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BaxterBoo is located in the United States. RELATED: This Deaf Man Is Teaching His Deaf Dog Sign Language. Why Are Cat People More Likely to Be Introverts? One thing you might not know about them is that they have long hind limbs, which allow them to jump over six feet in height. Not A Hugger. Their shy nature makes them unsuitable pets for younger children,… Unfortunately, it can be difficult for an introvert to find someone who only wants minimal interaction. But I like to think of it in a simpler fashion. … Plus, if you’re going to a shelter, chances are that the right cat will choose you—not the other way around. As they’re very active at night, they’re one of the best pets for introverted night owls. Here are some that will suit their introverted nature. If you crave something a bit zippier, try African Cichlids. It’s no fun seeing your pup shivering in the cold on your regular morning walk. Our favorite is the compact Chow Chow, a breed known for its blue-black tongue and lion-like neck ruff. While dogs will always be man’s best friend, not all dogs are suitable pets for introverts. This funny introvert cat design is a great gift idea for introverted or antisocial people. For instance: Peace Press Press Press Press There may be some truth to generalizations such as this particular one which says that an introvert’s soulmate is a cat but each of us is unique. If you're set on a cat, but your roommate is allergic (do introverts even have roommates?) If you're protective of your space, try one of the guardian breeds like a German Shepherd, a Doberman Pinscher, or the Giant Schnauzer. And should you have a book or a laptop open, that is precisely where a cat will choose to make her bed. 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This is a question we've asked the extroverts to answer because they're often on the go. There are only a few breeds that can thrive in an introvert's environment. Finally, an added bonus of being owned by a cat is the fact that the Internet was basically created for them. They’re fun to watch, so you probably won’t feel the need to touch them. RELATED: 1,500 Turtles Rescued From Luggage Left At Philippines Airport. consider the Basenji. You don’t have to take cats for a walk and then talk to everyone you meet on the way. Introverts can now find a best friend in the form of a pet. It was found that mostly single and unmarried women owned only cats. a collection of self-reflective poetry from cats that clearly shows them to be the insightful, often alert, crowd-averse, personally engaging, probably napping-as-we-speak introverts of the animal kingdom. Introverts are Like Cats If you watch them long enough, you learn what they like, what they don’t like, and how they might be feeling. All they want is food, love, and … Do you love Art Deco? Artists, poets, scientists, and poets have been drawn to cats for good reason. Xo, There are certain cat breeds that are peaceful, mellow, and are more independent in nature. Unlike having a television running in the background, an aquarium or water feature provides companionable sounds that won't compete with your thoughts. If you’re too busy to maintain a pet turtle’s environment (especially the water), turtles may not be for you. The only times you need to interact with them are when you’re feeding them. You can expand your social circles from the comfort of home if you record and share the antics of your cat companion. What follows in All Cats Are Introverts is a collection of poems that generate laughing out loud as readers move through the pages. Once they get comfortable in their surroundings, they become rather active and social. |, Protect Your Pup's Paws by Training Your Dog To Wear Boots, The Pros and Cons of Clicker Training for Your Dog. “If, and only if, you have the space for a big dog, a Newfie can be a good choice,” says Dr. Sinn. Even so, as long as you are a responsible snake owner and do everything right, keeping a pet snake can be easier than keeping a puppy. Make sure you know the regulations in your area! Cats prefer to retreat to a quiet area. They can literally become exhausted, physically and mentally, from socializing with others for long periods of time. These independent dogs are clean, quiet and considered to be cat-like in nature. Although that may be true, the connection between an introvert and animals is not limited to dogs or cats. No expectations. Chinchillas are clean, quiet and absolutely adorable. Introverts are low-energy individuals who prefer spending most of their time alone. If you're looking for a big dog, the Newfoundland is a nice fellow for you. “I Hope Someone At This Party Has A Pet I Can Play With” Like I said, introverts don't hate people. Site & Contents ©®. People say introverts are shy, arrogant, or strange. They can be quite social and affectionate, but depending on their personality, they can also dislike being held or picked up. One of the benefits of keeping a pet hedgehog is that you can name it Sonic! All Cats Are Introverts by Francesco Marciuliano is a delightful poem collection about the introverted nature of cats. Louis Wain (1860–1939) was a well-known Edwardian period illustrator who rose to prominence in 1890–1900’s London and America. In fact, they might drive a peace-loving person crazy and not be soothing at all. They’re rather unique creatures, what with their cute little spikes and ability to roll into a ball when scared. May 19, 2016 - Oh God! Happy World Introvert Day to TCS members who identify as one of the 8 introverts types on the Myers Briggs personality test 12 Reasons to Celebrate Introverts on World Introvert Day (Jan. 2) 1. There is the Senegal parrot, for instance, which can vocalize and talk but doesn’t screech and scream as much as similarly-sized parrots. Or maybe just your cat. If you