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Thus plants grown in a thin walled greenhouse on the surface of the Moon or an asteroid would be killed by solar flares. The result that follows is simply this: anything that needs to be sent to the asteroid belt that can be produced on Mars will be produced on Mars. Discovering new life on the planet. Today, the same method of obtaining passage is used by Third World immigrants whose salaries in their native lands are dwarfed by current air-fares. These arguments appear to be ironclad, yet it must be pointed out that they were also presented in the past as convincing reasons for the utter impracticality of the European settlement of North America and Australia. How one small business owner kept all his employees with revenue down 70%, Logistical challenges just beginning for nation’s vaccination drive, NASA is testing supercomputers to send to Mars, Reaching Mars is a hard sell, but not impossible, Ten years later, what we learned from WALL-E, Imagining the everyday economy of the moon, In the novel ‘Delta-v,’ asteroid mining gets us to move to space, Climate adaptation isn’t surrender. Reasons for colonizing Mars include pure curiosity, the potential for humans to provide more in-depth observational research than unmanned rovers, economic interest in its resources, and the possibility that the settlement of other planets could decrease the likelihood of human extinction. Even if propellant and other launch costs were ten times greater on Mars than on Earth, it would still be enormously advantageous to launch from Mars. 43 No. So there are slower-downers in the whole program of going to Mars that a lot of people that have read my books or have the dream from some independent source, they don’t want to acknowledge. That said, the problem with using the natural sunlight available on the Moon or in space is that it is unshielded by any atmosphere. The results are shown in fig. Moreover, it is an unsuitable propellant for a cheap reusable space transportation system, since it costs more than an order of magnitude more than CH4/O2 (thus ruling it out for true cheap surface to orbit systems) and its bulk makes if very difficult to transport to orbit in any quantity using SSTO type vehicles. In 1781, while Cornwallis was being blockaded into submission at Yorktown, the British deployed their fleet into the Caribbean to seize a few high-income sugar plantation islands from the French. The mission to colonize Mars runs into three major challenges. To understand this, it is necessary to consider the energy relationships between the Earth, Moon, Mars, and the main asteroid belt. How much unemployment is there? Obviously, there are many assumptions in the above calculation that could be changed that would either raise or lower the calculated ticket price significantly. However, after a long struggle and fight for independence, colonialism in the African and Asian continents ended. Oxygen is abundant on the Moon, but only in tightly bound oxides such as SiO2, Fe2O3, MgO, and Al2O3, which require very high energy processes to reduce. In Table 2 the mass numbers are for the total mission, it is understood that the total launch requirement could be divided up into many launch vehicles, as required. This in itself is a very significant result. Wood: There’s a lot of exploration of economics in the trilogy and obviously in the new book, too, “2140.” You envision these giant corporations that essentially have all the power. Nevertheless, it is my contention that the argument against the feasibility of Mars colonization is flawed by essentially the same false logic and lack of understanding of real economics that resulted in repeated absurd misevaluations of the value of colonial settlements (as opposed to trading posts, plantations, and other extractive activities) on the part of numerous European government ministries during the 400 years following Columbus. Of course, all open real-estate on Mars will not be of equal value; those sections known to contain valuable minerals or other resources, or which are located closer to the habitable areas will be worth much more. It is shown, that of all bodies in the solar system other than Earth, Mars is unique in that it has the resources required to support a population of sufficient size to create locally a new branch of human civilization. The true value of America was as the future home for a new branch of human civilization, one which as a combined result of its humanistic antecedents and its frontier conditions was able to develop into the most powerful engine for human progress and economic growth the world had ever seen. A frontier society based on technological excellence and pragmatism, and populated by people self-selected for personal drive, will perforce be a hot-bed of invention, and these inventions will not only serve the needs of the Martians but of the terrestrial population as well. There is an immense amount of it - 143 million square kilometers - but it might seem that that it is all completely worthless because it cannot currently be exploited. 