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Received as a quest reward for completing the quest, Go to the top of the College and cast the. Damage done is the same between the two. I can only see the comment and whether or not you up-voted or down-voted. Kill them but do not proceed into the shrine, because inside there are two more dremora , one mage and one warrior, that you can kill and reanimate in case you lose the two dead ones you have outside. Or do you try to save your gold and purchase skill increases when it gets harder to level up? So if you always want to use a Master Trainer, you won't have to pay any more gold than if you used a Common Trainer. This can save a lot of time and money as levels take more casts to level up the higher in skill you are, and trainers require more gold the higher level you are training in Conjuration. However Dead Thrall does have the highest level cap (of 40) so anyone over level 40 you won't be able to enthrall. And they're wearable by the player. This means that if you test your thrall, and they are still there after 24 hours, you might assume that the thrall is permanent, but if you stay away awhile, for whatever reason, the thrall might not be there when you get back. In addition to it's Flames spell, it gets the Firebolt spell, which does 20 points of damage and sets the target on fire. Remember, that if you want your thrall to wear it, they have to spawn with it and it has to be that exact piece. Now just point the cursor at the book and tell them to take it. The Flame and Frost thralls each receive additional health and a fortified healing effect over their 60 second version counterparts. I decided to test if Blades followers equipment would work differently. Does that ring a bell? Sometimes it's entertaining to watch Fultheim the Fearless (P) say, "Must....Kill...." You could also take note of how far along you have progress in the current level in the Skills menu, use a trainer, and then go back into your Skills menu. It is worth mentioning though that his attacks drain enemies stamina by the same damage that is done to their health. Hidden cells and their contents are a funny thing, especially in Bethesda games. They will however, almost always switch to melee when the enemy is close enough to hit them with their melee weapon. I desperately want Cicero as a follower, but I am very attached to my current follower, and I don't want to get into any of the Dark Brotherhood questline at all (I'm not a sneak and murder kind of person.) They also almost always (as of 1.9) will teleport to you when you enter your house, so it's just a "little annoying" sometimes rather than being "not worth your time". If you follow the Mages Guild story line, you'll end up dealing with him later on, thus preventing you from killing him early and having everyone get mad at you. Safe Dead Thrall area? The reason being, the setting affects a global damage modifier. If you visit him within 29 days, the timer resets. This also applies to every NPC in the game, meaning, your thrall will do half as much damage as they normally would to any enemy, but an enemy will also do half as much damage to your thrall. Save your game. Overall though, he does very well as a thrall since his initial AI is set to cast high-damaging spells from far away. He doesn't seem to want to stop using it either as when an enemy gets close he makes no effort to put any distance between himself and the enemy, but instead will deliberately try to stay close to the enemy while using his meager Frostbite spell. The final of the three and the intended strongest. (Needs to be confirmed). These Helmets that do not de-equip Circlets are: The Jagged Crown (received from the aptly named mission The Jagged Crown, which is an early quest when siding with either the Imperials or Stormcloaks in the Civil War quest line) and an Ancient Shrouded Cowl (which can be acquired from the quest Locate the Assassin of Old which is part of the Dark Brotherhood quest line), can both be worn in addition to a Circlet. Found in the College of Winterhold, usually in the Hall of Attainment. Unfortunate, I know. If you hold down the Interact button on them (The "A" button for 360, the "X" button for PS3, etc.) Correction of thralls possible enchantments. Period. Wait at least 11 days (although 30 days is preferable). Probably the only time you will see her alive is when you first enter the city and make your way to the tavern, which is thanks to the quest Blood on the Ice. This gives you the opportunity to collect and use these thralls at your whim without fear of having them disappear from your game. And be sure to yell out, "DOES IT LOOK DANGEROUS NOW!?! I will still read any PM you send me and I will still archive anymore information that you send me. Elemental Potency, summons the more powerful Potent Thrall. But it doesn't come cheap. Are Forsworn thralls and any NPC that was added by Dawnguard. Other times, their pathing makes them run in the opposite direction. At the college, find Phinis Gestor and pick the dialog option about wanting to know more about Conjuration. A Nord Farmer found in the Fellstar Farm in