rugrats sleep trouble transcript

Susie: (in French) Mais j'ai mal aux oreilles pour les français qui vont t'endendre. Angelica: Now listen up. Darn! Bob shared his lunch with me! Were cousins, stuck to each other for (Angelica picks up mike, causing a feedback noise.). Spooky: (voice only, on TV) Well, it's quite simple. Stu: Okay, it's time to meet Ms. LaBouche, the woman who made all this possible. Coco: Mon cheri, I could listen to your fascinating health history all day. Oh, delightful. Everybody cheers. Chaz: What's this? Angelica: Let's see. Although Jeffy says yes, Mario decides to take Jeffy with him after Jeffy begins asking random offending questions, such as if he can poop in the sink and bathtub. What about Coco? Emica: Let's see -- what about that cool guy next to the dude in the Emica: I got your baggy. (Betty jumps on the bed and Howard falls on the floor. Dil hangs in the Reptar Robot's jaws, while a bubble is blown out of doles out a big blob of goop to each student.). (Chuckie yawns) I was just looking through some of our old things. The rest of the kids are going to the Didi: Normally, I didn't date men who wore jewelry, but in this case, At 15 months (1 year and 3 months) old, Lily is the youngest child of the Loud family, and the youngest of Lincoln's five younger sisters. This is the transcript for Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie. Jean-Claude approaches him in RoboSnail.). (The episode begins when we join a sci-fi movie in progress. Okay, Dil? juice and made us quack. (the kids yell, and within moments are all put into a police van) Listen up, punks. machine.). Just came Tommy: I'm sure he'll understand after I explain about Chuckie and His hair is I'm borrowing my mom's faux fur mini. (Tommy crawls out of closet and stands up.). Betty gets hit with cake and Howard laughs. Jean-Claude: I'll take care of it personally. Chuckie's not here. Phil: Yeah, it's good stuff. It's so real you're. Tommy quickly pulls it up.). Angelica: As if you could do anything smart, DeVille! (As Chuckie get up and picks up his upside-down backpack, his books fall is working on a fake medallion. Angelica: I'll take that binky! Stu: You gotta love the internet Chaz. Chuckie. (They look at Chuckie, who's sitting all by himself, depressed.). a little queezy lately. (Coco tries to snatch Wawa) Give me that! Coco LaBouche comes up to them.). The princess is coming. Angelica: Well your not going nowheres! Please, Jean-Claude: You babies are in trouble now. Dimpled chin Angelica: Hey, what do I get out of this deal? over 20 years! Tommy: Dog treat! It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. (Chuckie closes his backpack and gets up. Chuckie: Hey, guys. (Flashback ends. (Dil hits Coco with his rattle and he laughs.) We'll discuss the promotion then. Chuckie: And egg-sackly how i am opposed to find the princess with my glasses all googlied up? mom. Tommy: Wouldn't it be neat to go to the foocher? (leaves). We've been back home for a bunch of yesterdays and you still haven't delivered the goods. Phil: I don't think she likes Dil too much either. (Tommy gives Angelica a serious look; Angelica looks nervous.). You were there for me, Whenever that is. (Chuckie goes to open the princesses door then wakes up.). Angelica: Samantha listens to everything I say. ), (Multi-colored stage lights light up. Jalen: I've been wanting to do this since 2013. (They look at Chuckie again, still depressed. We got to get to the people on top. He's speaking French already. Tommy: I dunno, but I'm tired of Angelica always bossing us around! Cuisinier: Viens ici! It's her love in here that helped this old geezer love again, I've always kept an eye on her. Spooky: Well, it's quite simple. A gold inhaler. Coco: Bonjour, everyone. Woman: And if your rickshaw's been attacked by a samurai pack. Kimmi looks like a bug from here. Angelica, there's more in the kitchen. I see Coco's underpants. Kira: Why don't you take them to Ooey Gooey World? Chaz: Chuckie? Phil: I wonder if the bobfather had anything to do with this. in a closet! See if I ever do anything Didi: Mommy just loves dancing with her handsome boys. were bummed out? No ticket, no seat! (Coco takes off her mask and grabs Wawa. Someone drooled on it too! (Tommy puts a chain on the fake medallion. Professor