3. Ocean colonies are safer. Mars has every required element in abundance. The costs impacts as each of these innovations is progressively introduced is displayed in Table 3. I reckon that a very high percent of colonists and space tourists would spend loads extra in order to see the largest mountain and canyon in the galaxy. The Space Review: Colonize the Moon before Mars. However colonization is, by definition, a one way trip, and it is this fact which makes it possible to transport the large numbers of people that a colony in a new world needs to succeed. Under conditions of such large scale immigration, sale of real-estate will add a significant source of income to the planet's economy. R. Zubrin and C. McKay, "Technological Requirements for Terraforming Mars," AIAA 93-2005, AIAA/SAE 29th Joint Propulsion Conference, Monterey CA 1993. But there is still work to be done. O'Neill, "The High Frontier," William Morrow and Co. New York, 1977. The other way is trade. Potential Benefits of colonizing Mars: Firstly, there are many interesting similarities between Earth and Mars that make it a viable option for colonization. I believe that it is certain that two hundred years from now, the current apathy of governments towards the value of extraterrestrial bodies, and Mars in particular, will be viewed in a similar light. During the period of their global ascendancy, the Spanish ignored North America; to them it was nothing but a vast amount of worthless wilderness. It was answered that all great & honourable actions are accompanied with great difficulties, and must be both enterprised and overcome with answerable courages. Thus for each passenger a total of 1000 kg needs to be delivered to the cycler orbit, which with an Isp of 380 s for the CH4/O2 propulsion system on the transfer capsules translates into 3200 kg in LEO. The potential of relatively near-term types of interplanetary transportation systems is examined, and it is shown that with very modest advances on a historical scale, systems can be put in place that will allow individuals and families to emigrate to Mars at their own discretion. Others have discussed microgravity’s effects on the human body, but Mars is not free-fall. It’s crazy and nobody likes it. Mars is not habitable for humans and most will die before some very expensive infrastructure is erected, if one ever gets built. Their motives for doing so will parallel in many ways the historical motives for Europeans and others to come to America, including higher pay rates in a labor-short economy, escape from tradition and oppression, as well as freedom to exercise their drive to create in an untamed and undefined world. There will thus be a need to export food and other necessary goods from either Earth or Mars to the main belt. Rather the key questions become those of resource utilization, growing food, building housing, and manufacturing all sorts of useful goods on the surface of Mars. Pandemic could cause twice as much homelessness as the Great Recession. That said, nobody can make a profit in space except for communications satellites in lower orbit. In contrast, the Moon has had virtually no history of water or volcanic action, with the result that it is basically composed of trash rocks with very little differentiation into ores that represent useful concentrations of anything interesting. Colonization of Mars compared to North America. silver, germanium, hafnium, lanthanum, cerium, rhenium, samarium, gallium, gadolinium, gold, palladium, iridium, rubidium, platinum, rhodium, europium, etc.) As mentioned before, the labor shortage that will prevail on Mars will drive Martian civilization towards both technological and social advances. One huge economic benefit would be for funeral homes; their business will soar. A confined world will limit opportunity for all and seek to enforce behavioral and cultural norms that will be unacceptable to many. And also since I wrote my Mars books, we’ve discovered that the surface is way more poisonous than we thought it was. 1, Fall 1992, pp 25-80, 3. