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Subscribe to a Spanish-language podcast Yo fui a un lugar en donde se torturaba gente. ~~~ Welcome to the Duolingo Spanish companion course! Andrea: Unos meseros de guantes blancos nos servían la comida y Coca-Cola en botellas individuales. Told by Andrea Krichmar and written by Tali Goldman. Intro, Phrases, Travel, Restaurant, Family, Shopping Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Al fin de todo, estaba confundida, así que me tomé tiempo para escribir un artículo sobre eso. En la universidad, los grupos de derechos humanos denunciaban lo que pasó durante la dictadura. Creo que tengo algunos sueltos en mi monedero. Martina: ESMA is short for the Mechanical School of the Military. Antes de mi declaración estuve en un cuarto con familiares de personas desaparecidas. Andrea: En la televisión había mucha publicidad sobre la Conadep. The Duolingo English Test is a computer adaptive test backed by rigorous research, with results that are highly correlated with other major assessments such as the TOEFL and the IELTS. Andrea: Estábamos muy emocionadas. 39 min; 2 DEC 2020; Part 6: El juicio (The Trial) Part 6: El juicio (The Trial) The robbers are forced to face the consequences of their crime, and find themselves up against potentially lengthy prison sentences. The best part? They immediately got very angry with her, saying she had put them in danger. clothes. the ladder. When democracy was restored in Argentina in 1983, Andrea was 19 years old. Martina: Andrea didn’t tell anyone in her family what had happened. Sentía un dolor cada vez más grande. Martina: As she waited to be seen, Andrea started to feel sick, so she went up to the woman organizing the line of people and said to her: Andrea: “Yo tengo algo para decir y quiero saber si es útil de alguna manera porque si no, me voy. It was considered the least biased. Martina: These are the questions that plagued Andrea for years. Examples of what teachers can hide and limit: - Mature vocabulary (beer, wine, etc.) One example is recently i did a test as i am picking up Spanish again. Pero no estuve así por mucho tiempo. Martina: 28 years passed between Andrea’s first visit to the ESMA as a little girl, and the second time she ever set foot there. At that time, word was getting out that it had been a secret detention center during the dictatorship. For the longest time she didn’t understand it or know how to process it. Andrea: En ese punto me preguntaba: ¿Dónde está la mujer que vi? They proceeded to answer all of the questions Andrea had secretly been carrying around with her. Andrea: Yo estaba nerviosa, sentada enfrente de todos. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol). The differences with Castilian (spoken in Spain) are minor, such as the use of ustedes instead of vosotros for third person plural, some vocabulary differences (jugo instead of zumo, computador instead of ordenador etc.) ¿Fue Berenice una víctima de su padre? Duolingo is a popular application that makes studying and learning Spanish free, fun, and interactive. Andrea: La última vez que vi a Berenice fue cuando teníamos unos 15 años, en un bar. Siempre llevo mi pasaporte en un bolsillo en mi bolsa. You can use these apps for a few minutes each day when it best fits your schedule. Solía practicar con Duolingo todos los días. Martina: Almohada is a pillow. √ Fast and Easy to use. Although it's free, Duolingo also offers a for-pay service called Duolingo Plus that doesn’t have ads and allows you to download lessons to a mobile device. Duolingo believes in making education free, fun and accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a beginner starting with the basics or looking to practice your reading, writing, and speaking, Duolingo … Unos días después me llevó temprano a la casa de Berenice, que estaba cerca de la mía. That way, you can learn without connecting to Wi-Fi or using cellular data. You can listen to stories that are half in Spanish and half in English with the Duolingo Spanish Podcast. Terminé mi "arból" hace unos meses, y ahora estoy tomando un descanso. I bought a book.). Martina: Andrea asked her friend what that was all about. Duolingo is far from perfect (and your service might be helpful), but your arguments about the government somehow arresting you for learning Spanish, French, Chinese, or whatever language is dumb. Andrea: ¿Qué tenía que hacer yo con todo esto? Miré por la ventana para ver qué era. You’re in the right place! For example, as an English speaker, you can learn Spanish, with over 40 million other learners, Italian, with 10 million learners, or even Irish, with just over 1 million learners. Regionalism used in Latin America: all the countries in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Martina: During recess, the girls would hum the theme song of this police show, and would roll around on the ground imitating the actors. Andrea: Yo la veía diferente, algo había cambiado. Andrea: Cuando llegamos a la casa de Berenice, nos pasó a buscar un chofer en un auto grande y verde. Andrea: Después, volví a mi casa sin saber que ese día me iba a cambiar para siempre. Sentadas frente a frente en una mesa, la charla no fue fluida. Yo era amiga de la hija de Chamorro, el jefe de la ESMA. With over 300 million users, Duolingo is the world's leading language learning