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Current firmware is available on the Midnite Solar web site and is easy to download and then update the Classic using the included USB cable. All times are GMT-5. There is some glitch, either in the external wiring to the controller or within the controller itself (my vote) that does not see the V drop sometimes. thereby making it a CC/CV charger 1 stage charger. You can also set it up to send a certain amount back into charging the batteries. You can wire it up to either a 120v or a 240v generator. I have the battery output of my Midnite Solar Kid charge controller hooked up to the back of the inverter. About USD577. I should clarify that the lag time I mentioned before the charge controller "adjusts" can be a minute or more. Talk about our new PowerTime videos. The Classic 200 has a maximum output current of 79 amps, an operating voltage of 200 volts and works with 12 to 72 volt battery systems. The MNB17 is the most advanced battery based inverter/charger system ever devised and with eight patents pending, MidNite is the only manufacturer of a system like this. MidNite Solar is the largest manufacturer of combiner boxes in North America. They put an ad in Home Power for "THE LITTLE SOB" rapid shutdown system. I see somewhere around 40 cents a watt. The 300V circuit breakers have input and output connections on the top surface. I really enjoyed the family oriented style but not so much the lack of instruction. Renewable energy manufacturing for a growing field. Price: Subtotal: Add to Cart Compare. All you can try to do if you know how, is work around the incompatibility. The MidNite Solar Surge Protector Device (MNSPD) is a Type 1 device per UL1449 rev3. A Forum run by Enthusiasts of MidNite Solar » Charge Controllers and Clippers » The "Classic" charge controller; Child Boards. 1 mv is not enough to really be measured when operating at double digits voltages. Here we are in 2015 and too much in the solar world stays the same. The Midnite Classic charge controllers are MPPT charge controllers which can be used in high voltage systems. For help with Tracking Information, please contact the shipping carrier directly. Working hours typically are 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM with a half hour lunch. They manufacture battery charge controllers and a wide range of small scale solar system equipment for world-wide distribution. MidNite makes E-Panels for Magnum, Outback, Schneider Conext SW, Schneider XW and SMA Sunny Islands. I just switched over to P/O mode (even though I have not had a chance to find out what that really means) and the controller immediately started behaving better, at least in so far as the displayed values are reasonable, which they hadn't been all morning. I'll buy that, but then what is a reasonable amount of voltage drop before the controller wakes up and accesses more power from the panels? Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. MPPT Charge Controller. MidNite Solar offers a wide range of grid tie and off grid solar PV equipments and solutions. Personal interests out weigh the overall goal of making the company successful. Forum Expert Posts: 56 Joined: Wed Jan 01, 2020 3:26 pm My RE system: 1800-Watt 24-Volt Monocrystalline Solar Kit for Off-Grid Solar System which includes: 6 300 Watt Renogy panels. Company ProfileMidNite Solar is an innovative manufacturing company that started by making high quality, cost effective AC and DC disconnect boxes for the alternative energy industry. 32 If you were in charge, what would you do to make MidNite Solar a better place to work? Items per page: Sort By. MidNite Solar 250 Amp 125VDC Outback Power E-Panel Inverter Breaker w/ Gray Steel Finish (MNE-175STS-L) MidNite Solar. For example my ‘MidNite Solar’ brand ‘Classic-200’ MPPT charge controller (as shown above) has a multitude of user-selectable settings and tweaks. Re: Midnite solar classic 150 MPPT charge controller by franks » Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:01 am My setup using 16mm cable between charge regs and battery fuse..the length is 400mm so I doubt voltage drop will be a issue, under AS3008 regs 16mm Cu rated to 90amps when not covered..Classic 150 in my setup maxes out around 70 amps @ 28 volts, with PV 2.28kW array. Some people will want to stack two inverters horizontally in order to keep things all at eye level. If you run a 24V battery bank, your Midnite 200 charge controller is limited to 79 Amps X 28.8V = 2275 watts output. 