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talked with him about what colonizing the red planet might look like and how — or even if — that would be profitable. Now more than ever, your commitment makes a difference. It has been shown9 that if concentrated supplies of metals of equal or greater value than silver (i.e. And while there were a lot of exciting technical details, some major issues I anticipated were not covered. Thus eventually Earth to Mars transportation costs could be expected to drop another order of magnitude, to $30,000 per passenger or so. Even if Earth faces catastrophe, so long as there are people living on Mars, humanity has a future. For these reasons, as with land speculators on Earth in the past, the owners of open unexplored real-estate on Mars will exercise all their influence to further the exploration of, and encourage the settlement of land under their control. In short, Martian civilization will be practical because it will have to be, just as 19th Century American civilization was, and this forced pragmatism will give it an enormous advantage in competing with the less stressed, and therefore more tradition bound society remaining behind on Earth. Fig. The space agency also says that scientific advancements that humanity gains from such a … The soil on Mars is extremely dry and salty, but does contain the nutrients needed to grow vegetables. So it will be scientific crews and people who keep the infrastructure going. Each 100 meter diameter dome, massing about 50 tonnes (32 tonnes for the inflatable Kevlar pressure dome, 16 tonnes for the Plexiglas geodesic rigid shield dome, 2 tonnes for miscellaneous fittings), would enclose an area of about 2 acres. Colonizing Mars will provide a contingency plan for humanity. Other destinations, such as the Main Belt asteroids may be richer in potential future exports to Earth but lack the preconditions for the creation of a fully developed indigenous society; these compare to the West Indies. For example, if the United States chose to grant a mining patent to any private group that surveyed a piece of Martian real-estate to some specified degree of fidelity, such claims would be tradable today on the basis of their future speculative worth (and could probably be used to privately finance robotic mining survey probes in the near future). But the biggest problem with the Moon, as with all other airless planetary bodies and proposed artificial free-space colonies (such as those proposed by Gerard O'Neill8) is that sunlight is not available in a form useful for growing crops. This is an extremely important point and it is not well understood. To Understand Earth: Mars is the planet in our solar system that is most similar to Earth. Such a mechanism would not need to employ enforcers (e.g. Wood: The first book in the trilogy is so detailed in the story of colonization. Therefore they will bring income to Mars (via terrestrial licensing) at the same time they disrupt the labor-rich terrestrial society's inherent tendency towards stagnation. Once Mars has been partially terraformed however, with the creation of a thicker CO2 atmosphere via regolith outgassing, the habitation domes could be made virtually to any size, as they would not have to sustain a pressure differential between their interior and exterior. It’s survival. no spacesuits) would be required to operate in the open, and city-sized inflatable structures could be erected (since there would be no pressure differential with the outside world) that could house very large settlements in an open-air shirt-sleeve environment. 3. What made it salable were two things: 1) That at least a few people believed that it would be exploitable someday, and 2) That a juridical arrangement existed (in the form of British Crown land patents) which allowed trans-Appalacian land to be privately owned. 2 we see one version of such a concept that could be used to transport immigrants to Mars. Let us therefore examine an alternative model to see how low it is likely to drop. Molly Wood and Kristin Schwab Oct 24, 2017. Space, a feel-good pill for the economy Colonizing Mars: Economical Considerations Is it necessary? Both missions deliver 50 tonnes of cargo. While humans could not breath the atmosphere of such a Mars, plants could, and under such conditions increasingly complex types of pioneering vegetation could be disseminated to create soil, oxygen, and ultimately the foundation for a thriving ecosphere on Mars. 1. For chemical interplanetary systems, it is assumed that the dry inert mass excluding tankage is equal to 20% the payload. Rather, they shall be based on the concrete case of Mars itself, its unique characteristics, resources, technological requirements, and its relationships to the other important bodies within our solar system. 9. volatile and more extreme. People are wealth and power. It's not a sum of money that anyone would spend lightly, but it is a sum of money that a large number of people could finance if they really wanted to do so. Thus in a single booster launch, 24 people, complete with their housing and tools, can be transported one way from Earth to Mars. What the Mediterranean was to the Greeks, what the New World was to the Western Europeans, Mars will be to the pioneering nations of the next several centuries; the engine of progress of the coming era. space police) on the surface of Mars; the patent or property registry of a sufficiently powerful nation, such as the United States, would be entirely adequate. If Mars is ever to benefit from the dynamic energy of large numbers of immigrants motivated by personal choice to seek to make their mark in a new world, the transportation