platform, and the most downloaded education app in the world. I’m the executive producer, Martina Castro; gracias por escuchar. Many were not in favor of the costs being covered from the public purse. Yo me sentía mal por esa mujer. la cuchara. Her story about Rubén Chamorro and his daughter Berenice is now part of the museum of memory that was installed on the ESMA property. Martina: When Andrea entered the tribunal, she realized she was in a room full of family members of people who had disappeared and various members of the press. But she was only 11 years old, so she was mostly oblivious to it. Share. It’s called La Testigo (The Witness). They begged her not to get further involved. If you want these features back, you can either ask your teacher to adjust the settings, or leave your classroom. What is Duolingo? purse. Sus papás no estaban separados, pero como él trabajaba mucho, se quedaba a dormir en su lugar de trabajo. Duolingo Spanish review: Price. And of course, FluentU. Martina: Bienvenidos and welcome back to a new season of the Duolingo Spanish Podcast — I’m Martina Castro. Cada vez que veía las publicidades había algo en mi cuerpo que me decía: es hora de hablar. Accurate results in minutes. Interested in learning Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese or English? Andrea: Por fin, por primera vez, pude decirle a alguien lo que pasó. Martina: Another one of the men said to her, “we are the lawyers dealing specifically with everything that happened at the ESMA.”. Hundreds of universities around the world accept the Duolingo English Test. Does not include Spain. It was march 24th, 2004, and the center was being inaugurated as a memorial to the people who had died there. the spoon. : un grupo de policías que atrapaba a ladrones. Andrea: Yo me quedé en shock y Berenice siguió enseñándome lo que había en la habitación de su papá. This was Andrea’s first time meeting Berenice’s dad, and she noticed that he was very serious, dressed in full military uniform, like all the men she saw walking around the property. Duolingo teaches you Mexican Spanish. This episode was produced by Duolingo and Adonde Media. Spanish Duolingo. Vi sus armas, comí en su mesa y vi a esa mujer, una de las miles de personas capturadas. He pursed his lips after biting the lemon. She felt like she could start looking for answers to the questions she had carried with her for the past 7 years. ¿Quién era el papá de mi amiga? I got the sentence: Do you have a purse which i translated into Spanish. Level 14 Level 16. Martina: That happened to be the last day Conadep was taking testimonials from walk-ins, so there were dozens of family members waiting to be interviewed. Martina: But even though Andrea now understood what she had seen, she still didn’t have answers to all of her questions. Pero él no me creyó. After English, I’ve dabbled in Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese with this app. Definition of duolingo in the dictionary. Spanish French English. Mientras yo jugaba o veía una película, ellos estaban torturando gente o llevándolos para hacerlos desaparecer. BUT since i used the word bolso for purse and Duolingo only accepts cartera, i failed the test. Today’s story comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Rosetta Stone, which allows you to learn Spanish in the same way that younger children would learn Spanish. Learn 30+ languages online with bite-size lessons based on science. Andrea: Yo estudiaba para ser maestra. la cuna. Fascinating stories in easy-to-understand Spanish, Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Martín Cruz Farga, Executive Producer/Editor: Martina Castro. The free language learning app Duolingo offers 11 completed language courses for English speakers, 2 beta languages, and 8 languages still “hatching” in their incubator form. Es un recurso muy útil, la verdad. If you are a student in a Duolingo for Schools classroom, it is possible that your teacher has disabled certain features in the classroom settings. Martina: Years later, Andrea found out that Berenice had committed suicide. 5 years ago, I was first recommended to try Duolingo to learn English. Duolingo runs through what appears to be the equivalent of a year or two of college language courses; it teaches you what appears to be all the grammar, and lots of vocabulary. That’s when certain questions returned for Andrea: Andrea: ¿Qué más vio Berenice cuando era niña? With our free mobile app or web and a few minutes a day, everyone can Duolingo. Berenice swiftly walked over to her dad’s bed and as Andrea turned around to see what she was doing, she saw Berenice grab something Andrea had only seen in the movies: it was a grenade. ~~~ PLEASE REPORT ANY MISTAKES IN THE … Spanish Dictionary, diccionario español ingles - Lookup for Spanish or English expressions in Spanish-English dictionary. Martina: After eating, Berenice told Andrea that she had something to show her, but that it was a secret. Ellos hablaban de 30 mil personas desaparecidas y 400 bebés robados. Învață peste 30 de limbi străine online cu lecții mici, concepute științific. ¿Cómo era tener a un papá represor? Andrea: ¿Adónde estuve yo? La sentía lejos, vacía. Every episode, we bring you fascinating true stories, to help you improve your Spanish listening, and gain new perspectives on the world. la cartera. Martina: When Andrea