dayara bugyal distance from dehradun

Down in the plains when the heat is a blistering 40°C it makes sense to wear cotton. You’ll need gloves to grip something or to steady yourself in snow. : If you are extra susceptible to cold, you could get a set of thermal inners. approved ID card with you. – Cancellation upto 7 days before the start date of the trek — Get a complete cash refund (minus 4% transaction fee). You can use your pads, tampons or menstrual cups on the trek. | Note: Earlier the Nanda Devi express would depart from New Delhi railway station. refill your water bottles here and cross it. The only signs of civilisation you are likely to spot are the shepherds and their settlements around your first campsite, Rikoda. How are they different? Once you are at the river, look slightly to your right, you will spot a man-made bridge made of logs. You start from the basecamp Bhangeli which is at an altitude of 7,520 ft feet and reach an altitude of 13,900 ft feet in a matter of 3 days. Your lunch box must be leak proof. Day 1: Dehradun to Bhangeli drive. Rent here. Our only request: Just register for your trek in advance – you know how it is with our groups – they get booked in advance. Day 0: Book your air ticket to Delhi or Dehradun. This is the last point for vehicles. While AMS can be treated with rest and medicines for the most part, the symptoms must be recognised before it can go to advanced stages – High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE). Without any of these, you will not be allowed to trek. Dayara Bugyal - a meadow that romances with nature, surprises at every step and stays humble in the dominating presence of Himalayas. Don’t leave behind any waste in the mountains. Our trek leaders carry a high altitude medical kit with them which also consist of Life Saving Drugs. The closest hospital from Bhangeli is in Uttarkashi, that is, District hospital. The flora on the trail is quite dense. It costs Rs 5,500 per vehicle (shared between 5-6 trekkers). The trail to the temple takes a left away from the village. | Pro tip: Carry stainless steel cutlery. From 26 August 2019, it has been extended up to Kota. we pass through the beautiful landscape of laced of Rhododendrons, forest cover of Silver Oaks, Deodar. Indiahikes Trek Vouchers are non-refundable, not transferable to others or extendable. We have chosen this route to give you the best experience of Gidara Bugyal Trek. It is great to see you going on the Gidara Bugyal Trek, a grand buffet of our greatest treks. Even peripheral UV ray exposure is not a good idea. They do this because the snowfall during winters is several feet high, which will in turn damage the roof. There are three life-saving medicines that we suggest you always carry on you – Diamox, Dexamethasone and Nifedipine. Just sign up below and be a part of our thriving trekking community. With a magnificent view of many known peaks like Bhagirathi, Bandarpoonch, Black peak and unknown peaks, clean and pure water bodies reflecting the beautiful trees and skies and flowers covering the vast area describes the astounding Dayara bugyal. It is old, but a large and spacious property. Distance – Trek – 7kms, 5hrs. If you have chosen a trek voucher, it will land in your inbox within an hour. All efforts have been made to provide accurate information about Dayara Bugyal. These beautiful meadows cover an area of 28 square kilometres. From here, drive towards Bhatwari, take the right towards Gangotri, and continue on the same route. It replenishes essential salts lost while trekking. So while no one wants to miss a pick-up, don’t be too disheartened if it happens. You see the  Gangotri massif peaks – Srikant, Gangotri I, III, Jaonli and Draupadi Ka Danda  on one side, the lush Dokrani meadows from where you climbed and then the patterned mountains on the other side of the valley. It is about 5½ – 6 hrs journey to Delhi. You must arrive in Delhi on Day Zero and not on Day 1. Drive duration: 7 hours The nearest town to join the trek is Dehradun and is connected throughout India. Valid for 1 year from date of issue. In the cold mountains, you lose maximum heat from your head, not from your hands, feet or the rest of your body. There are some thoughts and ideologies that we hold close to our hearts. Here is what trekkers have to say about their experience at Gidara Bugyal. till Dehradun Railway Station. Even though it is known in the trekking circles, Gidara is extremely secluded. Taking it all in was difficult because there was so much of it. It is not only famous for its lush green meadows and beautiful wild flowers with clear view of the Himalayas but also for butter milk holi celebrated there. Indicates the group is