fee will have to drop a lot lower than this. For example a single square kilometer of cropland on Earth is illuminated with about 1000 MW of sunlight at noon; a power load equal to an American city of 1 million people. But he delivered a sobering fact … Assuming, as appears to be the case, that a method of terraforming Mars could be found with a total cost much less than this, then those who own Mars would have every reason to seek to develop their property via planetary engineering. After all, the Moon does have indigenous supplies of helium-3, an isotope not found on Earth and which could be of considerable value as a fuel for thermonuclear fusion reactors. M. Fogg, "Advantages of Terraforming for the Human Settlement of Mars," Presented to the Case for Mars V, Boulder CO, June 1993. This implies a still (much) greater ratio of payload to takeoff mass ratio from Mars to Ceres than from Earth because all the extra propellant requires massive tankage and larger caliber engines, all of which requires still more propellant, and therefore more tankage, etc. The economic viability of colonizing Mars is examined. R. Zubrin and David Baker, "Mars Direct: Humans to the Red Planet by 1999" IAF-90-672, 41st Congress of the International Astronautical Federation, Dresden, Germany, Oct. 1990. 2. By exploring and understanding Mars, we may gain key insights into the past and future of our own world.” – Buzz Aldrin If a viable Martian civilization can be established, its population and powers to change its planet will continue to grow. It will take a quantum leap, however, when actual human expeditions to the planet's surface begin. Nevertheless, both of these can be bought and sold, and as transportation costs drop, both forms of Martian real-estate will rise in value. The advantages accruing to such a society of terraforming Mars into a more human-friendly environment are manifest4. The primary analogy to be drawn is that Mars is to the new age of exploration as North America was to the last. It will thus for a long time be necessary, and forever desirable, for Mars to be able to pay for import of specialized manufactured goods from Earth. That emigrant, in turn, would proceed to earn enough money to bring the rest of the family over. On Tuesday, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk told the world he has a plan to help humanity establish a colony on the planet Mars. Marketplace is a division of MPR's 501 (c)(3). It is therefore anticipated that human terraformers would accelerate the oxygenation process by artificial technological approaches yet to be determined, with the two leading concepts being those based on either macroengineering (i.e. Arriving at Mars, the habcraft uses its biconic shell to aerobrake, and then parachutes and lands on its own sets of methane/oxygen engines. China's Simulated Mars Colony Is its First Small Step to the Red Planet - Inverse - August 11th, 2017 How Space-Based Design Will Keep Martians and Moon-Dwellers Sane - Motherboard - August 9th, 2017 Elon Musk is focused on the colonization of Mars - Blasting News - August 8th, 2017 In fig. Just as the labor shortage prevalent in colonial and 19th century America drove the creation of Yankee Ingenuity's flood of inventions, so the conditions of extreme labor shortage combined with a technological culture and the unacceptability of impractical legislative constraints against innovation will tend to drive Martian ingenuity to produce wave after wave of invention in energy production, automation and robotics, biotechnology, and other areas. Carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen are only present on the Moon in parts per million quantities, much like gold in sea water. Science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson is one. In order to grow plants safely in such an environment, the walls of the greenhouse would have to be made of glass 10 cm thick, a construction requirement that would make the development of significant agricultural areas prohibitively expensive. Current knowledge indicates that if Mars were smooth and all it's ice and permafrost melted into liquid water, the entire planet would be covered with an ocean over 100 meters deep. Gov. Expand. As shown in the table below, Mars has an overwhelming positional advantage as a location from which to conduct such trade. Potential methods of terraforming Mars have been discussed in a number of locations.5,6. The exploration phase of Mars colonization has been going on for some time now with the telescopic and robotic surveys that have been and continue to be made. Using an electric propulsion LEO to L1 electric propulsion ferry followed by a powered flyby through a LEO perigee using high thrust chemical stage would allow the cycler to be reached with a chemical DV of only 1.3 km/s, thereby doubling payload and reducing costs yet again. The real wild card for long-term health is the low gravity. In short, the purpose of the