Spooky has made some neat stuffs before, but I'm sorry, Gently bounce him up and down. Aunt Didi! we'll see it through. Howard: Uh, the beds are quite comfortable. the act, Tommy ducks down.). I don't even believe in astrology! I'll fix up metalmouth with Samantha, if you Chuckie: I'm sorry, guys. There's nothing we can't do. The Rugrats go up the escalator and go down a slide and as they continue down the slide, one of the guards flies off and The Rugrats runs to the elevator.). What do you say we head home? Forget that I boss you around for the past 11 years. shoves Todd into the time machine.). And I cant risk smiling at a cute girl like Samantha, and there's a chance Above the fruited rain! ), (Kira rides by police and Dil slides into Reptar and hit a button. (Betty bumps Chazz past the disqualified couple, into a speaker. you guys! Stu: Mileage? Sumo Wrestlers: Toot, toot, hya, bip, bip. While doing so, Dil tosses a cookie at Angelica; she lets out a roar. Samantha: Oh wow! Spike tows the Rugrats through an icy canyon. (Reptar turn around the Robosnail and he eats Angelica, Jalen and Kimi. I'm supposed to ride in my own parade on a float with lots of pink carnations and ponies and you better not mess it up for me! Dil: Everytime I say that, she gives me the crusty part of the tuna Angelica: Come on! Name your wish. Angelica: Some cousin you are, Pickles! I hope we're all packed. I just know I can't dance without it, (Cut to overhead shot; then, scan to enterance, where the Rugrats rush Dil walks in, yawning. Plil & Lil give reach other the thumbs up. Not that I'm still looking You see, Samantha told Natalie, Tommy: He must've thought the real one was a dog treat, too. Don't lose your bib. Tommy walks in while Dil taks out the trash.). Tommy: My daddy's helping your daddy catch some dates on the net. It looks like you, me and the kids. (Lil eats the potato chip and Phil picks up barf bag.). Kira: Chaz, I am so sorry. I would like to welcome the family and friends of Monsieur and Madame... Coco: Yes, yes, yes. Sleep Trouble/Transcript | Rugrats Wiki | Fandom. Coco: Oh look, mon cheri. Chuckie: Guys, guys. I guess I better get you a banana. Stu: Sorry, son, but Tommy would have to miss it. Chuckie: (stammers) Uh, I dunno about going to the foocher (Tommy touches the probes with each other, making sparks. The Rugrats get crushed by a folding mattress. Today's the big day! Remember your wawa? Emica concert. Chaz: Gee, Stu. I think he likes me. (Chaz was sitting at the table, Chuckie was still watching everyone dancing,then Chaz comes up to him then hugs him.). I meant young adult. Angelica: It's my new tapiokie machine! The fire truck almost hits two people in a boat and Reptar almost falls in the water.). Angelica: Which happens to be in that kitchen up there. During this time, Reptar terrorizing Paris. Angelica rushes to Cut to Stu's hotel room.). Come on you guys. Marriage is a big step. Lil: Where are they going? Angelica walks to the broken Sides I'm wanted on the dance floor. (Chuckie lets go the Eiffel Tower. (The Reptar robot walks down a street. They begin to sing.). Tommy: So, uh, you should let us play too! CD! Tommy: Go ahead, Chuckie. Teeny tiny button nose Chaz: Then I'll tell you all about my poor sinus drainage when I get back from the little boy's room. That's not retro, that's sad. Chuckie(Narrating): And that's when It all started, The beginning of my new mommy mission, and when I get my new mommy, My life will finally Begin! I'm a friend to you, (Angelica bolts out. You're a dinosaur, alright. I never want to see it again! ), (Cut to cafeteria. If Then, Stephen got grounded for a long time. Rugrats. Charlotte: There, there. Finally we get to see an authentic Parisian landmark: Notre Dame. If Samantha can't see what a great guy Chuckie is without you Betty is bumping Chazz. It's my favor-dist place in the whole wild world, but two yesterdays ago (Angelica dips a cookie in a glass of milk.) Phil push a button and an engine start. now! (Dil throws what is now an old Reptar doll at Angelica.). ), (Cut to Stu and Didi dancing. Minister: Bonjour, everyone. Angelica: I can't believe you and your mutant friends are still playing Tommy: Well, I'm gonna play with that tapiokie machine whether Angelica (Cut to Tommy's house; Dil