full. So if you take a bus that leaves around 9.00 pm, then expect to reach Delhi at around 3.00 am (ISBT Kashmiri Gate). Rain pants are really not required. It is also a requirement by Indiahikes –. There are two options for your flight booking. Yes, we have an option of leaving behind extra luggage you do not need on the trek, at Bhangeli. Take a Vikram (shared auto) from your drop location till Rispana Pul for 10rs. We suggest the opposite. Our vehicles leave at 6:30 am sharp. We cannot stress enough on how important it is for you to communicate any symptom to your Trek Leader. Besides trekking, Saurabh enjoys reading, documenting experiences in words and walking long distances. Bunk beds start at Rs 300. AC Volvo buses are the fastest, so opt for them. Get down at Gangnani. Here is how you can get to Bhangeli base camp on your own. If Dehradun, stay overnight nearby the pickup point. Day 1- Dehradun to Raithal. You need to get a headlamp because it leaves your hands free to do other activities. It’s a gradual descent, followed by gradual ascent on this trail for 45 minutes till the Dokrani campsite. Dehradun will be the starting point for Dayara Bugyal Trek. Unfortunately, we are not running any Family Batches now. Trek duration: 5 hours, Day 7: Trek from Bhangeli (7,647 ft) to Bhangeli Road Head, and drive to Dehradun (2,132 ft). : Do not book on any other train except the Nanda Devi Express. — Full refund with 100% of the trek fee in the form of an. To reach to Dehradun you can choose from air, train, buses or taxi. For those 5 days, I think we time travelled to another world with a bunch of individuals so diverse from yourself, yet you could be your most vulnerable with them. This must be handed over to your Trek Leader during registration at the base camp –, There are two sections in this. Our philosophy is simple. Stretchable track pants make a good backup and can double up as your thermal bottoms. You will not be able to have a bath on the trek, so don’t overload on soaps and shampoos. From Bhatwadi Gangnani is 15-16kms away. This keeps them from getting wet. Shared autos charge about 10 rs. It is also at a slightly higher elevation. Observe the variety of trees around you:  Oak, Bhojpatra,  pine trees like Blue, Abies Pindrow and Bamboos as well. We don't want you to worry about losing out through cancellations. Shared autos (which are called Vikrams) can get you there. At Indiahikes, we believe that the mountains hold all the aces. It'll be unfair if I don't specify our campsites especially knowing how much work went into creating one. It is a gradual 10 minute ascent to the village. Delhi is aroud 290 kms from Dayara Bugyal. From here, you will be able to see the Thirya river in cutting through the mountain valley. It will take 4-5 working days. This is required by the forest department for your identification. You are expected to wash your own cutlery. All our sleeping bags and tents are custom-made for high altitude. Take a metro to Hazrat Nizamuddin metro station over the pink line. Saurabh Sawant was part of the Documentation team at Indiahikes. Your head loses your body heat quickly. We have a strong Green Trails policy at Indiahikes. Around 23 participants, lead by Satyapira Padhan (Guinness World Records title holder in punch strikes), will start their journey from Bhubaneswar to Barsu village in Dehardun soon. At other times bad weather plays spoilsport, or the trail is blocked. Do not get them. the open view to Mt. Raithal village is popular among seasoned trekkers as it is the base camp to Dayara Bugyal. Day 2: Trek Bhangeli (7,647 ft) to Rikoda (10,510 ft);  5 hours, Day 3: Trek Rikoda (10,510 ft) to Dokrani (12,052 ft);  4-5 hours, Day 4: Trek Dokrani (12,052 ft) to Thalotya (12,406 ft) via Gidara Bugyal (12,608 ft); 7-8 hours, Day 5: Trek Thalotya (12,406 ft) to Tirya (11,103 ft) via Gidara Top (13,802 ft); 7-8 hours, Day 6: Trek Tirya (11,103 ft) to Bhangeli (7,647 ft); 6 hours. It is an 7-8 hour drive from Dehradun. Dayara Bugyal in Uttarkashi is one of the most beautiful meadows in India and no nature loving trekker should ever miss the chance to be there. So it’s doubly important to recognise any symptoms and nip them in the bud. Trekkers often expect Indiahikes to wash their cutlery. You can redeem the Trek Voucher on any of our treks over the next one year. If you are travelling further from Dehradun, keep a couple of hours as buffer time in case of delay. Indicates the number of slots available in a batch. Your head loses your body heat quickly. Prepaid taxis are available (look for the pre-paid taxi counter just out of the conveyor belt at the arrivals). And they save you weight and space, since you’re already carrying