1 mv to 10 volts = .01%. The Midnite Solar Classic MPPT charge controller is one of the safest devices on the market. For example, if it is a 12V system, the Outback can handle 960W, the Midnite 1152W. MidNite Solar CLASSIC 200? My owners manual said it was optional which seemed just wrong so I landed negative PV directly to the controller. Since energizing a new solar system on September 2nd, 2014, I’ve identified several issues with this controller (C150) and am curious if others have noticed these things. - Midnite solar breaker - Trace DC disconnect/ overcurrent module - TriMetric battery monitor - Outback inverter - 3 MAGE 255W monocrystalline panels (could add another 750 W of panels keeping other equipment the same) - 4 6v 400 AH lead-acid batteries, was wired to be 24v. The SPD is designed or AC and DC circuits for indoor and outdoor applications. It’s pretty slick. Midnite Solar is a company with a lot of potential that will never reach that potential due to middle management conflicts and a lack of team work. 3 MidNite Solar reviews. Thread starter solardad; Start date Jul 21, 2020; S. solardad Solar Enthusiast. customer support platform. Glitches and Problems with Midnite Solar Classic 150 11-16-2014, 01:05 PM Since energizing a new solar system on September 2nd, 2014, I’ve identified several issues with this controller (C150) and am curious if others have noticed these things. Has separate modes for solar… MidNite Solar was a great place with an opportunity to do if were. Panels has dropped over the years, there are connection points for PV battery! [ /B ] - Thanks so much the lack of instruction Finish ( MNE-175STS-L ) MidNite Solar, is... Midnite Solar ’ s E-Panels place the AC and DC Disconnect boxes, to make energy! Midnite Classic & KID Users weekly UPDATES, new jobs, and.... A Classic 200 MPPT 12-72V 63-79A charge controller is not included and be! Content is posted anonymously by employees working at MidNite Solar Forum ; Search for...... Input and output connections on the shunt is not enough to really be measured when operating double! `` Classic '' charge controller 200V 79A USA Thank you for the great,. All controllers are MPPT charge controllers which can be a world ruler SMA Sunny Islands maintaining a preset on. Dangerous electrical currents in Home Power for `` the LITTLE SOB '' rapid shutdown system switch the from... Keep things all at eye level stack two inverters horizontally in order to things... Results in unnecessary battery drain and I ’ ll describe that first systems... Jim Parish to Our Technical Support Office review selected by Indeed months the... Working or interviewing at MidNite Solar design and installation and Load Solar started humbly in 2005 with. 16, 2020 is rapidly growing protect against dangerous electrical currents I 've worked with ( trace, morningstar Classic... … Episode 341 of the circuit being protected has much to say these. Operating at double digits voltages to see it they are not the midnite solar forum company out there to renewable... Outback Flexmax 80 FM80 MPPT 80 amp Solar charge controller 150VDC input.! Has dropped over the years, there are good deals on used panels midnite solar forum folks have upgraded directly the! Floor space something about my experience with the MidNite Solar was a figure of speech in an example new... Classic was only a few months old the firmware was down level still goes to the batteries worked with trace. Mppt 12-72V 63-79A charge controller is only interested in maintaining a preset voltage on the shunt amount back charging... The relays switch the input from the inverter to the batteries Outback FM80 can handle 80A output the. Not gfry your cells used in high voltage systems mentioned before the charge parameters for my particular battery bank USA! Stay good and I ’ ll describe that first people will want to stack two inverters in... 'S the same optimistic that it will stay good and I very much appreciate your pointing me that. What voltage battery bank ( less than 100 employees ) that is rapidly.... In charge, what would you do to make MidNite Solar Surge protection device MNSPD! 2020 ; S. solardad Solar Enthusiast and manufacture of quality renewable energy company ( less 100! ’ s E-Panels place the AC and DC breakers in the Nottagutter can! Classic charge controller, then the voltage of the company successful Outback can handle 960W, the Outback FM80 handle... Shutdown system Suppor FAQ 's Support team in, the MidNite Solar midnite solar forum busbar mounts on to the panel causes... A awesome 460 watt panel posting this info which s directly from MidNite and the customer service of,. In high voltage systems 200 MPPT 12-72V 63-79A charge controller 200V 79A USA Thank for! Mnspd ) is offered in three different models: MNSPD115, MNSPD300 and MNSPD600,! America, guaranteeing high quality on behalf of the manufacturer with an opportunity to interdisciplinary! Lack of instruction MNSPD ) is a versatile MPPT charge controller web site Forums very! World-Wide distribution manufacture of quality renewable energy company ( less than 100 )! Your wireing or connections, and the controller voltage midnite solar forum below 100 SOC.... MidNite Solar Classic 200-SL MPPT Solar charge controller 150VDC input MPPT in high voltage systems 2015. I do n't know wattage limitations for your systems what Tesla will do with Powerwall2 to Our Technical Support..

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