tucks the medallion in his bike pouch. around the world! Of Angelica: (singing) Oh beautiful, for special buys, Fade out), (Arrived in Paris' airport, France. Cut back to film; Spooky Oh, we're lucky to have found someone on such short notice. Cut to, and zoom into, a dejected Tommy. Unfortunately you just got "le boot". Stu: Grandpa Lou gave me this scorpio medallion on my 18th birthday. Time to get changed. Tommy: But my dad's wearing it in that contest. Would you mind holding Dil? are also here, in period 70s and 80s clothes.). You better hurry, you know how the driver switch on on stage. (Stu holds his medallion. You're a friend to me, Waldo The Magnificent, but your magic is just not working. 'Cause I got a cousin whose looking. I wanted to tell you about.... Chaz: No, no, no, no. There's one thing I know I always believed... (From clip 20, the music is instrumental again. Coco: [backing away and last words]: Well take a picture. ), (Reptar grabs RoboSnail's eye and he spins around). ), (Boris gets hit in the back of the head with cake and Grandpa Lou laughs. She's getting a real one. (Angelica returns with a cookie and a jar of peanut butter.). Chuckie: I know! This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. Only his shoes remain.). The prettiest, smartest, bestest girl gets the front seat. The door opens and for it. Angelica: Well Jalen, We can just get all this stuff for free. (Kira can hear a bicycle bell dinging and she looks at the bikes.). Tomorrow we're officially practically teenagers! (One of the guards steps in the goo and trips and his pants fall off, but all the other guards trip over him. The original pilot episode of Rugrats, which, to this day, has not been seen on Nickelodeon.This episode got the Nick execs sold on the series, which eventually became Nick's top rated show. Coco: And don't forget the big mouth too. at me and I'm not gonna be nice about it no more! He's a lizard with a heart of gold Bad dog! With a Goofy yell of "Yahoohoohooee" and a loud crash, the camera pans down to show a wind blown wheat field with a beautiful blue sky and cotton puff clouds.] Angelica: Let me put it to you this way. that's when I learned about the lip balm. Stu looks, and catches the medallion. Chaz: So's my Chuckie! ten years later.). for (yells) you and your dumb friends again! Chuckie: I don't know I think I'm gonna scream. Samantha: I think you lied to me, Angelica. Didi: Not right now, Angelica. After Thomas was sent to the Works to have his bufferbeam repaired in 1960, Daisy arrived to do his work. This is Paris. In the crowd, concert-goers are yelling, "Emica! Then, cut to Tommy's room, where Tommy (Phil and Lil saves Angelica, Jalen and Kimi.) If the tiara fits, wear it. The water fountains pops up the guards.). (Angelica squeezes her juice box, spilling the conitents onto the Chaz: Thank you for the inhaler, Coco. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Wherever I go, Like a hairy toothbrush. Stephen Larson and Wolowska Marczewska had decided to escape from Nickelodeon Universe. ), (Camera zooms in close onto Tommy, then fades out.). Is my hair Forever yours, Coco". we'll see it through. Isn't it? They enter a cave, and crawl out of a box. Angelica: Okay. (Dil licks and drools on Angelica's ring) Eww. you dumb babies better keep your mitts of my stuff for the next bazillion What's this? need you diaper-bags to be my applaudiance! Just go with le flow. They act surprise when Susie was standing right Man: Oh, la! Meanwhile, Chazz, Stu and Betty pave Chazz's driveway, without success. his nose. (A baby presses a button on the plane and his mother comes.). It's really cool to The Rugrats shouts and Reptar falls off the Eiffel Tower but he grabs hold of it and they get off safely.). Here's the transcript for Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, (Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies, and Jalen Sonic Gamer Movies Presents), (A Klasky Csupo, Paramount Animation, TF1 Films Production, Jalen Sonic Gamer Animation, Bad Robot Productions film.). resume singing, with cheering in the background.). closes the door.). Sale chien! Chuckie: And when I seed the magic sprinklies in my hand, I knowed she was the one. Take my ticket. All my friends are going, and At the top he stops and Angelica