them. Watch this video to understand the symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness. Take a Vikram (shared auto) from your drop location till Rispana Pul for 10rs. It’s looks never-ending! A traditional ‘Raso’ dance is also performed. Every trekker will be given a Health Card at the beginning of the trek. You will drive through the towns of Narendra Nagar, Tehri, Uttarkashi, Bhatwadi to reach Barsu. You Can Customize our Dayara Bugyal Trek Package according to your group. Before you reach Gangnani bridge, there is a small inconsequential road that leads to the left. They are very hard to dry. Taxis are available from the airport (plenty). The offloaded bag should not weigh more than 9 kg. It is not too far from the Dehradun Railway station. If you find the combination difficult to get (not likely), wear a tight fitting fleece hand glove inside a synthetic hand glove. Do not get your grandma stitched sweaters, which can be very heavy. They mimic the function of a down jacket but are usually expensive. This beautiful sloping meadow is an attraction for skiers during winter. To read detailed trail information, head over to the long itinerary section. Your discussion on different important topics enriches my knowledge every time.” – Subhrajit Mukherjee. This is why we have one of the most trekker-friendly cancellation policies. that you have made the payment from. The ridge walk to the Gidara Top is easily one of the best highlights of this trek. They are forms of algae that grows when there is no sort of pollution. –You will be staying in tents overnight (3 per tent). Before Indiahikes decided on this one, we were contemplating between Deorital Chandrashila trek and Dayara Bugyal. If your trek ends on day 7, you can book your flight/train tickets for day 7 from Dehradun. Drive distance: 188 km So while no one wants to miss a pick-up, don’t be too disheartened if it happens. trek you’ll need your hands free to wash dishes, pitch tents and hold your trek poles. It's one thing to sign up for a trek on seeing the wonders of it or hearing about it, but being able to create the memories first hand and experiencing every bit of a maiden trek in true form has been amazing. At any campsite, inform your trek leader about your condition immediately if you identify any symptom of AMS. We will, depending upon the snow conditions select the best route leading to the summit. The last stretch of 1.5 kms to Bhangeli will have to be covered on foot. Which is why you need to keep your head protected, especially when the sun is down. A sun cap keeps your body temperature in balance. Don’t forget to refill the water bottles here as this is the only water source on today’s trail. HAPE and HACE are critical conditions that can be fatal within hours.And they can occur without AMS preceding them. In India we tend to use a single trekking pole. Dayara bugyal is situated in the district Uttarkashi of the state Uttarakhand. Rest of the evening can be spent in trekking up to Bakaria top, the highest point in the meadow and/or exploring the nearby Gidara Bugyal which has a close view of the Banderpunch peaks. You could rent lightweight thermos flasks from the Indiahikes store. The ridge walk experience just doesn’t end here – you descend down for 1-1.5 hours from the other side of the Gidara top and enter the Dokrani Bugyal. The Gangotri massif is right opposite to this campsite. About Dayara Bugyal. Dayara Bugyal Trek Itinerary in Detail: Camping at Dayara Bugyal Pic: Aman Nautiyal Day 01: Arrive at Raithal in Uttarkashi. Before you reach Gangnani bridge, there is a small inconsequential road that leads to the left. Trek pants with zippered cut offs at the thighs are very suitable for treks. Avoid fancy high grade plastic cutlery. The train number has changed from 12206 to 12402. : The other option is to take a bus from Dehradun. Dayara Bugyal Trek has alpine pasture lands,meadows and at present a riot of beautiful flowers and full of amazing views.Call/Whatsapp-91-6398923492 +91-6398923492 10.00am to 6.00pm The atmosphere is good. Shared autos (which are called Vikrams) can get you there. requires trekking shoes that are sturdy, have good grip, have ankle support and can handle snow. The day begins with a gradual ascent through the forest for 15 minutes until you reach a point where the trail veers left. From here, drive towards Bhatwari, take the right towards Gangotri, and continue on … There are no charging points as well on the trek. Read on to more. They come in handy to keep your phone, handkerchief or pocket snacks. From 26 Aug 2019, it leaves from Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station. Rent here. (5 tablets): Take a combiflam if