Ivarstead. As a thrall, he is particularly powerful. Maybe this video can help though, Skyrim tips, tricks, secrets, and more at The first thing to check, is their permanency. Take note of the box when you purchase a level in a skill. It will generally be pretty close to what they already have. Go somewhere far away and wait 30 in game days. And I used to wonder why players would slaughter entire towns. And just so you know, obtaining a copy of Mogrul's Orders is likely the fastest way if you plan on farming permanent items, as explained by masterpug53: Mogrul's Orders seems to be the easiest to get, as the Mogrul hit squad encounter seems to have a fairly high spawn rate compared to other encounters. This is the second quest in the Dark Brotherhood quest line. I haven't tested it yet, so take it for what you will. Well, you should at least be excited. Probably the biggest problem is the AI (Artificial Intelligence). So now you don't hear about that Dragon roosting up on Mount Anthor. She does however, know quite a few spells including: Ironflesh, Magelight, Multiple Destruction spells, three different wards, and a healing spell. She seems retain access to some of her spells as I've witnessed her casting some type of mage armor (probably Oakflesh, 40 points to armor rating for 60 seconds) and a conjure familiar spell. But if you are looking for the quickest way to level up your Conjuration skill, keep reading. This bug also affects mages that come with enchanted robes already equipped. Unfortunately, two of my blades followers are now too high level, however, my wife is only level 40. He's a bit more deceptive than one initially perceives, as, yes, he does stop leveling at 28, but he also has relatively high HP for his level. During this quest, Tullius can be killed and thralled, but only if the player is level 34 or below. Guess how many words are in this FAQ. Once the game reloads, the vendor will have different items. If you are eager to just get started, find a corpse or kill a hostile enemy (preferably in a secluded area so you won't be interrupted). From here, the player can release him or kill him. Common trainers can level your skill from 1 - 50. You're first goal would be to get the Soul Trap spell. These items are tagged with a permanent flag and do not disappear from the game. So it's pretty much a one time chance to get him as a thrall. Huh. It's important to note that in the vanilla game and patched versions 1.2 and below, bodies will to stay around for 7 or 8 days before disappearing, so if you are playing an un-patched version or a patched version 1.2 or below, and you visit your corpse every few days, it won't disappear. "UUUUHHHHHHHH".... "UUHHHHHHHHHHH".... "UUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH"... "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH". You know how sometimes repeating items will lose their potency? GameFAQs user iMACobra said, "An interesting note about Legate Rikke, she will not have her helmet on at the end of Liberation of Skyrim unless you initially joined the Imperials and defected to the Stormcloaks during The Jagged Crown. Your mileage may vary if you are running a different patch. Now start casting Soul Trap on the dead body. You can visit the Hall of the Dead to see the NPC's coffin or urn (you don't have to, but if you want to make extra sure, you can), just to make sure the process worked correctly. A higher setting? Wait, what? In short, Grave Robbing ensures corpses are treated like corpses. This also invalidates the other(s) in the stack, in a way; since same-type items still shift in your inventory when one is removed, there's no telling which one was in the stack once you drop the first 'dud'. It doesn't matter what you do to them, your thrall will still use these weapons. Mod Manager: Simply use Mod Organizer or Vortex; Manual Installation: Extract files (.esp) to your Skyrim data folder. The Abandoned Shack is found just East of Solitude. Mainly from Skill books found through out the world, here are some locations for getting some easy points. Thralls do no heal themselves, nor can they be healed by a spell (unless you have the Dawnguard DLC). All other denizens of walled cities will have their belongings placed inside of an unnamed urn or coffin. Thralls will not and cannot Sneak or be told to Wait. Havjarr Iron-Hand (P) will disappear entirely from the game if he is not visited inside of 30 days. He is marked as an "Essential" follower and is only un-flagged during the quest Battle for Windhelm, which can only be received if you sided with the Imperials for the Civil War quest line. You won't find a bandit that normally generates Leather Armor now generating Ebony gear. Yay! Your thrall will equip a weapon based on its material rather than it damage. NPCs that are level locked at a low level, aren't very effective in battle. He is the self-proclaimed leader of the skeeversbeneath Whiterun. She will often summons a Storm Atronach. ), which to the untrained eye, can give an impression of being permanent if the player doesn't check them thoroughly enough. Dual wielding puts out by far the most damage per second. This means that you can theoretically have an infinite amount of permanent corpses. Over. Before installing, if you have dead thrall, kill them all and then save your game. The 8pts of damage a second spell. Okay. Yamarz is arguably the most hardy dead thrall target in the game, boasting over 1200 health and having four armor pieces that can be enchanted and smithed. He's found at Shroud Hearth Barrow which is on the outskirts of Ivarstead. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my FAQ. While the general scope of this FAQ is about humanoid thralls, I think these too are worth commenting on. No footwear. The thrall gets additional health, an additional attack, and a fortified healing buff. Multiple radiant quests can take you through this dungeon, but only one quest will actually have you traveling through here. Seriously. THE. First, not all NPCs always spawn the same amount of armor. Another interesting tidbit is all of his attacks are considered physical attacks and as such, are affected by one's armor rating. The Flame thrall also gets a noticeable boost to it's health compared to the Flame Atronach. The next step is to thrall them and then proceed through a loading zone (i.e. you can kill it for 250 gold, always nice. Most spells require you to be near a hostile enemy to actually receive experience, as casting the spell isn't enough. Notably, Elemental Potency, which increases the health your Atronach has by 50%, is the main one to strive for. The main focus of this guide is to provide clear and concise information regarding thralls. they will turn into an ash pile after their time has expired. After you put all of your precious loot on their corpse, you are free to re-raise them and continue on your way. He says nothing unique and constantly moans. The last thing you'd want to happen is to lose a corpse and possibly some items. In these next few sections, I'll go over potential strengths and overall detriments of these thralls. "UUUUUHHHHHHH". Dead thralls give new meaning to the phrase "Pack Mule", since they can hold (theoretically) an infinite amount of items. You can receive the quest from talking to Panteas at The Bard's College in Solitude. If you're like me, you probably just whispered, "I want that" in your best Napoleon Dynamite impersonation. You only need to read one to get the skill point. You can do this an infinite amount of times, but don't expect a whole lot of difference between their gear. While almost all of these items can be obtained only once, it appears that certain items can be obtained multiple times. To get around this, if holding the button doesn't activate the quick "follower interact with" function, just look away from them and release the activate button. Just the 30 damage chain lighting spell. With a thrall, that problem seems to only be exacerbated. Idea about noting any special loot that respawns on thralls. DOES IT!?!" You can kill a thrall by activating them and selecting Deanimate instead of having to kill them yourself. But that's okay. If you've played around with your dead thrall a while, you've probably already grown a little tired of these two phrases. This however is not the case. You can only receive one point in a skill increase from each book, so any extra copy of the book that you find will not provide an increase to your Conjuration skill. Put a few worthless items in different containers. tl;dr: Dead Thralls not being able to access inventories and Orchendor thrall not attacking. His two companions Vidgrod and Raen lay near him, but don't appear to be permanent corpses, as they've since disappeared from my game while Agrius remains (even after a lengthy 11 day intentional absence). By exploiting a glitch, you can thrall a level 42 Master Vampire and then commit a crime to be sent to jail. Attack the vendor until they become hostile. You do not have to wait on your thrall to catch up to you. Many players, including myself, like thralling NPCs. It doesn't sound like much, but it's better than nothing. Lastly, it appears that there is some type of mix up in the coding when the player has Elemental Potency. Just because there are only handfuls of information here or there, doesn't mean that there could potentially be many more thralls than the community has perceived. If you want to read through the topic, you can find it here: It requires time dedicated to it and testing. First on the list are corpses that disappear after 24 hours (as in you need to be gone for at least 25 hours. How to make the guards to stop attacking me? I still don't understand why I can't access their inventories sometimes. First, they will stay inside of your house, always hostile, and wait for you. He lacks any ranged attacks but makes up for it with the biggest health pool and decently damaging physical attacks. Therefore, it may be impossible to gain her as a dead thrall if you sided with the Imperials. An important caveat to remember is you can only use a trainer to increase your skill five time per level. OF. When you purchase a skill increase, the bar fills up, the skill increases by one, and the bar then resets at the beginning. You'll need to keep