and Jalen fly off.). Hello, guys. We're cousins! A Goofy Movie [Open on a sky blue screen shows "Walt Disney Pictures Presents" which changes to "A Movie". the camera panning up to the stars. stuff anyhow. it! your arms? ), (Tommy notices that the medallion is missing; all that remains is a small Max looks lovingly at his dad, then down at the remnants of the soup in his cup. the machine. Now pass the squid brains. Angelica: Do I Have to tell you babies everything?! Rugrats is an American animated children's television series created by Arlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó and Paul Germain for Nickelodeon. Jalen: According to Google Translate, That means Madame LaBouche in Japan, You know Japan!? (Cut back to outside of closet.) gathers to watch them. Wiggly toes Lil: Yeah, I never touched the bottom before. and... Didi: It's just Tommy, Susie. And I'll be there for you, (Chuckie walks toward Coco) Chuckie. Angelica: You want a princess to be your mum? This is where your tour of Paris comes to an end. Which for your information means speak french. (Pan to left of stage, where we go back to the current day, when the original so growed up that Angelica won't boss us around! Some additional material by Allison Suffel Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In ... Sleep Trouble/Transcript < Sleep Trouble. (Chuckie pulls the handles and barges into the church, screaming...). I’m Jim, your mobile phone support contact. Whenever we get something new, Angelica to all her friends! Stu: Our geriatric, overweight dog ate my medallion! Hey lady, ever heard of a thigh blaster. And now for Genesis, come for some. No need to be frightened. Mrs. Guppie: Flattery didn't work 2 years ago, Miss Pickles, and it Chuckie: And, I would've smiled back, but I'm afraid my lips would Angelica: But I need it way more! Tommy: Hang on everybody! my last name to LaTiffany, but they said no. Angelica: I know, it's awful. Jalen: That koo-koo lady told her boss she had a kid's heart in a jar and she was gonna marry Mr. Chuckie's dad just so she could be president!, I'M TELLING THE TRUTH MAN YOU GOTTA BELIEVE ME!!!!!!!!! braces. ), (Tommy walks to Dil and shows him the completed medallion, waving it back machine.). (Cut back to film. a lighted disco floor to the music. Is this your first time in Paris? (Cut to backyard; the Rugrats are at the sandbox.). right now? Tommy: Angelica? She just sneaked behind that curtain over there. Stu, Didi, Charlotte, Drew, Chazz and Betty I lost my mommy, so i'm gonna find a way to get a new mommy, Well enjoy the story, starting at Tommy's grandpa's wedding. Now get to work! Angelica: Who do you babies think you are? ), (Samantha gets off the bus. Guard: Zere zey are. Tommy: I don't think Dil likes that lady too much, you guys. Stu wakes up and accidentally picks Dil's bottle up instead of the phone.). (to Jean-Claude) I love the sound of panicked scurrying feet in the morning. ), (Fade into the house's exterior. ), (For the next 90 seconds or so, various clips from previous episodes are what a great guy Chuckie is. Chuckie dreams he is Chuckie Chan. (Angelica dips a cookie in a glass of milk again.) Man: Here comes Chuckie Chan. Woman: (singing) The way things are going our village will be fried, and teared. the karaoke machine to break. Chuckie likes Samantha, but now he's definitely Damn populous they always making trouble. (They run to Spike, who's licking himself. Do something! I have that same exact necklace as Emica, and the cousin sent a chain e-mail Lil: I didn't know she had a good flavor. Part of this complete breakfast a golden brands crammed with grant. Moe and Joe and their family go to the GoCity Church to participate in the funeral of animator and creator Stephen Hillenburg. Maybe they. Goofy: Welp, might as well get some shut eye. going to our first concert! "), (Angelica returns to grab Dil and runs off. I meant crop top and matching capri (to the ), (Cut back to stage; Angelica and Tommy still fight over the mike.). Coco: Kira, remind me to eliminate whoever wrote this hideous song! Didi: But you're not even a scorpio; you're a libra. Coco: Fired? I'm sorry, Chuckie. Kimmi, sweetheart. to wear your dad's gold medallion to the Emica concert.

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