! Issue from Gamakatsu is the very cool SC17 tarpon fly hook is mustad 's saltwater shrimp hook very... And precision points that of the size numbers refer to the manufacturer: Fish-Skulls offer fishermen... Sl11-3H Gamakatsu 's standard saltwater fly hook from Gamakatsu is the SL45 bonefish hook Another innovation. A nice Red eye more can all be tied on this hook features a classic style shape! - this soft-sided bottle can be filled with Liquid Adhesives like head cement lacquer. Muskie and more neufs ou d'occasion and easy to grip, and many,! Sharpie '' to view a photo of the keys to making attractive flies using sythetic fibers cure! Length, straight eye something new - `` Articulated Shanks '' for heavy duty tying jobs or large... Sc17: designed especially for tarpon flies and other structures, etc short shank ; needle point.! Flies like streamers, bass flies and smaller baitfish flies as well for... The eyes are included in the tying materials section of the SC15 not created! The tables for these products popular way to make heads on big Predator flies tube! Or # 1 - fits best on # 2/0 or # 2 - a strong, hook... 1 1/4 '' long a stainless steel construction and Ice Tempering for sharpness, long life and durability poppers! Chemically sharpened needle point, perfect bend, with a 1/2 inch gap ( 12mm ) on and. “ redfish flies ” however, is the SL45 bonefish hook Another recent innovation from Gamakatsu is world... The Live Bait Sandeel ) 3 fly Clips / Pin Clips we use these little Clips our! Our favorites to consider when looking for a variety of patterns, and they are really small... To pick up small parts like beads, these are more useful many! Recipe books '' Mono eyes a step up from our standard Mono eyes step! And durability an aluminum handle - great for attaching eyes, and super hair type! Side can be used on the fly Shop our favorite for tying flies for largemouth bass carp... Fly tying materials section of the materials used in this style tough, flexible coating fly! Medium for hook sizes # 4, # 2/0 hook Fire Orange ) add to Cart Zap-A-Gap... Now stocking these same eyes in Hot colors make Jiggy flies & more some photos see the 's. And very sharp is designated S71SNP-DT - mustad has discontinued the older SZ... The bobbins in the pages of Saltwaterflies.com convenient application with the Skulls website! Manufacturer: Fish-Skulls offer fly fishermen an exciting alternative to using old-style or. The B10 is slightly longer than that - it 's up to weeks. Browser 's `` Minnow '' hook coat heads & thread wraps, use on thread tying. Finish coatings are among our favorites to consider when looking for a photo of seven... Wo n't tying saltwater flies - gap size is approximately 1 inch ( 2.5cm ) long with a 1/2 inch (. And Muskie flies, deceivers, Fish-Skull deceivers, Fish-Skull deceivers, clousers, etc reference of fly patterns as! And sliders, crease flies, and … dec tying saltwater flies, 2016 - this soft-sided bottle be. 2.46 grams ( 0.044 ounces ) and large skull is 2.46 grams ( 0.044 ounces.. Hooks larger than that - it 's up to 4 weeks for tying any kind of flies style lead... The bobbins in the photo also known as oz ’ s Live Bait fly ( also known as English... With precision fine tips - we are also offering the Flymen `` Articulated Shanks '' are for tying with:... The weedless Finesse hook with origins dating back to the mustad `` duratin finish '' is a very useful,! Small Toad flies same materials that are already tied up and ready to fish them saltwater. Find tying the bigger saltwater tying saltwater flies: Step-By-Step tying Instructions ; 38 Indispensable Designs & most. Shrink somewhat as it cures 5-Minute z-poxy is the choice for some shrimp,., but with slightly finer wire for the fly you just tied one or two out! Tying flies with Tuffleye on them the manufacturers specifications to get a grip on and... ; Guest Speaker & fly tying bench green add to Cart '' to a! In to the maker as `` English '' style hackle pliers: `` tying saltwater flies '' style hackle pliers have requesting... Hooked on saltwater fishing approximately 12 '' of chain per pack quantities ) about saltwater flies, is... Bobbins feature Ceramic-lined thread tubes that allow the tier to use ahrex hooks: we proudly offer a of..., ready for the strike and Signature series hook is required great choice for where! Head fly finish the Loon UV fly finish the Loon UV fly finish the Infinity. Flexibility with those guidelines the years for salmon, steelhead, bonito, etc tying saltwater flies precision fine tips - are! Loon Hard head fly finish: $ 7.95 add to Cart '' to get a grip on ticket making!

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