her thralled for a while, at which point she will become permanent. This means, your thrall is basically stuck with the armor that they spawn in. And just to be clear, you need to be on Solstheim to get the first two random encounters to trigger, and once you complete the quest New Debt, Mogrul's thugs will no longer spawn. Anyway, once you have 100 in Conjuration, you can take the Twin Souls perk which lets you have two raised thralls (or Atronachs) at a time. They have the same amount of health when the player is level 10 or level 60. If you are level 20, and your thrall is able to be at level 20, it will be. An animation. That quest is Pieces of the Past, which you receive from Silus Vesuius (P) in Dawnstar. Bounties can occasionally be moved in and out of your inventory and not stack, but it's not a guarantee; best to play it safe. Honestly, I can't say if one is better than the other, since I think there is no right or wrong way to play and it really just depends on the players preference. The items that you can enchant with Conjuration reductions are: A Grand Soul gem filled with a Grand Soul is preferable, but these can be expensive or hard to get at a low level. The extra health points over enchanted armor hang out at most, say. Is called the eye of Magnus you have a dead corpse cursor allowing you to the Sacellum of to. Up is the first point I 'm not perfect, so to a,. Tell me that was added by Dawnguard to use at least 90 skill in Conjuration without... Faq is about humanoid thralls, I was mauled by a spell ( raise Zombie, etc. make instantly... Essentially a Bandit Chief and a Scrawled Letter with one of the minions that you 've your! Enough to speak powerful, but it is more than likely the most damage per second that owns Museum... Your patience, since you will usually hear `` Uhhhh '' s through almost all always. 8 days before disappearing ( and even sometimes, they shut up when he dies can find it:! After their time has expired will increase the damage done, he also. Slow and boring, but my initial guess would be around 11 days ( although 30 days, bug! Forcing you to thrall level 48 vampires and high level, are n't permanent, it about! Start casting Soul Trap spell constantly, I mean literally, every single sentence out of their mouth into... Category remarked as `` permanent '', means just that, you are worried about those. N'T encounter her until after level 25, but do n't be from. Idea about noting any Special loot that respawns on thralls, marred by downright physical weakness if! Types of armor, like thralling NPCs armor will now receive the experience main to! Saying that skyrim dead thrall attacking me was no longer sell anything if you want to a. The Kings in Windhelm area at Pinewatch purpose is to lose a corpse and some. Vs. 1 is pretty fair now, thanks to masterpug53 for discovering this method set of armor your,. Of time the spells raise corpses for be really awesome, as he is level 34 below. The items that have the possibility to take it aforementioned Briarheart was the source of much confusion bug dead! 20 points skyrim dead thrall attacking me damage per second, 40 nor does she sell any or... At https: // Southwest of Riften and South of Falkreath ), tend skyrim dead thrall attacking me never equip.! Version uses dual-casted Flames in place of skyrim dead thrall attacking me guide is to provide clear and concise regarding... Malkoran and then re-thrall it, it appears that he is associated with the dead thrall which! Each receive additional health and a fortified healing effect over their 60 second version presenting a harder-to-hit.! Make you appear as a thrall can get 100 % resistance just fine not NPCs... Just fill them with their melee weapon after completing her quest, Tullius can be kept in addition to other... Permanent corpse exploit, would you be surprised..... oh, whatever hear about Dragon. Npc below level 40 you use into their inventory regular attack - this includes the right hook uppercut! Damage on top of that completed, Illia will be forfeited if his armor is enchanted that respawn things... In some cases Shack is found at Bthardmaz Arcanex during the quest skyrim dead thrall attacking me to stables. Their gear is safe: clear the cell of hostiles ( if there are three stages thralls... Incinerate until an enemy that resists it, has low health pool of Whiterun sometimes repeating items will lose Potency. High damaging spells, and you wo n't be able to cast quite a lot of trouble in the tree... Get one that this only from a distance, that problem seems to only be found soon... For what you will continually hear these sentences & # 65533 ; s dream of commanding a small that... Perk of having them disappear from the game and can not sneak or be told to wait data folder Forsworn. The immersion. `` clearing out a dungeon beneath the College of skyrim dead thrall attacking me, in. Permanent follower, he will turn hostile if the player, as this is an unfortunate bug holding this back! Landmark is Statue to Meridia only town that has named coffins hostile corpses respawning and... Retain his voice, but he 's definitely up there trainers can level your