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Before we get really into CSS Clamp, we must talk about min() and max(). Do you have a comment or a suggestion? – Phelipe Chiarelli 29/09 às 13:27 Of course, you can cancel or add it with a media query, but then you missed the whole point of using CSS comparison functions. As per Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), when clamp() is used as a value, it’s equivalent to using max() and min() functions. and a lot more. Usually, it might be something like this: However, with the min() function, it’s possible to set a maximum value like this: What I liked about clamp() is that it’s perfect for setting a minimum and maximum padding for a section. Isso é uma mão na roda para sites responsivos. We can have a dynamic margin between design elements by using CSS viewport units. Early Opera browser versions from 10.1 to 12.1 doesn't support CSS line-clamp element at all. Think minmax() but for more than rows and columns.. This post assumes that you’re an advanced and experienced writer of CSS. React-multi-clamp will use native css clamp(-webkit-line-clamp) in supported browser when the ellipsis is set to '...'. A great use case for clamp() is for headings. The viewport width is 1000px. Nice video from Kevin Powell. Introducing Clamp.js. Similar to the previous example, the gradient size should vary between small and large viewports. Between December 2019 and April 2020 the browsers all added support for a new method in CSS called clamp( ). A designer will provide designs for mobile/desktop and then the developer ends up asking “what about tablet?”, sound familiar? Although Firefox uses the Gecko rendering Engine which uses the -moz-vendor prefix, since version 49, Firefox decided to add support for several -webkit-prefixes and WebKit-specific interfaces. I hope the above point is clear. Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) Assignee: Updated • 8 months ago. Choosing that depends on the viewport width. To achieve that, I made you an interactive demo to play with: Check the interactive demo. CSS Support Systems (Warrington) Sales, Marketing, Accounts. This year, something interesting happened. Webkit Flexbox Truncate CSS permalink. The first thing I want to highlight is the browser support since this is a new thing. By using the max() function, we can set a minimum value for it. Buy now. If 50% computes to a value more than 500px, then it will be ignored and 500px will be used instead. Note: This method is very easy, but not supported in all browsers and very limited in styling..line-clamp {display:-webkit-box;-webkit-line-clamp: 3;-webkit-box-orient: vertical;} Pure CSS Truncate permalink Can you guess the viewport width that will make that happen? By using min(), we set a maximum value for the margin 2.75rem that shouldn’t be exceeded. The clamp() function can be used anywhere a , , ,

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