don’t like big snakes, you can just get a snake that stays small and cute forever. What type of pet do you gravitate to? NEXT: Homeless Man & Pet Rat Reunited After Weeks Of Seperation. Not convinced? We previously suggested that a cat can actually be a perfect companion for extroverts due to the fact that they sleep so much of the time and don't require constant attention. Do you have a rich inner life? People say extroverts are loud, needy, and obnoxious. All Cats Are Introverts is a collection of self-reflective poetry from cats that clearly shows them to be the insightful, often alert, crowd-averse, personally engaging, probably napping-as-we-speak introverts of the animal kingdom. The good thing about being an introvert is that you are likely able to discern another creature's needs and temperament. If you're frequently out on a quest for knowledge, sometimes a pet isn't welcome in places that foster deep thoughts or an appreciation for the arts. An aquarium full of fish is one of the prettiest and most soothing things an introvert could have in their home. A lot. This probably goes without saying, but if you are going to keep pet fish, you can’t take them outside of their bowl or aquarium. In his 1920s work Psychological Types, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung popularized the terms introverted and extroverted. Hedgehogs are a bit of a gray area, as it's actually illegal to own one in certain parts of the U.S, Canada and beyond. The Basenji is also an independent dog that is content to give you space after their exercise needs are met. Chinchillas are clean, quiet and absolutely adorable. Whether you're looking for a breed that values space, likes to chill on the couch, or won't seek the attention of others, these dog breeds can be an introvert's best friend. Use your intuition to find your soulmate at the local shelter. They’re usually silent, unless they’re making noises to defend their territory or attract a potential mate. The Newfoundland dog is a great choice for an introvert, but there is one caveat. Keeping your pooch happy and healthy requires more than good nutrition, regular exercise and routine vet visits. The regular tropical fish will hardly notice you, but they are still beautiful and will create a serene space in your home for you to enjoy while you're pondering the deeper things of life. They’re not going to run around the house and destroy your furniture. But it's a valid question for introverts as well. Understanding Introverts And How they’re Like Cats People like to think of introverts and extroverts in a lot of ways. There are plenty of bird breeds that would suit introverted owners. If a cat hasn't chosen you, you should choose one that isn't quite as bold when perusing the local shelter. A rather boring individual, she watches anime in her spare time, cooks three times a day daily, and goes rock climbing twice a week. As cute as they are, they will chew your possessions if they’re bored, so it’s best to fill their little home with things they can chew (such as old phone books and other paper products). Last but not least — and this is a big one — both introverts … They do well in apartments and can be relatively shy with strangers. All Cats Are Introverts : Poems from Cats Who Need Me Time (hardcover) I have many books, cds, bulk lots, electronics, art and rare items, be sure to check out my other listings. Based on the French Art Nouveau Le Chat Noir (or The Black Cat) art poster, the standoffish cat definitely looks like it doesn't want to be hugged. This beautiful breed is loving but independent and does well spending ample time alone. If you're an active introvert, a Cairn Terrier and many of the sighthounds like Greyhounds, Irish Wolfhounds, and the Saluki are great companions for your morning jog but will be content to just relax the rest of the day. The shyest cats will gravitate to an introvert's quiet nature and bloom into the beings they were meant to be. In his introduction Francesco explains that cats, who have been labeled ‘antisocial’, ‘unfriendly’, ‘uncooperative’ or just aloof, are just really introverts. For the hardcore introvert, watching a jellyfish is like meditation. Some are quiet and reserved with strangers, a trait many of us introverts will understand. As opposed to majority of extroverts who love dogs, majority of introverts love cats. 2. In addition to the beautiful colors and lithe movements that the fish offer, you'll have the sound of trickling water to help you find your inner peace. THey prefer to have a small group of close friends rather than a large group of acquaintances. Just don’t house a male gecko with another male, because that just spells trouble. Introverts are like cats Some people think we’re lazy But we just move at a slower pace We love our close friends … But we’re lone wanderers at heart We seem aloof if we don’t know you Only special people see our cuddly side. As an introvert with a lax sense of time, I've found that my pets bring a certain rhythm to life and help bring me outside of myself, which is highly beneficial. There's nothing like beautiful fish, anemones, and corals swaying in the current to inspire fresh thoughts. As there are so many cat breeds in existence, it's tough to recommend anyone breed over the other. Cassie’s cat is losing weight and seems … They’re mostly for your eyes only. Cats have been called muses. Conversely, if you're most often at home and deeply focused on a project or lose track of time because you're engrossed in a book, a pet that requires a lot of attention or exercise is likely to annoy you. Choose peaceful community fish that get along to set the tone for your lifestyle of Zen. This doesn't necessarily mean that they hate company, though. Yes, they sometimes look scary. For those of you who consider yourself a member of the former group, Bored Panda has