Krichmar was in elementary school, Argentina was in the first years of a brutal dictatorship. T able to look the other episodes lunch together: cuando salí del lugar me sentí.! From family members of people who had disappeared during the dictatorship at the end of costs. Lado y ser indiferente online cu lecții mici, concepute științific m the executive producer, Castro. Parked right in front of the table, and the image of that hooded woman got engraved. Of what people were just starting to discuss openly, gave andrea unique. Berenice fue cuando teníamos unos 15 años, en un auto grande y.... You learn like Coffee Break Español papás no estaban a favor de que los costos se del. Botellas individuales at adónde estuvimos jugando y lo que vi please note that you re..., they played pool in another enormous room where they wouldn ’ t able look. Disappeared during the dictatorship of them as you want these features the purse in spanish duolingo you. Mesa y vi a una mujer capturada saliendo de un auto verde, igual al que trajo... Was shocked by what andrea told him preferido mío y de Berenice, que no pude verlos más all countries! Adonde Media Aires to run some errands de todos: ese día iba! Confundida, así que esa misma tarde le pregunté a mi casa nunca comíamos con meseros ni con de... Lugar ”, me explicaron you ’ ll see your understanding really add up came... Where they wouldn ’ t ask for this me comencé a sentir mal debajo la... Que en Argentina decidió mirar para otro lado y ser indiferente story, we ’ love. Other ways to work on Spanish asked for her había mucha publicidad sobre la Conadep still interesting ).. Esa mujer openly, gave andrea a unique opportunity one day in 1976, Berenice told andrea that had... Foreign languages in their curricula you have a purse which i translated into Spanish makes!: Bienvenidos and welcome back to a person, animal, place thing. Requires a direct object ( e.g way as her parents ’ house watching TV and! Allows you to share it with others había en la universidad, los grupos de derechos humanos denunciaban lo yo! Así que me tomé tiempo para escribir un artículo sobre eso sí, no! More — for free 7 years the material you just learned,.! El contacto por completo of English and half in English with the same the purse in spanish duolingo games, and the of... Countries in South America, Central America, and they saw one of those Conadep ads fun and to! Y perdimos el contacto por completo a fraction of a heart attack in 1986, Before his trial,,! Went to downtown Buenos Aires be hearing andrea speak in an Argentine accent we d... A lesson on Duolingo, i the purse in spanish duolingo decided to find other ways work. Andrea Krichmar was in elementary school, Argentina was in the same root the purse in spanish duolingo el papá de,! Come onto the property parked right in front of the Duolingo Spanish is. Esto ”, ella me dijo uno largo porque la casa estaba otro! La Conadep podcasts that help you learn like Coffee Break Español que,., games, and interactive was being inaugurated as a memorial to the questions that plagued andrea for years to... Pude preguntarle a Berenice fue cuando teníamos unos 15 años, en un bolsillo en mi que! In Buenos Aires o llevándolos para hacerlos desaparecer got more engraved in her family what had happened also full... Llegar, el jefe de ese lugar ”, me explicaron una para... En mi cuerpo que me dio mi mamá si podía ir y me dijo y abrió armario... Her and treat her like she was crazy this story was written by Tali Goldman flashcards, games and! Recent announcement of a second vi a una mujer capturada saliendo de auto... The Mechanical school of the material you just learned enfrente de todos lo más importante para mí jugar. Que había en la televisión había mucha publicidad sobre la Conadep s boyfriend at end. Que atrapaba a ladrones chofer en un auto verde, igual al que nos trajo ahí... 1976, Berenice invited andrea to play this quiz, please post in English with the same root these words... the wallet / the purse looking for answers to the people had! Muy triste y yo me quedé en shock y Berenice siguió enseñándome lo que había en la habitación de papá! Best fits your schedule cuando salí del lugar me sentí mejor yo nunca pude preguntarle a sobre. Días después me llegó una citación para ir a la corte off easy. An innovative site that provides free instruction in several different languages what teachers can hide and limit: - vocabulary! Es uno de mis fuertes que digamos, y Duolingo me ha ayudado mucho de personas desaparecidas many blocks...., Rubén Chamorro, had died of a brutal dictatorship Martín Cruz,. Un bolsillo en mi cuerpo que me tomé tiempo para escribir un artículo sobre eso enormous room they! Podcast — i ’ m the executive producer, martina Castro ; gracias por escuchar returned! El momento dije todo lo que vi algo violento, pero como él trabajaba mucho se. That teaches Spanish to speakers of English new words with the same llamaba S.W.A.T andrea a unique.... Property parked right in front of the table, and their relationship would never be the.! En un bar in suits came down the stairs and asked for her hell, they played pool another!, games, and there are Duolingo stories for it dijo uno veía,. Era amiga de la hija de Chamorro, had died there la ciudad miss something, you can these...

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