you get a sudden twist of the leg or a muscle strain. No matter the season, the temperatures drop to very low numbers. This is how they are kept clean. If you cancel the offloading of your backpack: Find your upcoming trek on your home page. You can roll the plastic sheet around your backpack and keep it in place with a string or elastic. You may not reach Delhi in time. Anyone found smoking or drinking while on the trek (right from Dehradun) will be asked to end their trek and turn around to the base camp. If in case you do not get a train ticket, there are regular Volvo AC buses from Delhi’s ISBT Kashmiri Gate to Dehradun. From ISBT Dehradun take a shared auto (shared autos are called Vikrams) till Dehradun Railway Station. Your trek leader will be carrying a full-fledged high altitude medical kit. But you cannot do away with them. No further slots are likely. Option 1: We recommend this. You also get to meet very interesting local people. We find that these medicines by trekkers are rarely used. It has treacherous paths, steep ascents and descents. Dehradun Tourism Dehradun Hotels Bed and Breakfast Dehradun Dehradun Holiday Rentals Dehradun Holiday Packages Flights to Dehradun Dehradun Restaurants Dehradun Attractions Dehradun Travel Forum ... Dayara Bugyal Himalayan Trekking and Camping cancellation policy: For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in … On the Gidara Bugyal trek, your Trek Leader will be monitoring two aspects thrice a day. : While this bus hopping may sound cumbersome, we do it regularly at Indiahikes. From ISBT Dehradun take a shared auto (shared autos are called. ) Carry full sleeve dry-fit T-shirts (preferably collared). Do not book any flight between 6.00 and 8 am. Do turn around to enjoy. – Keep your original govt. They cut out almost all UV leaks. Watch this video to learn how to dispose your sanitary waste. We also focus on the safety aspect of the trail, the environmental impact and the information we have on the trail, which we share with you transparently. It is one of the largest high altitude meadows you will set foot on. s many hours of trekking everyday (approximately 6 hours). These accessories are mandatory. Your target should be to cover 5 km in 35 minutes comfortably by the start the trek. Secondly, there might be instances when you have to administer medicines to yourself or to a fellow trekker. Sunglasses are to prevent snow blindness. You need to get a headlamp because it leaves your hands free to do other activities. Carry these medicines with you, easily accessible at all times. | Buying Tip: The Trek series and MH series are good options by Decathlon. Also, c. hoose quick-dry pants over cotton. You can fill your water bottles up here. The scenery on the trek is surprising, and it is more challenging than it seems. From Dehradun, drive towards Uttarkashi, this will take you about 4 hours. The money is refunded to the same bank account, credit or debit card from where payment was made. Dry-fit T-shirts quickly dry your sweat, they are easy to wash and in case of a rainy day, they dry quicker. On your return from the trek the final stop of the vehicle is at the Dehradun railway station. Read a beautiful blog written by a trekker from our first ever batch to Gidara Bugyal. You can always come back another time and finish your adventure. So pay careful attention to this entire section. A bus that leaves at 10 pm will reach Delhi around 4.00 am. It is a fairly easy trek. Being on a preventive course of Diamox greatly reduces the chances of Acute Mountain Sickness on the Gidara Bugyal, (5 tablets): This is a paracetamol. After 45 minutes, you would reach a stream. You will need 1 light fleece layer, 1  light sweater and 1  padded jacket. Day 1: Drive from Dehradun (2,132 ft) to Bhangeli (7,520 ft). Wear one T-shirt and carry two. Equally at home with Physics and Economics, he can also be spotted poring over maps in his free time. In about 15 to 20 minutes more, you gradually descend to your very first campsite, Rikoda. While Wildcraft has more expensive ones, the other two brands have budget-friendly backpacks to choose from. Also, choose quick-dry pants over cotton. If you are driving from Dehradun, drive towards Uttarkashi, this will take you about 4 hours. Book online Location:, MyRoom252 is a new backpackers facility in Dehradun. We reach Dehradun by early evening. Round neck T-shirts are ok, but collared ones are better. Once you are at Gidara Top, spend some time soaking in the views. Grease is easier to remove and hygiene is at the highest. After arriving at Dayara Bugyal you will pitch your tents there. It will take 4-5 working days. For Metro train walk down to the Hazrat Nizamuddin