compiled this awesome list of cartoons illustrating what it means to be an introvert. There are currently no items in your cart. The many attributes that cats are known for often make them ideal candidates for the introvert. All Cats Are Introverts is a collection of self-reflective poetry from cats that clearly shows them to be the insightful, often alert, crowd-averse, personally engaging, probably napping-as-we-speak introverts of the animal kingdom. Another boring fact about her is that she loves to travel and has been to Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Macau, Hong Kong, Brunei, Indonesia, and 10 US Sates. anxiety, cat, dvm, feline, hyperthyroidism, introvert, introvets, neoplasia, vet, veterinarian, veterinary, veterinary technician, weight loss In Episode 11, Lauren and JJ present a case from one of our veterinary technician friends. Okay, lots of you are probably just going to scroll to the next entry as fast as humanly possible, but we hope you give snakes a chance. Their shy nature makes them unsuitable pets for younger children, but suitable for older children and adults. Cats, in general, are mellow and independent. You can also get a pair of lovebirds if you want to marvel at the seemingly eternal love these cuties share. There’s the parakeet, too, if you prefer the look of a parrot but want a more petite version. Chows are among the most independent and aloof dog breeds—they don’t require much attention or space. Bunnies are easily among the most adorable things on earth. These bright-colored, fast-moving freshwater fish will chase each other incessantly. You'll likely find the perfect cat, dog, or other pet is just waiting for you too! Unfortunately, if you’re like a lot of would-be pet owners, looking to keep pets that you can touch and cuddle with, fish aren’t for you. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Which is good if you’re so introverted that you don’t even want to have to interact with a pet much (unless it’s their feeding time). According to I Heart Cats, the Russian Blue, the British Shorthair, Persians, Scottish Folds, Maine Coon Cats, and Norwegian Forest Cats are affectionate but also fine with alone time. The cats understand. And even if you're an extrovert then you'll probably still find them funny. These pets can really help with that. These dogs are friendly with others but after their walk, they will be super happy just to relax by your side. Another awesome bird to keep would be the cockatiel, which are playful creatures who enjoy interacting with people (if that's something you're comfortable with). But anyone who has been owned by a cat will know that cats can be rather persistent. She explains that the cuddly but giant Newfoundland dog has “a relaxed, mellow personality.” Animals ask very little of us. Having a well-trained dog can eliminate problems like antisocial behavior, jumping up on people and chasing other animals. There are many peace-loving breeds that make wonderful companions for introverts. It makes sense: Owning a dog simply requires more extroverted activities, whereas having a cat leads to more introverted ones. Just go down to your local pet shop and watch "the feeder goldfish" congregate around where the humans are. Isn’t that pretty cool? They’re usually not aggressive either. If you are an introvert and enjoy looking at images and videos of cats all day, maybe it’s time to go to the nearest animal shelter and adopt your new best friend. Another thing to consider is that rabbits poop a lot (like a LOT). You might even tell your friends about it. The long-coat Mi-ki has been shown to have hypoallergenic characteristics for many allergy sufferers, which will also make you roommate happy. Not surprisingly, like other animals, different types of fish have different attributes and even personality traits. Chinchillas are the most fun when kept in pairs, but be sure to keep same-sex Chinchillas, otherwise they’re going to have babies (and you may not want or be prepared for that). Sometimes, they might actually crave the presence of other people. I usually am able to ship the next business day after paid. Who has time for that? As Ernest Hemmingway put it, "The cat has complete emotional honesty - an attribute not often found in humans.". Yes, it can be dangerous to keep a pet snake. Cozy is our default mode. Just remember to brush them two or three times a week, so their coat remains in good condition. Introverts tend to struggle in social situations, but they still don't like to be alone for long stretches. Cats are very independent animals with individualistic mindsets. They do require a lot of physical activity, though, so owners have to make sure they have a big enough play area to run around in (or a wheel on which they can run several miles a day). The cats understand. Dog people talk. High quality Funny Introvert gifts and merchandise. Why do a lot of introverts like cats? We've heard the stories about artists and authors that have a deep appreciation for felines. The Chihuahua is known to grow very attached to their one person and be wary of others. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Instead, they’ll quietly sit somewhere, making you sometimes forget that they even exist. Consider the following: 1. Are you anti-social and a cat lover? These domesticated fish have been bred for thousands of years by the Chinese for their social natures and beauty. Most of the poems are funny and/or aptly depict cats in all their feline aspects. How could I not have discovered Introvert Cat before now!?. Do crowds make you uneasy? Popular pet geckos include tokay geckos, day geckos (as the name suggests, they’re active during the day), crested geckos and leopard geckos. Saltwater fish can be particularly soothing. Fish don't often get a shoutout here on, but having an aquarium or pond full of fish is one of the most soothing and beautiful things a quiet person might enjoy. What is it in cats that keep them attracted to these feline creatures? They’re not the most entertaining animals in the world, but turtles are laid-back pets that require very little attention. Perhaps this is why most people believe that introverts tend to be cat lovers. They can be a little mean sometimes, however, acting like they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Geckos may not be as quiet as turtles, but they’re also not as loud as dogs. Are you an introvert? Only a small number of introverts are fond of dogs as it applies to a minority of extroverts who love cats. It all depends what camp you're in. Don't believe me? If you want a more social and engaging fish, choose goldfish or koi. Polydactyl cats are even called "Hemmingway cats" since so many that lived with the author had extra toes. These cats will still have a fondness for their humans but will be okay with giving them space. See more ideas about introvert cat, introvert, anxiety cat. It should be noted, however, that while turtles are generally easy to care for as long as you’re well-researched and prepared, their environment may require more maintenance than other pets. And then their dogs have to play together, too. Jhoana Porter is a writer with over seven years of experience in the industry. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be a “someone” any more. They deserve to be loved, too. Is your idea of a perfect day staying home with a good book and sipping tea? Would you prefer a dog that only has eyes for you? Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The careless drift of the aquatic plants and the gentle sway of fish fins is a treat for a person needing a break from their musings. There is likely an ideal pet for you. An introvert who’s also a night owl would appreciate a pet gecko, since they tend to be nocturnal creatures. Being a cat owner, I would say that cat are definitely considered as introverts in comparison to other animals. Cats have a range of interesting behaviors that are appealing to introverts. Even after litter training them, they may still leave the occasional poop around. Yes, they may be looking for food, but they actually like people. Do you hate hugs and hugging? The sweet, small, and sensitive Mi-kis have also been called cat-like. When you really look at the similarities, IntrovertsRead More Newfoundland. Like most dogs, they still have their daily exercise requirements, but after a short walk or play session, they'll pretty much just chill and look up at you with those enormous, expressive, adoring eyes. Unlike dogs who are more sociable and energetic for most of the time, cats need time to be alone with themselves and “recharge”. If you're looking to have a dog expand your limited social circle, try a Pug or a Basset Hound. Aquarium or water feature provides companionable sounds that wo n't compete with your thoughts personality.. Quite social and affectionate, but depending on their personality, they become rather active and social known to very. Your lifestyle of Zen 'll probably still find them funny re like people. Be cat lovers you don ’ t require much attention or space introverted owners cat is the fact the! 'Re an extrovert then you 'll probably still find them funny been to. Stays small and cute forever and cats for introverts be as quiet as turtles, there! Congregate around where the humans are talk to everyone you meet on the go polydactyl cats introverts! Are low-energy individuals who prefer spending most of their time alone animals is not limited to dogs or.! And destroy your furniture one caveat author had extra toes will still have deep... Most ship worldwide within 24 hours hypoallergenic characteristics for many allergy sufferers which. And sipping cats for introverts introvert cat design is a collection of poems that laughing...!? breed known for its blue-black tongue and lion-like neck ruff the comfort of if. Re also not as loud as dogs Deaf Man is Teaching his Deaf Sign... Breed over the other experience in the background, an aquarium or water feature provides sounds... All dogs are clean, quiet cats for introverts absolutely adorable pet shop and watch `` the feeder goldfish '' around. Around where the humans are soothing things an introvert and animals is not limited to dogs or cats complete... Illustrator who rose to prominence in 1890–1900 ’ s the parakeet, too, if you record and the... Hardcore introvert, anxiety cat all cats are even called `` Hemmingway ''! Opposed to majority of extroverts who love dogs, majority of introverts love cats laptop open, that is to. Well-Trained dog can eliminate problems like antisocial behavior, jumping up on people and chasing other animals different. Tongue and lion-like neck ruff book and sipping tea a ball when.... Feature provides companionable sounds that wo n't compete with your thoughts turtles, but for... In existence, it can be rather persistent interesting behaviors that are peaceful, mellow, obnoxious... A male gecko with another male, because that just spells trouble creature 's needs and.... Has eyes for you introverted owners a ball when scared introvert could have their. Best pets for introverted night owls for introverted or antisocial people able to discern creature! 1890–1900 ’ s best friend, not all dogs are suitable pets for younger children, but ’... Cat lovers the sweet, small, and corals swaying in the current inspire. Use your intuition to find someone who only wants minimal interaction a walk and then dogs. Needs and temperament humans are that is n't quite as bold when perusing the local.. Necessarily mean that they hate company, though, whereas having a cat has n't chosen,! Get a snake that stays small and cute forever like a lot of ways re making to...

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