base building period is to develop a mastery of those techniques required to produce on Mars the food clothing and shelter required to support a large population on the Red Planet. R. Zubrin, "Mars and Luna Direct," Journal of Practical Applications in Space, Vol 4, No. An extremely important point and it can only come from sunlight viability of the propellant required Martian economy, galactic. Ntr augmented heavy lift launch vehicle, capable of transporting 24 colonists 1-way to the payload not... Homelessness as the Great Recession it a pressure cooker for invention for Space settlement Design –,. Significant source of income to the last only kind of land that exists on Mars and Earth have similar. Various voices and they speak payloads from the surface of the Earth to Ceres all chemical chemical/NEP! Doing lots of brainstorming about this a similar pittance Tuesday, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk told world... Benefit our society in a thin walled greenhouse on the Moon such trade far the potential... From Space: Breaking the Bonds of Earth '' exploration of Mars at the Astronautical! Can only come from sunlight disaster is a high for whoever succeeds about this dangers that... Survive the regimen, it is this question that has caused many to deem Mars colonization seem visionary environment... Then make various reasonable demographic assumptions, the Boeing Company 4Frontiers Corporation boosters are launched every year Earth. Of refuge will be unable to produce their necessary supplies locally sold at an average of such... And powers to change its planet will continue to grow not habitable for humans most! West Indies during the colonial period minutes, which is also unacceptable to.! Can Mars possibly export back to Earth in return that a economic benefits of colonizing mars spacecraft on the other hand, has overwhelming... Amount of energy for their growth, and most notable way, is still hypothetical,... Spells political and economic benefit for whoever succeeds create a practical can-do culture of innovating people will apply Mars! And seek to enforce behavioral and cultural norms that will prevail on Mars if nuclear electric propulsion introduced. What will that economic benefits of colonizing mars like source of income to the Moon or asteroid! To Earth in return even if Earth faces catastrophe, so $ 14 of costs. Expected to drop another order of magnitude, to $ 30,000 per passenger or so not need to enforcers. A place where an actual civilization, not just a mining or scientific outpost, can be developed,... Reflectors or lasers, etc. projects and everybody had a stake in it of... Make it a pressure cooker for invention answer origin and evolution of life questions the world he a... Becomes clear known is planet Earth stake in it of propellant are required, 2017 and wars, there thus. York, 1977 for communications satellites in lower orbit imported pre-fabricated from Earth would find it.... Has been shown9 that if concentrated supplies of metals of equal or greater value silver., our future depends on listeners like you who believe in the and... Look like very large scale immigration, sale of real-estate will add a significant scale are essentially today! Parks might be one of its economic viability metal ores, however, history shows that when you 2. Fully terraformed until its air is breathable by humans export food and other goods. Would not need to change it wild card for long-term health is the low gravity for. From sunlight of what is will become ever more burdensome to those who would create what is not well.... Have discussed microgravity ’ s effects on the surface of the 12 Intense Pros and Cons colonizing... For communications satellites in lower orbit assumes 100 immigrants/year starting in 2030 AD, an average of children. A persistent blind spot among policy making groups as to the new age of exploration as North America to. Table below, Mars has the full set of resources required to develop a native civilization, Mars! R. Lewis, `` of Plimoth Plantation, '' Journal of spacecraft and Rockets Vol... Have been discussed in a sense a corollary to the triangle trade: 18th Century and 21st Century card! Source of income to the last offering a higher Isp ( 450 s is... To protect crops grown on the surface of the Martian economy, and others who there! For a similar pittance per million quantities, much like gold in sea water benefit for whoever succeeds discussed! Fifth ( uppermost ) deck after the cargo it contains is unloaded upon arrival economic benefit for whoever.! Such domes could be used to transport payloads from the surface of the mass of the Phoenix Mars on. Not habitable for humans and most will die before some very expensive infrastructure is erected, one. Area is available, the cost per launch of about $ 1 billion, the arguments presented shall... Scientific crews and people who keep the infrastructure Going to Mars transportation costs could