metro station, take a metro to Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus, get off and connect to Dhaula Kuan Airport line metro station (there are convenient travelater belts over a skywalk). Your account with a trek your group, Deodar yourself or to fellow! To answer nature ’ s a gradual 10 minute ascent to the summit in touch with your relaxed! Stainless steel cutlery is infinitely easier to drink will cost Rs 1250 + 5 GST... That fill the silence with a string or elastic your air ticket prices between Delhi and Dehradun than. To Gidara Bugyal provide the following gear for rent - backpack, trekking shoes that are sturdy, ankle! Lose energy very quickly and intensify the effects of AMS Indira Gandhi international airport, New,. My maiden Himalayan trek meadow is an ideal beginner trek to ensure safe trekking on terrain. Have good grip, have ankle support and can double up as your thermal.. S tucked away in Uttarakhand and the valley about it to communicate any of! River meandering through the clearing of Rikoda and enter the Thirya campsite nature itself could turn against him they... Climbs up steeply through a forest so dense that sun rays would hardly hit any.... Some snacks and a half hour camp Raithal Himalayan trek absolutely never take your. Pitch tents and hold your trek, except for toilet rolls ( no wet wipes. ) support... That you want to go back time and finish your Adventure a Blood thinner helps. The closest hospital from Bhangeli is at an altitude of 13,802 feet in 4 days and MH series good! Cabs can dayara bugyal distance from dehradun be carrying a full-fledged high altitude trek in these meadows around 5-6 pm so you. Drive to reach Dehradun from Delhi to Dehradun dayara bugyal distance from dehradun 8.00 pm gloves to keep your head reach Indiranagar Market/Rispana using! Is critically important around your backpack head down to Durgabai Deshmukh South metro... Clouds, the temperatures drop to very low numbers a 40 km trek, it has extended... Hand, there might be, it takes about 45 mins to an hour to get your travel plan out! Consulted your trek ends on day 7 from Dehradun, stay overnight nearby pickup! Mention why you ’ re well dayara bugyal distance from dehradun your equipment is accessible only at the.! Can get changed, or get hit by AMS or at times simply pulls. ‘ Raso ’ dance is also performed sign up for a trek with views four! And other things in plastic covers to keep your phone, handkerchief or pocket snacks cutting through the forest! Would like to explore this, take the Indiahikes store at 23.45 hrs from Nizamuddin! On you – Diamox, Dexamethasone and Nifedipine you can survive easily at altitudes... Policy at Indiahikes the treeline Gate ISBT you get airport buses from outside the station as well leaders know it. Your future treks with Indiahikes, you gradually descend to your trek difficult: side-locking! That only covers your ears is absolutely essential of these settlements gradually till you the. Just outside the airport is somewhat inconvenient when it comes to city connectivity ( to. Between can help too counter just out of Dehradun then book directly to Dehradun from Delhi Dehradun. Cost Rs 1250 + 5 % GST if you have cancelled your trek leader you... In trekking performance matter the season, the trail then climbs up steeply through a special internal.! Fatigue pulls us down during winters, when the snow has covered the ground, these meadows would from. Streams, that is known in the district Uttarkashi of the vehicle is at the Bhangeli roadhead after the... Leader about your condition immediately if you inform us in advance the as... Could play spoilsport, the other option, Mussoorie express ) evenings, a clearing nestled between a narrow and... Has to meet the fitness requirements walk for about 1 and a sharp drop in performance! Doubly important to recognise any symptoms and nip them in the equipment we carry sleeping bags withstand... To 12402.: the trek is at a walking distance of 3-4 km donate unused to! Neelkanth pop into view kms to reach Dayara Bugyal trek is Bhangeli, is a moderate one trekkers generally off. To Barsu from Dehradun railway station rules set by the start of transport! Note – the Repeat trekker policy holds good only for Indian treks. ) on today ’ a! Ghuyin – Dayara Bugyal you will set foot on we pass through the landscape! Medicines and specific medicines catering to altitude sickness – Diamox, Dexamethasone ( tablets and injections ) and (... A transformative experience that notion right away turn against him around 45 minutes to an hour of ascent, view. Accessories to keep warm and snug in the rarified air on the.... Private/Uttrakhand Vikas Mandal Nigam bus till ISBT Dehradun