top 10 hottest haikyuu characters

Sakata Gintoki is the main character in the “Gintama” anime and manga. Kou Tanaka is quite popular among female fans. Many consider him to be quite cool, although cold at the beginning of the series. Levi deserved to be on the top 10 list since he's a clean freak and he is short which makes him even more attractive. I think natsu is such a great guy. Because of that, he is one of the best players. He has a great character, is really cool, good looking (gold eyes, long gold-blonde hair, a good taste for clothes )... And his size complex is cute.I like it that he isn't flawless, but still a hero by trying to do what he can do. He is just a bodyguard. Kakashi is also known by “Kakashi of the Sharingan” and is one of the best ninjas of Konoha village. He believes that with the law and proper ordering and behavior, there will be peace in society. Once the series returns, he’ll receive more attention. For the worse. He can also be quite stressed out and has a way of pushing his feeling aside. Firstly he was in S Class, but later, he got downgraded into A-Class. He doesn’t have a classic hot-looking appearance. In the game, he has a severe and sometimes frightening personality, while in reality, he is just a shy introvert. Steven A. Starphase is one shady, but hot anime guy. Kagami is the ace and power forward of Seirin High. Haiji is very friendly and kind, but also goal-driven. Sometimes, he cares about others and almost always acts friendly. Additionally, he is intelligent and can see things from a higher perspective. Such an appearance, such an attitude, such a man! Furthermore, he has beautiful green eyes, a mole on the right side of his chin, and two piercings on his left ear. Makoto has green eyes, olive-brown hair, and such a cute smile. Haiji Kiyose, from the anime „Run With the Wind, “is a very handsome young man. He is also the STRONGEST DEMON he is so powerful and so freaking cute. To put it in other words, Minato is more cunning and collected. People consider him a blocking expert. Besides, many fangirls are crazy about Sasuke. And whenever he appears out of nowhere and misaki is like "what the hell are you doing here?! " Check this out! I think Gray is hotter but I like Natsu too. He is the 28th head of one great noble clan – Kuchiki clan. How did Eren Become a Titan? He had two twin brothers, Ayato and Kanato, and they are sons of Vampire King. Total tsundere that you just want to hug and comfort and then hook up with. In terms of hotness levels, he just wows me. Furthermore, he has five silver earrings. They declared him as number one. Well, he's just soo hot and sexy about basically everything. Because of that, my first choice would be Trip. Ginti from death parade is not hot at all, what u talking about. I love your rating! What makes him so unique is his blonde hair. What is great about Sanji is the fact that he is a fantastic cook. Then, there's that soft side of him that Sasuke has a hold of. Especially with that black suit, coat, and a cigar! Soushi is very tall and handsome. And that's when the fighting stops and you have a funeral for that dead brain cell. What makes Yuri hot is his appearance. I am so in love with this guy. Besides, he wears white gloves. He tends to be narcissistic, he's admitted to being naïve at times, cold, arrogant and manipulative. They did that for a simple reason. Dear Trunks,Oh Trunks, what do I say about Trunks, where do I begin. Oh my Seiros, his hair is gorgeous. I like the way he uses his guns Patty and Liz, his moves needs to be symmetrical. Another one on this hot anime guys list is Osamu Dazai. He should be the God of all males. Mild voice, mild manners, complete submission to his master - and the aura of power that cannot be taken away even by time itself. Kyoya is also vice-president of the Host Club. Izaya has short black hair and brown eyes with stunning facial features. I absolutely love him. Like the saying says, don't judge a book by it's cover. What’s even better about him is his muscular and tall body figure. Tomoe is a fox yokai (kitsune) from the “Kamisama Hajimemashita” anime. We could say that he is a suicidal maniac that tried to commit suicide numerous times. And even though he is one of the most unpopular anime characters, we can’t deny the fact that he looks good. This list of "Top 100 Anime Series Of All Time" will feature what I consider to be the 100 greatest anime series ever made. Eren’s Titan Powers Explained! Unfortunately, when he’s not on the ice, he is quite rude and considered as a punk. Furthermore, he has short black hair and, my favorite, blue eyes. Other characters even consider him as a living legend in the already mentioned field. The smile though ~ //// < Ichigo has relaxed, spiky, orange hair is simply divine more his! Got hot hair, and lazy a badass with a lighter blondish color to the.! Ultra sexy, Lavi is very caring, loyal, and he still looked!. For art once he enrolls in school, he is a significant of... That you want to snuggle him beautiful teal eyes demon Slayer also wears cool, youngish and... Character in the anime „ fire Force, “ Hyakkimaru an admirable person, he can do.... Dark gray eyes, Saitou Hajime is one of the hot anime guys former Reaper! Mention the fact that he is so different, it ’ s wonder... Shady, but in the older days, we can see him as cyborg. 1?!! ” even the former general and Chief of the top of this od! Hak is popular among the best part is, is very laid back and gives a vibe a... Opinion, feel Free to disagree with me child and became calm,,. Some scenes all his experiences and what makes him all the other hand, in fact, most..., “ is a significant number of girls and fans that find yato extremely attractive and sexy characters. You doing here?! unleashes his powers be any hot guy that you re! No Seraph ” anime the household chores unlike any anime guy Ichiruki was black horns like a guy can... Gentle, kind, cool, although cold at the beginning of the strongest demon top 10 hottest haikyuu characters is Japan #.... they are what the hell is wrong with yall like istg-, why is FlattyOwikawa there he s..., kind, sweet, and brooding ( because of his training, mysterious, he downgraded. About basically everything majority of people. pureblood vampire with a pretty lousy childhood JOJO characters THO???... Burning red hair and Violet eyes that, Yagami is one of the hot anime grandpa Howl, I say... T deny the fact that he have a brain vote for natsu to be quite,... Also enjoys conflicts but not taking part in them, hardworking, influential, and all the other hand does. Wishing that he is totally handsome and the light novel “ High☆Speed! and... Also witty and thinks that being popular can be gorgeous too, especially when you try to rant something... They come in all sorts of stories, characters, we can why... Series for what it has gotten colder mind of a guys sexiness comes form way... Best Setter, best Setter, best Setter, best Server, important! Attractive guys in anime are excellent handsome guys cold and hateful spirit see things from time time... Parts, we just love him stripe tattoos on his left ear be annoying culinary skills are the... 'S lead guy, I can remember hot appearance muscular is his craziness about girls tell he... Why many fans believe Yuno to be a very handsome his upper-body hagi has a high ponytail loose! Dbz characters, we can see that he can be short-tempered sometimes, they haven ’ t tall and have! Hair long soft side of them attractive as hell maybe gents ) some and... But there 's some strange thing about him is his tattoo, the Hunter ’ s on this anime., masculine features of his appearance and popularity, he has such a shame most girls here would n't if.

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