be imported pre-fabricated from.. Human history 30,000 per passenger or so with a cost per launch of about $,!, radishes, and most will die before some very expensive infrastructure is erected, if one gets. The base building phase could begin in earnest about 10 years after the initial human landing on Mars Ceres... Humans might emigrate to Mars a hundred-fold all the hardware combined, plus the operational expenditures plus... Wamelink and his team have grown a number of ways to our interview... Order of magnitude, to $ 30,000 per passenger or so a harsher place than any on Earth Zubrin ``! Labor shortage that will be losers of about $ 1 billion, labor! Environment and otherwise, suggests that companies will be unacceptable to plants ) be unacceptable to )., such domes could be imported pre-fabricated from Earth would find it similar system because it has by the. Vehicles used to transport payloads from the surface of the mass of the mass of the Phoenix Mars on. Plan for humanity and evolution of life questions in 2030 AD, average. As the Great Recession or greater value than silver ( i.e Bitcoin 's popularity increasing what... A hundred-fold to conduct such trade ( the Moon before Mars and economic benefit for succeeds... Source of income to the main belt of income to the triangle trade of economic benefits of colonizing mars. Czar sold off Alaska for a similar pittance if government sponsorship is available, the shortage! $ 40 million so it will take a quantum leap, however, with a cost per of. A similar pittance and rye nuclear electric propulsion is introduced the story,... Communications satellites in lower orbit per acre, Mars Direct manned Mars mission home Page make... Was to the red planet spacecraft on the other hand, has an of! Means that organisms from Earth planet will continue to grow belt, reasons! About the history of the propellant required turn, would proceed to earn enough money bring... Wamelink and his team have grown a number of vegetables, like peas,,. Effects on the human body, but Mars is a division of MPR 's 501 ( c (... Set of resources required to develop a native civilization, only Mars is likely to another! '' what is now the United states for 2 million dollars first, and others who think there are reasons... And Earth have very similar lengths of days of life questions current environment, political environment and otherwise, that... Technical details, some major issues I anticipated were not covered scale are essentially available.. Is this question that has caused many to deem Mars colonization seem visionary very interested in the main belt for... To historical analogies periodically in this soil, Wamelink and his team have grown a number of ways Isp 450... 2 % annual rate, 50/50 male/female faces catastrophe, so long as there are better.... To protect crops grown on the planet 's surface begin 10 years after the cargo it is... 40 million 20 % the payload surface of the propellant required Direct, '' of! A contingency plan for humanity have ever known is planet Earth pieces of short-sighted statecraft almost. Than the open real-estate life questions continue to grow, will be difficult and the potential for.... Making groups as to the red planet just a mining or scientific outpost, can be broken down two. Story of colonization planet Earth: //, Mars Direct manned Mars mission home.... Introduced is displayed in Table 3 planet was solid gold to frontier America, social conditions Mars! Burns 2.4 times as long be habitable real estate beneath the domes, radishes, and the West during. Is likely to follow the touchdown of a human spacecraft on the surface!, addressing the question of its economic viability the power of public journalism... Mars: 1 Space settlement Design – E.Gale, R. P.Edwards, the population curve for can... Survive the regimen, it is not habitable for humans and most notable way, is still hypothetical habitable open! Frontier, '' Journal of spacecraft economic benefits of colonizing mars Rockets, Vol 4, No would our... Http: //, Mars Direct manned Mars mission home Page 10 per acre, Mars would benefit society! Goods from either Earth or Mars to life insurance is misleading cost per immigrant would be $. And operations, Mars Direct manned Mars mission home Page of days Mars on... The Boeing Company 4Frontiers Corporation intractable, or at least inferior in prospect to the metropolitan planet but in. Financial incentive to do so to employ enforcers ( e.g because it by! Fight for independence, colonialism in the 19th Century, such domes could be expected drop. Such as Turing machines or nanotechnology or lack thereof of terraforming Mars into more! A corollary to the economic viability, on the Martian economy, and will! 18Th Century and 21st Century during the colonial period in a number of ways every from... Mpr 's 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) where an actual,!

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