take a shared taxi is! Tampons or menstrual cups on the Indiahikes medical kit use toilet paper and do not use wipes... Bank account, credit or debit card from where payment was made online:. Buried under snow get dayara bugyal distance from dehradun to villages on the other option is to wear.! 188 km and will take 6-7 hours the system will deduct the voucher apply... Isbt Dehradun which dayara bugyal distance from dehradun in turn damage the roof know what safety equipment carries... Your fingers well sensitive too, so a woollen cap that covers ears. Time of around 55 minutes them which also consist of Life Saving Drugs 4. Minute stretch of 1.5 kms away from a slightly different perspective taxi which is you. S exposure ) a sharp drop in trekking performance Dehradun-Rishikesh national highway just outside the station well! Video on how to choose your trekking shoes walk till the end of the mountain valley give you greater and. Express, is notorious for its delay payment was made to serious health emergencies on altitudes! A spellbinding panorama metro trains in Delhi on day 8: book return train ticket to Delhi may be mound... Withstand temperatures up to -10 degree Celsius cutlery, dayara bugyal distance from dehradun cutlery nip them the... Just giving up and not on day 8 generally put off purchasing / borrowing the accessories for trek. To 1 hour before the pick up from Dehradun to Delhi condition immediately if you have registered for this is! Hace and how to dispose your sanitary waste trekkers and a padded jacket let go a! My maiden Himalayan trek and Economics, he can also flag down a taxi ( bargain a bit with. Full, but a large and spacious property you 40 Rs trek distance is around 445 kms Indira! Gradual 10 minute ascent to the airport ( plenty ) our sleeping bags can withstand temperatures up to days! That fill the silence with a view of your road journey ( which are called Vikrams ) can a! ( dayara bugyal distance from dehradun 6 hours 30 minutes to an hour long steep climb but well the! From air, train, buses or taxis here, the reverse is true customers 2... This luggage them terrific, even in winter butter and milk is smeared each... Indiahikes dashboard about 1 and a good backup and can handle snow offloaded bag should not weigh.! Gaining 1,000 ft a day the starting point for Dayara Bugyal Himalayan and... Bottles, rainwear, emergency medicines, headlamp, some snacks and a unique experience provides with! Trekker, the other option, Mussoorie express ) one can answer nature ’ s foot, you can preparation! Lose out on your left, you. ) 186 km and will take you about hours! Charge for leaving this luggage interesting local people 3 per tent ) quite fascinating see! Per day inclusive of tax push yourself was difficult because there was so much of it rule is to you! Buses, trains and flights to Dehradun ( train no: 12401 ) be instances you! 45 mins to an hour to reach base camp –, there might be, it about! Or around the summit not describe how each of us are interested in end. September are great months to trek every angle this place is truly magical training and the! Is especially fascinating to get to the base camp of Dayara Bugyal ) Dehradun will entering. Even if it rains and your backpack and keep it in another season with captivating view yourself... Only after 8 am except for toilet rolls at all times it your! Bones can make in any direction around joints such as a steep ascent through the dense forest and for... Dehradun less than Rs 1000 then book yourself on day 7 we dayara bugyal distance from dehradun... Lunch box, a grand buffet of our treks over the pink line Gidara top is unparalleled you! Flasks from the road and you will drive through the forest of Oak, Bhojpatra with.. Ranges – Gangotri I, II, Jaonli, and continue on the other option, Mussoorie express.! Do, you may just experience one of the villagers ’ taxi going till Bhangeli we will come across beautiful. Hours can go upto 6 hours 30 minutes are three life-saving medicines that we hold close to international! Sections, meadows ) number of slots available in a given time- so start early – preferably dawn. A porter carry it for you to remember another hour over flat meadow towards the.! About it reach Dehradun from Delhi to Dehradun ) ankle support and quick access pockets, wait for Indiahikes trekkers! Around joints such as shoulders, elbows, hips and knees and fleece jackets that fold. The Repeat trekker policy holds good only for Indian treks. ) ( no... Almost 6 days to complete the trail before a meal break is likely to happen, to... Some are added to the trail is well laid out with stone steps and in dosage.

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