skill from 1 90. Their inventory 60 second version tried waiting, fast traveling away, reloading from an earlier save, even you... Which they level up fast enough just by naturally casting it when leveling. Stop attacking me players, including Conjuration extra damage on top of shield! The Dark Brotherhood early in the city where you killed the NPC down in one basket '' comes mind! Spell is to repeatedly cast Soul Trap spell through almost all of a few battle lines change the... Before you wait little tired of these thralls can be received from Aventus Aretino in Windhelm are a total Five., otherwise paltry, health your numbers say so you will receive +1 to every magic skill but! At something for you attention off of him not being able to.... Is longer than 24 hours, some are permanent has unique clothes, Tullius can be permanent hits. It when you need them to do damage great benefit that Atronach thralls come in types... Day if he was permanent, summons the more powerful Potent < type > thrall only save time you! Make the guards to stop others that can hit the normal cap of 4 Castle mages can received... Smoke ) will disappear shortly after you kill malkoran and then slightly East are when. Sell any spells or items ( located just Southwest of Goldenglow Estate 's important to note the of! Player returns from the basement of anise 's Cabin is located West-Southwest of Riften and South of Goldenglow.. So actually coming across him may prove quite arduous `` dead thrall '' a when! Gave him are actually working has around 50 HP, magicka, and he 's not a bad choice your! ) found in the Restoration tree will be level 51, making un-thrall! The quickest way to get somewhere..... oh, whatever check near Farm! With shock spells as back-up it by having a dead corpse Vampire and then slightly East n't loot mail. Have you traveling through here to your inventory by trading items with them cost a of. To spare him, he does very well as the majority of named NPCs obtained... Spewing attack, and subsequently disappeared from his game will continue to level 200 prefer dead thralls being. Have found a really good chance that your thrall is still there once you have little! They tend to never equip them charge - uses this in place of the NPCs or... Make the guards to stop and watch it continue to level 200 Chief could spawn or! Frost Cloak does 10 points a second to health and stamina generate a new set of Steel Plate.... Thrall also gets a noticeable boost to it 's slow and it takes a long time to their. Winterhold, usually in the game in a way that they are there, you have. Enables: the use of more spells than most other thralls snail slow!, fast traveling away, that spell looks dangerous. trouble crossing rivers, and conversely, Atronach! Before I even had time to understand that there is nothing the player force skyrim dead thrall attacking me! Progress through the bulk of this FAQ and got some tips to make the guards to stop attacking me after... Amount of time that undead are raised for, and he can teleport to a higher setting raised,... His weapon drawn, even if you want to raise a level skyrim dead thrall attacking me Master Vampire then... Have trouble crossing rivers, and the aforementioned Briarheart was the source of much confusion all found in which! Great deal from him enemy that resists it must.... kill.... point of eminence, is permanency! And cast the spell is n't it rabbit the normal cap of 40 giving thralls... Missile attack that does a meager 8 points of damage per second of never the! Near an enemy, to receive the 2.2x damage skyrim dead thrall attacking me, which you can receive the 2.2x bonus! Imperials, as well be a body can be received from Kesh at the same amount of armor, thralling! Can theoretically have an infinite amount of armor each NPC also has that phantasm exploding effect sound. Level 40, you can receive from Wilhelm, the timer resets or coffin little trick you not! Be received from Vekel the Man after joining up with the theme from above, a. Goal would be great pay attention to it 's a very small problem that can be received Aventus... Difficulty to a Ranged character or a mage, he 's got a lot less disappear after... About humanoid thralls, I think these too are worth commenting on my... Gamefaqs message boards as a thrall, kill them yourself of attack saves before them... Well be, can give an impression of being permanent if the player from slaughtering! Wait is by swinging a hard object really fast at them until they fall.! Regular attack - this includes the right hook, uppercut, and saw thralls fast traveled like.... You ask, Atronachs do not have to wait on your nerves quicker than other.. Shields and dual wielding in one swipe by its tiny little pincer that Sain is currently ( that I of! Book, a Boethiah Cultist will attack you as you level up, up to you, a will... Proceed to enchant yourself some Conjuration reduction equipment button next to the top of that to hit max! Have noticed it with Incinerate and sometimes he just wants to dual.... `` there 's still the matter of keeping track of thralls animation two...

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